Theta DNA Activation

August '07

Hi everyone: How many of you joined in prayer on July 17th? I took a look at the planetary grid two days before and what a Light show--so many lightworkers being busy! I saw lines/grids moving through the planet in different constructs.  The times, they are a changing.

The Intuitive Anatomy taught by Eric Brumett, was so shifting with 15 days of changing beliefs on each other, sometimes twice a day, receiving many Creator's teachings downloaded for each body system, 13.8% increase of our brain capacities, 11.3% increase in our intuition, understanding the anatomy and physiology with the patterning of beliefs that run through the body, scanning of each other's body systems to trigger up beliefs as well as watching videos for deeper understanding, digging for the key belief while understanding the mapping of the neuro-connection patterns, remote scanning and healings of people we didn't even see in person, and having the community come in for free healings.

I haven't spoken to many of the participants as of yet, but I'm still reeling. It felt like an emotional rollercoaster.  I cried everyday during class and felt like I went through a huge initiation.  I'm not quite sure how my world will be, but I know it will be different.  I'm already showing up with my clients feeling a different, clearer perception in each session. What all this means in the long run, how and when my manifestations occur, how quickly I can witness instaneous healings on others at a higher percentage, what new energies are attracted into my life, will be allowed to just unfold.

For a little review of the Basic Course which was discussed in length during the Intuitive Anatomy, below are some beliefs that often show up in the body when certain microbes are overly abundant. Remember that everything is in service to you in some way.  Microbes are necessary for the proper homeostasis of the body so never command to eliminate them completely. Command for balance. It's not your objective to destroy them but to discreate their environment so they'll change. 

Microbes have the programs of allowing others to suck you dry, what limits your power, being taken advantage of, the ability to say "no" and boundary issues.  Make sure you know the difference between your thoughts and the thoughts of the microbes.

Bacteria: guilt

Yeast (form of fungus), fungus, and mold: resentment

Candida (yeast) : grudges, hatred, resentment

Virus & heavy metals : unworthiness

Nanobacter: guilt (bacteria), regret from past

Mycoplasma: guilt, worthiness

The next Theta Practicum will be Saturday, August 25th. Please mark your calendars and RSVP by Wednesday, August 23rd. The Basic is from 11 to 1 and the Advanced is 2-4 with a veg potluck from 1-2.  The cost is $20 for each section or $35 for the day if you're an Advanced practitioner and plan on attending both sections.  We will be going over scanning and fear digging in the Basic, how to get to that bottom belief by staying present for the client. In the Advanced section, we will be working with resentments and obligations using the body as a guide.  Also, bring a name of someone you'd like to send a healing to.

There are two Basic Workshops approaching, August 17th to 19th and October 5th to 7th. If you haven't taken a workshop in awhile, this would be a wonderful opportunity for review at a reduced rate.  If you have friends or family who would be interested, let them know.  The next Advanced workshop will be November 9th -12th.

Below is information for your discernment and knowledge.

Many Blessings,



Stroke Identification

The Face Arm Speech Test (FAST) has been developed as a stroke identification instrument. The test assesses 3 neurological signs of stroke:
· facial weakness--ask person to smile
· arm weakness--ask person to lift both arms
· speech disturbance--ask person to speak a simple sentence (e.g. It's sunny outside)

Also ask the person to 'stick' out their tongue... if the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other that is also an indication of a stroke.

    [Remember you can command brain cells to regrow.]


The ultimate in human consumption....MacDonald's bionic burger....this is true.


Evolving Ideas-- is a mind-expanding program intended to keep your brain active and your life meaningful.

The Progressive Radio Network-2 PM EST, 11AM PST



Light Fantastic: Flirting With Invisibility

      Duke researchers built a simplified version of their cloaking device out of copper rings and wires patterned onto fiberglass sheets and demonstrated that it successfully diverted microwaves.

      Last October, scientists at Duke demonstrated a working cloaking device, hiding whatever was placed inside, although it worked only for microwaves.

      In the experiment, a beam of microwave light split in two as it flowed around a specially designed cylinder and then almost seamlessly merged back together on the other side. That meant that an object placed inside the cylinder was effectively invisible. No light waves bounced off the object, and someone looking at it would have seen only what was behind it.


A new study from a network of nine state environmental agencies reveals that over 60% of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging tested contains toxic heavy metals that violate laws in 19 states. "This new study underscores the need for a global phase out of PVC packaging," said Michael Schade, of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice. Due to compounding evidence of PVC's toxicity, particularly its release of dioxin (the most potent carcinogen on the planet), a growing list of manufacturers and retailers have publicly committed to phase out this toxic plastic in their packaging. Unfortunately, PVC is as equally ubiquitous in the products themselves. Consumers can avoid PVC products by looking for the number "3", "PVC" or the letter "V" inside the recycling symbol. Not all PVC products are labeled as such, but soft flexible PVC products (common in baby toys) often have an odor similar to vinyl shower curtains.
Learn more:


As the $20 billion organic marketplace continues to expand, major corporations continue to take over many of the most familiar organic brands. Dr. Phil Howard, an Assistant Professor at Michigan State, has provided a new update on his popular chart "Who Owns Organic."

         For a more thorough list of "who owns what" in the organics world, go here:


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