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August 2009

Hi to All:

Summer is usually a time for vacations and travel whether it be camping on the coast or flying off to foreign lands.  My travel, this year, is in Idaho Falls taking the three week Intuitive Anatomy teachers' workshop so I can receive my ThetaHealing™ Masters.  It will be nice to have this level of recognition after eleven years with Vianna’s Natures Path. I actually have no plans to teach the course, but I always feel that I learn more deeply each time I take a course and clear beliefs.  

I’m really having a good time (in between some melt downs when people didn't know how to dig on me). The weather is beautiful. I’m staying at a lovely private home up in the hills not far from the Institute where I can cook and relax.  

In the workshop, there are people from all over the world … Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Israel, Portugal, Spain, England, Scotland, Argentina, Mexico,  Canada, Kenya…at least 12 countries represented besides the US.  I’m making new friends. It’s just so cool to be in such an intuitive and psychic crowd ranging in age from early 20's up where we recognize each other from past lives (at least I do with some of them).

Next weekend (August 8-11th) is a huge Indian Pow-Wow with tribes gathering from all over in ceremony including real Native American dancing and food.  The public is welcome.  There also may be a group of us going to Hiece, known for it’s hot springs and UFO sitings…no kidding!  I really don’t care about the UFO’s since I’ve seen my fair share, but the hot springs might be a relaxing respite from a busy week. I’m also preparing for a project on the endocrine system…nothing like presenting the hormones with a team of 3 men.  It will be fun to see how it turns out since the organization was a little scattered (sounds like the hormones).

One of men I’ve enjoyed doing work with is a former theater, TV and movie actor, Martin Neufeld, known since 2004 as the Hugger Busker. He has stood with his arms stretched to share over 150,000 free hugs with people from all walks of life and inspired countless others around the world to follow suite by opening their own arms and hearts to their fellow humans.  He is the recipient of the YMCA Canada 2007 Peace Medal for his book, “Hugging Life,” and also won an Ippy (Independent Publishers’ Award) – a gold medal in the ”inspirational/motivational” category.  He lent me a copy of his book to read in my spare time, which hasn’t been much, but I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far.

I had hoped to get away this weekend to the Tetons but due to the project, it may not happen.  I’ll miss the opportunity since it’s only two hours away. Seven years ago, I had an incredible experience along a beautiful unknown river (at least to me at the time) that meanders through the Tetons.  

It was June 2002, and the air was still brisk with absolute awesome views of the mountains which had white peeks of snow.  I stopped near the ranger’s information station to park my car. It was then that I heard the calling of the river. I felt it was the same river that seemed to follow me as my car zigzagged through the winding road getting to Jackson Hole (WY).

I squatted by the rocky shoreline putting the tips of my fingers in the icy cold water. I retracted quickly. Jackson Hole only gets about six weeks of real summer so this wouldn’t be the place to go walking in the water which I love to do in the summer. As I quietly listened to the flow of the water, I heard three rocks, just in front of me, ask to be held (sometimes holding rocks can be as comforting as people). I placed them in my left hand looking at how shiny they were with greens, browns and blacks embedded in their coarseness. They had a story to tell me along with the river.

I decided to go into Theta and commune with Creator and the river.  I asked Creator what the river was known by and was told the Snake River. I honestly didn’t have a clue though this same river goes all through Idaho. The River interjected that it is part of this Great Majestic One and is a river of life. It humored me in its preciseness of description.

“So why aren’t you “The River of Life?” (Nothing like testing the intelligence of a river.)


“There are many tributaries. I being only one. There are brothers and sisters who contribute as a part of the river of life.” I felt great appreciation for its presence. There was a close familiarity with it and the river sensed my thoughts. “You have lived by my shores before.”

The fluidity of being in a Theta state shifted my consciousness to the past. I saw myself as a young Indian woman of about 17 gathering herbs by the river bank. I had a great deal of respect and love for the medicinals that grew by the water and only took that which was needed to do my work.


My mother had trained me as a child to speak with the river and the herbs. She was able to see my gifts early on and trained me as a medicine woman and healer. My family life was supportive and loving. I had two brothers and a father. Eventually I partnered with a great fisherman who was supportive of my work and position in the tribe. It was a good life. I remembered that my name was Shoshananee.

I was sitting, by this time, on the cold earth just crying in happiness. How often does one get to experience such a happy and fulfilling life.  Mine hadn’t quite reached that level of satisfaction this lifetime, but it sure gave me hope.


I asked the river and rock spirits if I could gift them for sharing their remembrance with me. “Give us your tears.”

“What kind of gift is that for you when you have given me such a sense of happiness?”


“We have not given you a sense of happiness. That is within you. We shared a story that allowed you to more fully feel your own happiness. Your tears carry the water of you mixed with the waters of life as we are united. Let us help you hold your tears.”


I was so taken by their kindness and loving gesture. I collected tears off my wet cheeks with my right hand and placed some on the rocks and then rinsing my hand in the receiving waters of the river. It was still cold, but there was a warmth that emanated.

I wanted a tangible rememberance of this past life journey. The three rocks volunteered to come home with me. More gifts!

I walked back over to the ranger’s station to check it out before it closed. There were books on the Native Americans tribes from around the country including a supposedly true story of what happened to Sacajawea, one of my favorite historical novels that I read twenty years prior. And to my surprise, this particular territory was also inhabited by the Shoshanee tribe. Again, I had no idea what the culture had been around the Tetons. It was interesting that my name in that life was close to the tribal name.

So as you travel this summer, whether close or far, take the time to tune into your surroundings and let the 1st and 2nd Planes be your guide along with Creator to add to your fun and a way to be held. Your adventures will be enhanced.




                                      AUGUST PRACTICUM IN ANTIOCH

This is a rare opportunity for ThetaHealers of the East Bay to participate in Paradigm Shifters gathering in Antioch on Sunday, August 23rd at the American Institute of Natural Healing. The Basic is from 11 AM to 1 PM and the Advanced is from 2- 4 PM.  There is a potluck from 1-2.  The cost is $30 each section. If you are an Advanced student/practitioner, you are welcome to participate for the entire day. We welcome all students of ThetaHealing™.  Please contact AINH at 925-777-9995  or  to RSVP by Wednesday, August 19th. Let Roberta know which section you will be attending or if you’ll be joining us for both. Receipts available; cash preferred.



                             FREE INTRODUCTION to THETAHEALING                                                                             SUNDAY, AUGUST 23rd

Bring your family, friends and associates to the American Institute of Natural Healing on Sunday, August 23rd from 5-6 PM, for a fun and experiential hour presentation on ThetaHealing™.  I will be sharing the creation of ThetaHealing, giving a demonstration of energy testing, taking the crowd on a meditational journey into All-That-IS, and witnessing some Creator's teachings. With the enthusiasm generated, Roberta, from AINH, myself and Creator will be supporting the registration of the next Basic workshop in September. Space is limited so please contact AINH 925-777-9995  or to let them know who to expect.




     All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing™ Institute of Knowledge and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing™ Master program.

     There is a discount price for those who wish to review the courses as there are always updates as well as hearing the vast amount of information for the second time. 


 ThetaHealing™ series through The American Institute of Natural Healing in Antioch, CA.

-The BASIC WORKSHOP on September 11-13th, 2009.   This course can receive Nursing CEU's.

-The ADVANCED WORKSHOP will be October, 9-11th, 2009.

-The MANIFESTATION and ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP is December 5-6th, 2009

         CMT's are eligible to receive a Basic or Advanced Vibrational Medicine Certificate. Please contact AINH at 925-777-9995  or


                              DNA3 is Coming to Northern CA. THIS FALL


Starting Wednesday through Sunday, November 11-15th taught by Eric Brumett, ThetaHealing™ Master. This is the newest level of expansion moving us even more into Quantum mechanics.

The exercises in class include :

- aligning the Mastery of Self (Master molecules)

- connecting to and directing the elements and the molecules of our world.

- a new style of telekinesis

- an new advanced form of manifesting

- new advanced form of belief work and facilitating physical healings


Eric Brumett completed the DNA3 in January '09.  By staying in touch over these many months with the other teachers, they discovered that this class had facilitated drastic changes in all of their lives. This massive transformation has resulted in the creation of new modalities, booming growth in business, heightened development of personal relationships and a new expansion of connection to the Creator.

     PREREQUISITE: Basic, Advance, and Intuitive Anatomy


              LOCATION:  Santa Rosa, CA. (directions given when deposit received)

Contact me at 707-542-5502 or email


             COST: Early Bird special is $999 if a deposit of $149 is received by October 12th; thereafter the price goes up to $1,050 with a $200 deposit.


              Eric will be teaching the 3-week Intuitive Anatomy, the prerequisite, in Santa Cruz, CA. starting September 5-23rd. The fees are graduated so contact by August 5th to get the best pricing. Contact Rainya Dann at or 831-425-7837.



Motivational speaker, Sean Stephenson, uses his disorder, Osteogenesis imperfecta, to inspire others. Born with a disorder that would leave him 3 feet tall and so brittle that coughing could fracture a rib, he could not walk being racked with pain. As a child, his mother asked him the question that would change his life: "Is this going to be a gift or a burden?" Two decades later, the man who at birth was supposed to survive only 24 hours, is a psychotherapist, PhD in clinical hypnotherapy, writer,  speaker and now a movie has been done about him. He ... stresses that "connecting," which he defines as "an exchange of our humanity, is vastly different from communicating, the simple exchange of information. Understanding that difference can be one of the most powerful tools in changing people's lives," Stephenson maintains. "Being 3 feet tall and in a wheelchair is about 2 percent of who I am. I'm more than able. I'm playing large.",0,976278.story?page=2



JAMA's (Journal of American Medical Association) in the January 1999 issue: there is no connection between death from infectious diseases and vaccinations

Become fully informed about the Swine Flu vaccination. This fall, many parents are wondering what will happen to their children when they enter the schools. Some public health doctors want to turn schools into vaccination clinics where children will be the first to be injected with experimental swine flu vaccines. Please view and listen to Barbara Lee Fisher from the National Vaccine Information Center discuss the politics and risks of this vaccination.  Also read the 1976 transcript from the CBS 60 Minutes TV program on the Swine flu  or watch the Mike Wallace special at                                  

Criminal charges have been filed against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials with bioterrorism and attempts to commit genocide. In April, Austrian investigative journalist, Jane Burgermeister, has filed criminal charges against against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing and releasing live bird flu virus alleging it was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic. When a Czech scientist tested their seasonal flu vaccine, he found that they contained live H5N1 and live H3N2 viruses. Burgermeister’s charges include evidence that Baxter deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009.

Sweet Misery: brain tumors, Fibromylagia,  MS and increase of diabetes due to aspartame.  Excellent video based scientifically (94 minutes)

FDA Admits Drug, Acetaminophen in Tylenol and Excedrin, is Main Cause of Liver Failure in U.S According to the FDA, taking too much will kill you and admits this chemical is the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S.

Trust Spray: The hormone oxcytocin, which plays a role in childbirth, breast-feeding, orgasm and feelings of love, is usually thought to have a happy set of responsibilities within the body. But a new study suggests that the hormone could be put to more sinister uses. According to a paper published in the June issue of ‘Nature,’ a research team at the University of Zurich has determined that a nasal spray containing oxcytocin can be used to make human subjects more trusting (when discernment who to trust is essential)



Bill HR 2749 is a deceptive control tactic that will strip us of our food freedoms. It has the same overtones of the Patriot Act, instilling every possible preventative measure in the name of our "safety." The bill states that the FDA would be given the power to quarantine any geographical area at any time by "prohibiting or restricting the movement of food or of any vehicle being used or that has been used to transport or hold such food within the geographic area." The vague wording of this bill essentially leaves the opportunity to shut down ALL transportation in a specific area. For example, a car on its way home from the grocery store is being used to "transport or hold" food. Under this provision, farmers markets and local food sources could be shut down, even if they are not the source of a contamination.  The agency can halt all movement of all food in a geographic area.

[This is also a means of total control over the population under the cover of food, and at any time.  To stop this bill, tell your representatives in Congress, “No.”


                                                             ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH

Canadian teen's process decomposes plastic bags As countries and cities around the world move to ban plastic bags, a Canadian teenager is tackling the problem of what to do with them. High school student, Daniel Burd, successfully isolated microorganisms from soil and used them to help degrade 43 percent of his polyethylene sample within a few weeks in a science project that recently won him the C$10,000 ($9,800) top prize at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.


                                                           TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES

Volkswagen is prepared to reveal the world's most economical non-hybrid car to it’s shareholders in Hamburg, Germany. From conception to production: 3 years; will be selling for US$600. Gas tank capacity = 1.7 gallons; Speed = 62 - 74.6 Miles/hour; Fuel efficiency = 258 miles/gallon; Travel distance on a full tank=404 miles. It will be interesting to see if the $600 price tags remains at that level. Safety will always be a concern for these smaller vehicles but then again so aren't motorcycles or bicycles. 258 miles a gallon.















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