Theta DNA Activation

December 2007

Hi to all:           

       I just returned from Teachers’ recertification in L.A .with new information—new ways to dig on beliefs, resentments, quicker gene replacement witnessing, a deeper anchoring in why it’s easier to witness healings from the 7th plane, tidbits about 2012, and some new techniques for the Advanced students. ThetaHealing continues to evolve and expand while at the same time, simplifying. 

       In a comment that perhaps most of the workshop didn’t think was funny, but I sure did, Vianna said that she asked Creator what the significance was around 2012. The answer: the Mayans had run out of room in writing their calendar so it ended in 2012.  She said to keep an eye out for 2009; seems that things may shift more then.

       There is an exercise in Vianna’s revised book, "ThetaHealing", called the New Life Experiment.  In it, you are being asked to give yourself three days to fully participate.  Pick any three days and watch yourself very carefully because you will learn something very astonishing about yourself…how to be really mindful of each thought you attempt to express.

       The Experiment: You are to say absolutely nothing that is negative about yourself or another (animate or inanimate, including your dog getting  caught in the doggy door, your plants wilting from you not watering them,  your credit card being lost at the shopping mall, your child throwing up on your Christmas outfit, losing your keys and finding them on your washer machine two hours later, your car stalls on the Golden Gate Bridge, the driver who cuts in front of you just as you get your car moving,  your father insulting you in front of your fiancé’s parents, any gossip or rumors.  Anyone or anything. )   

       If you say something negative, you can’t take it back or say “I’m sorry” (sorry just comes back to you anyways). Cancel it (3 times) and forgive yourself sending it to Creator’s Light.

       I would suggest that prior to starting, you have Creator teach you:

What it feels like and how to live w/o sending negative thoughts to others.

How to recognize when I’m going to express negative thoughts about myself outloud        

What it feels like and how to think before I express

How to comfortably and easily stop myself from expressing negative thoughts about myself outloud

What it feels like and how to live w/o being critical towards myself... towards others

What it feels like and how to be mindful of my thoughts on a daily basis

       Creator’s definition of being mindful

If I take on another's pain and sorrow, how to convert it to Creator's Light.

      Please let me know how you did and what you learned after the three days.  We could have a section in a future newsletter to share experiences. Doing it longer might be quite a challenge because you have cell receptors that have been programmed, sometimes on all four levels, to find negativity, and they feel starved in wanting those feelings.

     Vianna told an incredible story of how she recently healed herself of congestive heart failure.  Out of the healing, came a new exercise that will be taught at the Advanced practicum this month (details under practicum section) in how to release grief and sorrow through all lifetimes. It's very powerful. I will also teach this at the next Advanced Workshop.


      The Holiday season seems to be well on its way. Here are some fascinating comments on Winter Solstice and Christmas by Father Charley Moore (Catholic Priest and Elder, who spoke on the Mike Siegel Coast to Coast radio show several years ago)

       "Solstice means "sunstand".  For four days, the nights are the longest of the year.  But the day does not become visibly longer until the 25th of December, the birthday of the sun.  This day was observed in ancient Canaan, when the fruit was harvested, as the death day of Rimmon, the god of the Pomegranate ("Out of One, Many"). It's seeds and pulp were consumed as bread and wine.  The body and blood of Rimmon would rise again at Pesach (Easter) in the spring.

       "When the precession of the equinoxes was rediscovered by Hipparcus in 225 BC, a "God of gods" was suspected who came to be called Mithra, after an Iranian diety of the same name, born on December 25.  His Mithraeum on the Vatican Hill in Rome was his greatest shrine and December 25 his greatest feast.  Christians, who did not know the birthdate of Jesus, came to celebrate it on December 25 to compete with Mithra, the god of the Roman army.  Hence it came to be called Christ Mass to celebrate the birth of the Son of God.  Jesus was probably born in May, near Wesak, the day of the birth, illumination and death of Siddhartha, Buddha, and Bodhistva, the

Buddhist 'trinity'". -





       Saturday, December 15th,  is a special annual solstice/holiday gathering.  The Basic morning class (11 to 1 PM) will be around releasing what no longer serves you, clearing beliefs and regrets to welcome in our new manifestations for 2008.  So have a list ready of what you want to release and create.  We will, then exchange future readings on each other to see how we manifest.  It will all be completed with receiving an unconditional love healing.

          From 1-2 PM is a veg potluck.  During this time, we will have a gift exchange. Please consider participating.  Just bring a wrapped gift under $10. It can even be something that you have in your home, that you made, that you’ve never used and know you won’t, that is special and you want to share the pleasure with another) that is non-gender, perhaps about the season, non-toxic, and not religiously oriented.  Please bless your gift from the 7th plane with what seems appropriate before you bring it.

          From 2 to 4 PM,  the Advanced session will be learning about the new Heart Song (toning) exercise and how to work with it on yourself.  You will hear the story of how it came to be.   We will also look at a new way to dig for beliefs on diseases as well as grid work.

           If you haven’t been to a gathering in awhile, don’t be shy and join us. There is always new information,  camaraderie  and healing.  Many practitioners haven't received the updates or new information; and in the integrity of ThetaHealing/Creator-of-ALL, it's a good idea to keep up continued education if you consider yourself a practitioner.

          Each section is $20 and all money goes toward the scholarship fund. Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, December 12th if you plan on attending.



          The next Advanced workshop will be January 4-6th in Santa Rosa. The early bird special ends on December 15th. This is a very different, relaxing and fun workshop. This is also a prerequisite to be able to participate in the new Manifestation and Abundance workshop.

         For all Advanced practitioners/students and Instructors of ThetaHealing, the new two-day Manifestation and Abundance workshop will be happening on Jaunuary 26th and 27th, 2008 in Santa Rosa.  Advanced Instructors will be able to be certified to teach the workshop upon completion.

        I will be hosted by the American Institute of Natural Healing in Antioch, CA for the ThetaHealing Basic workshop on February 22-24th. Upon completion of the Basic, not only is a Basic ThetaHealing certificate given but Massage Therapists will also receive certificates for 24 hours of massage training in vibrational medicine.  This is approved by the Bureau of Private and Post Secondary Education (BPPVE). The Institute is also hosting me for the Advanced Workshop on April 18th to 20th, 2008.

      The next Santa Rosa ThetaHealing Basic will be March 14th-16th.

      Eric Brumett, who taught a wonderful Intuitive Anatomy workshop this summer here in Santa Rosa, will be teaching another Intuitive Anatomy workshop in Fremont, Ca. on  March 31st to April 18thThe course runs Monday through Friday 10 to 6 PM.

        The cost for the early bird special is $1,900 total with a $300 deposit if paid by February 15th; $2,000 total with a $300 deposit if paid by March 7th; and $2,100 total with a $300 deposit after and at the door.

        The prerequisite is both the Basic DNA 1-2 and the Advanced workshop.  Julia Domville is the sponsor/hostess.  You can contact her at 925-485-1022 or  

*Please note that all workshops are approved for credit towards Vianna's New ThetaHealing college which starts in May of 2008.




A new source of healing has been found for the leading cause of imbalance   

       For your entertainment.....

A New Chakra
       Scientists have found that all our problems can be placed under one heading: Seriousness. Seriousness is the leading cause of everything from Cancer to Reincarnation. Scientists have already discovered a new source of healing.  It is a psychic energy point located between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It is called the Clown Chakra.
        If people are feeling miserable, if they have financial problems, if their relationship situation is the pits, if they are in ill health, if they have a need to sue people, if they find fault with their brother, then obviously, their Clown Chakra is closed.
        When this happens, the scientists have observed under a high-powered microscope that the cells of every organ display a sad face, and when the Clown Chakra is open and functioning normally, the cells display a happy face.  The scientists realized that if a person is ill, it is because his mind has projected guilt onto the cells of his body and has forced out the love that is normally found within each cell of the body.  The cells are therefore saying, "I Lack Love," or "
ILL" for  short. The scientists also discovered that all disease is due to the fact that the cells are out of ease or dis-eased.
          When the Clown Chakra is opened and working (or rather, playing) properly, the psychic mechanism sucks up misery, pain, anger, resentment, grievances, unhappiness, etc., and converts the energy into tiny red heart-shaped balloons. The red heart-shaped balloons contain Love and Joy. These balloons are directed to the dis-eased cell or situation, and a happy face appears instantly.
          When the light enters the darkness, the darkness is gone. Sometimes these red heart-shaped balloons are called endorphins, due to the fact that when anyone experiences them, the feeling of separation ends. They experience being back home with All That Is and hence are no longer an orphan. This is the well-known end-orphan effect.
           So, if you think someone is attacking you, Clown Scientists recommend that you visualize sending that person red heart-shaped balloons filled with Love and Joy.
          Remember to keep your Clown Chakra open... and remember to laugh. Seriousness causes reincarnation.
Swami Beyondananda from “
Duck Soup for the Soul”



Eight Wonders of the World

Nestling in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles from the ancient city of Turin, lies the valley of Valchiusella. 100ft down and hidden from public view, lies an astonishing secret - one that has drawn comparisons with the fabled city of Atlantis and has been dubbed 'the Eighth Wonder of the World' by the Italian government.  The 'Temples of Damanhur' are not the great legacy of some long-lost civilization. They are the work of a 57-year-old former insurance broker from northern Italy who, inspired by a childhood vision, began digging into the rock.



Which side of the brain do you use most? Take a little visual test. I was able to perceive the dancer rotating in both directions and then moving back and forth. I could actually sense which thoughts or feelings were causing the shift. I also took the other brain dominant tests and found that I was very balanced. Pretty fun!,21985,22556281-661,00.html

              Other tests to determine which brain side is dominant.

              Test for artists:


Craig Venter, the scientist who unsuccessfully attempted to map the human genome for profit, has applied for the first ever patent on a human-made life form.   He claims to have created bacteria from artificially synthesized DNA, and wants exclusive ownership over not only the particular DNA sequence used, but also the entire "free-living organism that can grow and replicate."  He claims that the artificial life form is designed to synthesize hydrogen or ethanol for use as industrial fuel, and that future synthetic organisms could help absorb carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. But in spite of the purported environmental motivation, many are alarmed by the attempt to synthesize and patent life. Read more…

Termite Guts to Yield Novel Enzymes for Better Biofuel Production WALNUT CREEK, CA

notorious for their voracious appetite for wood, rendering houses to dust and causing billions of dollars in damage per year -- may provide the biochemical means to a greener biofuel future. The bellies of these tiny beasts actually harbor a gold mine of microbes that have now been tapped as a rich source of enzymes for improving the conversion of wood or waste biomass to valuable biofuels.  Read more…



Why are we still supporting the production of mercury at all? The use in lighting (compact fluorescent light bulbs), electrical switches, vaccines, dental fillings, and batteries and chlorine manufacturing have all seen advances in technology that offer safer alternatives. LED bulbs are substitutes for CFL bulbs. Lithium, nickel-cadmium, and zinc-air batteries are substitutes for mercury-zinc batteries. Indium compounds substitute for mercury in alkaline batteries. Diaphragm and membrane cells replace mercury cells in the electrolytic production of chlorine and caustic soda. Ceramic composites can replace dental amalgams. Organic compounds have replaced mercury fungicides in latex paint. Digital instruments have replaced mercury thermometers in many applications.  Read more….

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contaminate the environment with 30,000 lbs. of mercury each year. Breaking one light bulb in your home can contaminate your home to such a degree that hazardous materials experts are needed to remove the mercuty. More at


Most Flu Shots Contain Mercury, But Few Know It


There's a new wave in testing people for a so-called "body burden" of industrial chemicals in their blood stream. The results are shocking. A family with two young children in Oakland, CA  was invited by reporters to participate in a cutting-edge study to measure industrial chemicals in their bodies. The parents were horrified to find that their children - a boy, then 18 months, and a five-year old girl - had chemical exposure levels up to seven times those of their parents.

Christmas trees as a source of indoor mold

A study on a live Christmas tree showed that they could be a source of allergenic mold. Measurements showed that mold counts were 800 spores per cubic meter of air during the first three days, which are just about normal levels. However, mold counts began rising from the fourth day on, and by day 14, when the tree was taken down, the measure was 5,000 spores per cubic meter of air. More….


                                                              OUR RIGHTS

Senate Bill 1955 to criminalize Thought, Blogs, Books and Free Speech

The possibility of the end of Free Speech in america has arrived in Congress thorugh a new law

called the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, and it is worded in

a clever way that could allow the US government to arrest and incarcerate any individual who

speaks out against policies that this present administration holds dear to their heart.  The law has already passed the House on a vote of 405 to 6, and it is not being considered in the Senate where a vote is

imminent. (verification of bill)

California to eradicate raw milk

On October 8th, Assmebly Bill #1735 was signed by the Governor and becomes law on

January 1st, 2008. Containted in this law are new standards for raw milk that will ultimately deny

access to raw milk. The new standars require 10 coliform bacteri per ml or less, which

according to raw milk producers is next to impossible. Interesting, coliforms are not

pathogenic and actually protect raw milk against pathognes like E.coli. Coliforms also make

Vitamin K, B-1, B-2, B-6 and b-12. Contact Nicole Parra, Chair of Agriculture Committee in

the Assembley.









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