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The next Paradigm Shifters Support Practicum  will be on Saturday, August 18th.  The specific focus for this month will be How to ‘hear’ Creator’s teachings in a client’s story so they can be downloaded effectively” and "Clearing the 3 R's to give space to manifest." I will combine the Basic and Advanced together so it will be from 11 to 1 with a semi-veg potluck from 1-2 at my home in Santa Rosa (email for directions). The cost is $25.  Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, August 15th only if you plan on coming .  I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful.



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                                            August 24-26th, Basic Theta Workshop in Santa Rosa, CA; Friday-Sunday

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                                             September 28-30th Advanced ThetaHealing in Bishop, CA., Friday- Sunday

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August ‘12

I’m taking a risk in writing about a subject that has many forms and often goes unrecognizable, because it is seen as acceptable, healthy, peace-making and a normal way of global operation. I’m referring to Patriarchy and it’s off-shoots.  I’ve ‘sat’ with this subject for many years attempting to really wrap my mind around the different aspects it envelopes in its composition, particularly how hierarchal order, competitiveness, and imbalanced power has a way to make it become a functional society value. It’s infiltrated so insidiously that most don’t think twice in supporting the more “spectacle or entertaining” aspects of it, because it’s not viewed as being patriarchal. You’re probably wondering what that part is. Read on.

Many of us who have done spiritual and psychological work for many years have a pretty good grasp of what the Patriarchy entails. To just review the definition, there is a hierarchal mindset that assigns a list of human characteristics according to gender. In the traditional sense, it is the systematic domination by men over women through unequal opportunities, punishments, rewards, and both the internalization and externalization of unequal expectations through sex role differentiation often with institutions that organize these behaviors. In the spiritual/psychological sense, it’s the imbalance of the masculine and feminine qualities in each of us that creates similar disowning of who we really are. This, then, expands the understanding that females can end up embracing the patriarchy both consciously and unconsciously. When the goals are domination, control and power over others rather than true leadership and compassion, then both genders are working within the confines of patriarchy. 

To summarize the qualities of Patriarchy: There is always an imbalance of power/control over others who are seen as either less knowing, weaker in strength and/or intellect, or of a different race, culture or gender that is deemed inferior; dominance must be maintained by an individual or group often through exploitation, corruptness and deception; brute physical strength is demonstrated or used; competition (a conflict held within a framework of rules which can be changed to suit what the outcome needs to be) or winning-over as the ultimate form of relatedness; inequality of positions and jobs in what is considered valuable, prestigious, and respected more; a hierarchal classification of the top and bottom of a structure and then the identification of that position as who the person really is; safety is rarely attained unless one denies emotional vulnerability and wins a superior position; an infringement and non-acceptance of others’ lifestyles; there is also the oppression of men by an intentional setting up of being at odds with each other; super-rational thinking as the dominant way to process information with the intuitive way as a pseudo-reality; expectations for both genders in how to be and act.

When I mentioned about leadership, it can often encompasses superiority, hierarchal position, and/or prestige, hinging into dictatorship. I mean, look at the appearance of this globally. Look at our corporate world. Look at our politics. Look at the 1%. And then look at the many who give up their freedoms to have others say they will protect them and then let go of personal responsibility in feeling they are somehow protected.  Safety and protection take on a whole new energy that certainly is not aligned through All-That-Is.

In truth, real leadership is about revealing and releasing the potential of those around us. It’s about Divinely directed, compassionate power rather than through egotism, to facilitate the greatness of many rather than the power of one person. It is not about separateness to those that we are in connection with, but a unification and recognition of the many diverse qualities and attributes that can work for the good of the whole in every person creatively helping to make things come to fruition. This has not been an easy story historically because  it has more-often-than-not, come with great sacrifice, suffering, and death or murder.  But ‘the times, they are a’changing,’ and there is an awakening out of patriarchal values into a unity consciousness.

One way that has brought about a form of unity consciousness in this fading patriarchal paradigm is through human team energy. Team energy is held in a structure, whether formalized or loosely-knit group, with a sense of working towards a common goal.  The motivating factors of making the goal happen can be vastly different depending on the situation, the choices, the backgrounds of those involved and the individual players personal issues. This structure can be through cooperation- by embracing an inner creative expression to shine a light of pure joy, beauty and skill in what can and is being accomplished, using diligence, thoughtful application of ideas and talents without attempting to override another’s abilities or ideas, to lead the way as a personal best; or there is competition--by taking sides to win approval or acknowledgment of ideas, skills or talents in order to feel a sense of advancement, belonging or recognition, all outer directed. And through this outer competition (and there could certainly be beliefs about not being good enough and survival issues), the way the goals get accomplished allows in the dark side of team energy which embraces patriarchal values. I sense that many of us on a spiritual path struggle in a grey zone of where our motivations actually arises as we become aware of our beliefs and patterns.

So back to where that spectacle or entertaining part of patriarchy might be. I’m going to gently glide into this part because I’m asking each person reading this article to see the many levels of this event and know that it holds the realms of duality like everything else on this Plane of Existence. Ok…here goes…(deep breath)…the Olympics with its structures; and within its structures lies nationalistic separation,  country-against-country competition, a race of who is better which makes the country & many of its citizen represented feel somehow superior, and a history that  I just don’t want to  deny. There is sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears that attempt to create human perfectionism rather than personal best in the way certain countries train their athletes.  (In can hear the boos from the stadium throwing eggs at me. Oh well, breakfast for awhile.)

I researched the origins, development and the symbols of the Olympics. I invite you, in having just discussed patriarchal values, to be aware of its themes.

There has been contrary evidence, both literary and archaeological, suggesting that the games may have existed at Olympia much earlier than was originally thought, perhaps as early as the 10th or 9th century BC. due to the discovery of a series of bronze tripods that were found at Olympia. What can be more definitely traced as the first ancient Olympic Games was in 776 BC. They were closely linked to the religious festivals in the cult of Zeus featuring sporting events alongside ritual sacrifices to honor Zeus for helping Pelops, the divine hero and mythical king of Olympia, fight and conquer another god. Though this was not the only part of a rite, being also secular in character, it aimed to show the physical qualities and evolution of the skill and performances accomplished by young males as well as encouraging good relations between the cities of Greece.  

During this period, regular exercise to improve the mind and overall health was a key part of education particularly in a society where men were always needed for military service.  Plato's Laws specifically mentions how athletics improved military skills.

The youth were taught to work out in the wrestling-school (palaestra) whether they were serious Olympic contenders or not.

Much of the history of what games were played can be viewed at with many of them in contact fighting like boxing, wrestling and pankration (a primitive form of martial art combining wrestling and boxing). To be honest, I’ve always had an issue around sports that cheer the physical restraint and beating of others. I wonder about participants’ childhood and the audiences’ state of consciousness in enjoying live violence. I wonder about the level of desensitization that occurs.

All free male Greek citizens were entitled to participate in the ancient Olympic Games regardless of their social status… except slaves (which obviously were not considered worthy of human status).  Married women were not allowed to participate in, or to watch the Games though unmarried women could attend the competition.

Although the ancient Games were staged in Olympia from 776 BC through 393 AD, it took 1503 years to return the Olympics.  There were no marathons until late 19th century when the first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece through the efforts of a Frenchman named Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1896 . He founded the International Olympic committee. In the 1900 Games in Paris, women were then allowed to participate in golf, tennis and croquet.  

The growing importance of the mass media created the issue of corporate sponsorship, political influence, and commercialization of the Games with the Olympics shifting away from pure amateurism as envisioned by Coubertin, to allow participation of only professional athletes.

The symbols of the torch and circles were actually Nazi propaganda. There were no torch lighting, relay races, or other fancy techn0- shows ever made at the ancient Greek Olympic Games. The torch appeared at the 1936 Berlin Olympics which clearly fit the Nazi design for the Olympics… as a showcase for the New Germany, the torch being the Masonic symbol, “the Torch of Enlightenment”….With its aura of ancient mysticism, the rite linked Nazism to the civilized glories of classical Greece, which the Reich’s academics were arguing had been an Aryan wonderland.”

The Olympic rings premiered at Antwerp, Belgium in 1920, having their own Nazi connection. The Olympia filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl who chronicled Hitler’s rise to power, had the rings carved into a stone altar at the ancient Greek city of Delphi, propagating the myth that they were a symbol dating more than two millennia. With Hitler’s influence, the rings became part of the Nazi pageantry at Berlin and ever since.

If we choose to view the Olympics (which I’m sure most of you will do) is to keep in mind that this global focus of people from all wakes of life can lead to a transmutation of this patriarchal energy with its off-shoots that are being pushed to the surface at this very transitional period. With prayers and unconditional love sent to the entire event, we can shift the energy to a higher cadence. Each one of the participants have come for a reason whether it lies in being their personal best because it’s an inner creative expression or because of the need to be competitive to feel deeper appreciation for who they are. We can love their courage and performances to support their skillful endeavors in the vastness of human striving, to create an energy of non-judgment in supporting the freedom to express their creativity at the levels that they bring it forth and to  know that we care for them individually without needing to be attached to a country as they represent all of humanities’ growth in accomplishing a dream and sharing it with us so we know we can reach our potentials ads well. Quoting Patricia Cota-Robles, “The Olympic Games signify the Family of Humanity setting aside our differences so we can come together to attain our highest level of excellence.”

I have placed the following Creator's teachings at the 7th Plane. Read them and say 'Yes' if you'd like to receive them.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life without supporting or embracing the values of the Patriarchy.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life in valuing myself in who I am.

I value myself in who I am.

I know who I am through All-That-Is.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life to feel safe to shine who I am...without needing to be competitive.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life to live without needing to be competitive to get what I need and want.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life knowing that All-That-Is will take care of what I need and want to support my journey in the highest and best way.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life in participating in my own life consciously in the highest and best way.

I know that the Source of my life comes through All-That-is as I am a spark of this Creation Energy.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life being my personal best.

I know what it feels like, how to and that it's possible to live my daily life in excellence without needing to be competitive.

Wishing each of you the fulfillment of your dreams.





Gratitude Movement

The director of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, scientist Emiliana Simon-Thomas, spoke at the Pathways to Gratefulness conference in San Francisco in June where she examined, in her doctoral dissertation, how negative states influence thinking and decision making and said the Berkeley center is considering 60 research proposals, including many from the leading brain science laboratories in the United States. Some of the research would build on studies already conducted by UC Davis psychologist, Robert Emmons, who cites "scientific proof that when people regularly work on cultivating gratitude they experience a variety of measurable benefits - psychological, physical and social."


One Random Act of Kindness Turned $93 Into $100,000!                                                  

At Trader Joe's Menlo Park,Calif., Jenni Ware wasn't able to pay the bill because her wallet was missing. With a kneejerk reaction, Carolee Hazard was inspired to hand over $207, the exact amount Ware needed for her groceries. The next day, Hazard received a check for $300 in the mail and a thank you card from Ware suggesting that she use the extra $93 dollars to get a massage. Hazard wasn’t comfortable keeping the extra money so asked her FB friends what they would do. A charity was suggested and Carolee added an extra $93 to it then asking her friends which charity would they suggest. They suggested the local Second Harvest food bank since food had been the theme of where it all happened. To her surprise, her friends started contributing $93 to the charity until, through reposts on FB that inspired other, the $93 club was born raising $100,000 in the first year.




World’s First GM Babies

The disclosure that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments in the United States provoked another furious debate about ethics. Fifteen of the children were born in the past three years as a result of one experimental programme at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St. Barnabas in New Jersey. Writing in the journal Human Reproduction, the researchers, led by fertility pioneer Professor Jacques Cohen, say that this 'is the first case of human germline genetic modification resulting in normal healthy children…It would be an afternoon's work for one of my students,' Professor Cohen said, adding that he had been approached by 'at least three' individuals wishing to create a cloned child, but had turned down their requests.

Source of Animal's Magnetic Sense Found...May be Connected to Human Electrosensitivity 

This is strong evidence that magnetosensory cells are probably widely found across many species, possibly including humans. This may therefore explain why some people experience neurological disruption when in the presence of persistent electromagnetic fields-electrosmog. The cells sense the field by means of micrometer-sized inclusions composed of magnetic crystals, probably made of magnetite. These inclusions are coupled to the cell membrane, changing the electrical potential across the membrane when the crystals realign in response to a change in the ambient magnetic field. "This explains why low-frequency magnetic fields generated by powerlines disrupt navigation relative to the geomagnetic field and may induce other physiological effects," says Winklhofer. The findings raise the question of whether human cells are capable of forming magnetite and if so, how much. It's already been discovered that human retinas contain the same protein that senses magnetism in drosophila.




Lasers Search You at Airports

The Department of Homeland Security will soon be using a Picosecond Programmable Laser at airports that can detect everything about you from over 160-feet away, from a person’s adrenaline levels, to traces of gun powder on a person’s clothes, to illegal substances — and it can all be done without a physical search. It also could be used on multiple people at a time, eliminating random searches at airports. The device works by blasting its target with lasers which vibrate molecules that are then read by the machine that determine what substances a person has been exposed to. This could be gun to the bacon and egg sandwich they had for breakfast that morning.

Tesla Model S sedan with the most expensive battery pack option can drive more than 300 miles without plugging in. Cost is between $57,400 and $105,400 With the Model S, the regenerative braking starts the moment you ease off the accelerator pedal. The drop in speed is so pronounced that the car's brake lights will go on, even before you touch the brake pedal itself. The brakes capture some of the moving car's kinetic energy, convert it to electricity and use it to recharge the battery while you drive.

Americans Empowered to Separate Solar Fact from Fiction with Real Goods Solar's Free "87 Solar Myths" eBook

The ebook is a quick read to dispel what solar professionals across the U.S. say are today's most pervasive solar industry inaccuracies. "There are some whacky - and some serious - rumors that persist amongst consumers. Our goal is to equip homeowners with an unbiased source of information so that they can confidently make valid decisions as to how the benefits of solar energy could improve their circumstances…”




Physics and spirituality: "A rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law"

A physicist shares his conviction that scientific and religious views of the world are complementary and compatible.


Two Scientists develop sleep mask to lucid dream

In a twist straight out of the movie Inception, a duo of developers from Brooklyn, New York, have built a sleeping mask designed to allow people to have lucid dreams that they can control. While it may look like a standard sleeping mask, Remee has been billed as a special REM (Rapid Eye Movement) enhancing device that is supposed to help steer the sleeper into lucid dreaming by making the brain aware that it is dreaming. The goal of the product is to allow people to have the dreams of their choice, from driving a race car to flying to having lunch with Abraham Lincoln.



Whooping Cough Back In The News. Homeopathy Can Help.                 

Homeopathy has been used for over 100 years to successfully treat patients suffering with whooping cough, also known as pertussis.  With whooping cough cases in the U.S. rising at what the CDC describes as "an alarming rate" - it is worthwhile to refer to the old master, Henry Guernsey M.D. to look at some of the remedies to consider for patients with this condition. Remember: homeopathy is an individualized form of medicine.  Each person is prescribed for based on the characteristic symptoms they show.  There is never one remedy that will fit all cases with a particular disorder.

Prostate cancer surgery or PSA test won't boost survival in men with early-stage disease, study finds

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds men who opt to surgically remove their prostate gland - a procedure called a radical prostatectomy - are no less likely to die than men who choose wait and monitor their symptoms to see if the cancer progresses. The study adds to the ongoing debate surrounding prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and whether the tests pick up cancers that may be too slow-growing to ever cause a problem. In May,  the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a panel of advisors on government medical guidelines, reviewed existing research and reported in its final recommendation that healthy men of all ages should not take a PSA test because the potential harms from a positive test outweigh the benefits from catching the cancer early.


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