Theta DNA Activation

February 2009

Hi Everyone:


There are changes in the air for me. I’m realizing that I’ve really been stressed around the workload that I “carry by myself” on a physical level, between writing two books, being at the computer for hours each day, being a practitioner several days a week with wonderful clients, doing workshops, practicums, researching for clients on different conditions and nutritional supplement,  PR work, corresponding with clients, talking to potential clients who call, transcribing webcasts and private sessions,  doing a newsletter (which takes me days to put together), taking care of my house and just the day-to-day things that are important to maintain like relationships with my family and friends. Going to bed at 3 AM everyday is getting a bit difficult.  I’m sure you understand. And I am totally grateful that Creator supports me abundantly. All of these things, in service to Creator and others, I totally love to do. But my body is telling me, through fringed nerve pain in my shoulder area,  that I’m doing too much in the way I’m doing it.

With the suggestion of my practitioner, who could “see” that I was working too hard for what I put out in Manifesting, he shared how Vianna manifests for the year. She scans her year through the Manifestation technique and then says to Creator, “I see all these things happening in the coming year, and I’m manifesting for them but really those are manifestations for my practice. This is what I require for myself in order for me to be willing to do those things.” She negotiates with Creator. It’s a dialogue as a manifestation.  She goes up with a list of things that she requires for Creator to create for her without any effort on her part, except presence, in order to do those things for her practice for others.

I was then asked:

What is it that you’re scheduling and planning that is for you? And so I listed all that I want to do just for me.


The next section was:         

What is actually for the Creator’s purpose for you? I could easily create this list.

Then I took some quiet time with my lists prepared and expanded into the 7th Plane and said,Creator, even though I enjoy service to you, to the clients you send me, to the classes and practicums I facilitate, and writing my books, if you want me to do these things, this is what I require, effortlessly, in order to do them.


I spoke with Creator about how to do things differently and create time for myself. At one point, Creator brought up the newsletter. I originally started the newsletter as a simple way to announce my practicums and workshops and have articles available that expand consciousness as well as give a few tips on ThetaHealing.  It has grown much more than that. I  love to write.

I was shown that the newsletter now needed some outside input…not a blog...Vianna already has the yahoo groups for that.  I saw a newsletter where everyone could contribute.  This means that I have a request.  Yes, I’m going to ask you, as a community of individuals who work with ThetaHealing, if you’d participate in sending in your experiences of any of the following, or a combination of any of the below. 


*How you are using ThetaHealing in helping clients, family or friends.  What healings or belief work have you witnessed or experienced that you’ve seen progressive or instant results? What has been the feedback?

*What has been the results or experiences that have inspired you in working with ThetaHealing?


* What have you learned in your practice or individual work? What new insights have sparked a transformation that has affected you and others?  (please keep your article centered on only ThetaHealing experiences or insights, or how other insights have dove-tailed into your experience with ThetaHealing)

 * Share stories that directly have to do with any aspect of ThetaHealing like the Planes of Existence.  


* Share your personal life experiences with ThetaHealing which will help the rest of us. Each of us has an ability to contribute new awareness to ThetaHealing through our communication with All-That-Is.

I would like to see this project start in March.  How it would work best, is if someone would start the ball rolling by being the editor for March.  It would be their turn to write about something that they want to share with the group.  Please make sure that your name and email is included so that others in the community might contact you if they have a question or want to just appreciate you (imagine that...make sure you're open to receiving this).  With enough volunteers, you can just be scheduled for a particular month and then write ahead of time for submission or make sure that it is received by me on the 20th of any month.  The articles can be anywhere from 3 to 12 paragraphs.  You email them to me, and I’ll post it. If I have a question for clarity in context or phrasing, I’ll contact you for editing.


Be creative! Be real! Just be YOU in writing and giving voice to your growth through ThetaHealing.

Let us share our worlds with each other in creating a supportive community.


                                                                                 ASTROLOGY ON FEBRUARY 14TH


I know that some of you received this very interesting Astrological chart from Julia Domville, (Theta Instructor), which I attached to your newsletter announcement. Astrology is governed by the Laws of Creation—the 6th Plane.


For those of you who remember the 40 year old Broadway smash play, “Hair,” and its famous song that The Fifth Dimensions later made popular “The Age of Aquarius”, comes an interesting correlation to Now time.  (I never thought about the name for this group until I just typed this newsletter-appropriate, huh?!)  On February 14th,  the moon will be in the 7th house of Libra (balance).  Four planets (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune), along with Chiron, the North node and the Sun will all be conjunct with Aquarius in the 12th house of spiritual transformation.  So sings the song, “When the Moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, Then love will rule the planets and peace will steer the stars. This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius...”

What does all this astrological information mean and signify? We are in for some big shifts in how the world has operated and introducing the new paradigms of co-creative relationships. This is what the Hopi’s or Mayan’s call the end times…not necessarily 2012.  Yipee! Because the old times were getting quite out-of-hand. And as we know in ThetaHealing, there are no endings, just new beginnings.

             Jupiter is about expansion, and with energetic Mars, they align with the North Node, our higher purpose.                                                                    Chiron is the wounded healer who gives us the opportunity to heal the issues that have kept us separated from each other and our Source.

              Neptune emphasizes the co-creation of social justice through collective humanitarian movements.

              With the radiant Sun in the conjunction, it enlightens the entire alignment, shining brightly in bringing these issues to mass consciousness.                     
Mercury is in the twelfth house but just beyond the cusp in Capricorn. It buddies with transformational Pluto to communicate and anchor the Shift throughout our global structures and institutions.
The Moon in Libra in the seventh house emphasizes harmonious real –ationships.
Venus in Aries in the first house energizes and empowers dynamic co-creativity.
The great task master, Saturn, in opposition to Uranus, the unexpected awakener which sets forth the energy of ongoing confrontation as the low level energies of past paradigms, reluctantly releases to the untested hope of new consciousness.  With their placement in Virgo and Pisces, brings about practical altruism and visionary inspiration.


So, Folks… there you have the wrap-up of the first reel in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius! Bring out your popcorn (if it isn’t genetically engineered) and take a seat for the new movie that has never before been presented…co-created in each moment by those of us who have made a commitment to experience uplifting, conscious transformation.



                                                                                           FEBRUARY 14TH PRACTICUM

                                                                                     LOVING MYSELF, LOVING ANOTHER


It’s Cupid’s month.  Yes, it’s that time of year where red and white remind us that love is in the air.  For some, this brings up feelings of loneliness and past regrets. For others, it’s a time to celebrate a deepening within themselves or with others. How are you feeling about love? What ways are you demonstrating love to yourself and others?  With all the transitions that are going on either in our personal lives, around the world and astrologically, is it possible to stay centered in Love and Truth around all these situations.  Where do you “go” with yourself when life takes a new direction that is unfamiliar? How do you show up for yourself and others?

I recently did a digging on someone around love and wanted to exemplify how to get to those deeper beliefs. Sometimes there are different links that need to be followed. I could sense this in being connected to Creator-of-All with this client who wanted to work on issues around love and relationship.


Client: I’m afraid of giving all my love away and not receiving it back. 

      When I looked at this person’s paradigm, there were two links (angles) in digging it out. One-“on giving all my love away,” and the other, “of not receiving it back.”

      When I questioned this person: “What is the worse thing that would happen if you didn’t receive it back?” the response was “that my love would be easily drained and that it would take time to build a reserve again.” This person felt love like water being stored. It didn’t flow but was like a material possession in that it had to be saved or in a reserve. As we went deeper, the belief of “Love is always one-sided in a romantic relationship” crystalized.  Creator changed this belief and taught the person “What the capacity of love is in a romantic relationship” and “How love flows through each person in any relationship.” The initial fear still remained when tested as well as when the client checked in on their feelings.

        I then checked the belief link around “What is the worse thing that would happen if you gave all your love away?” “I’d feel shut out…emptiness would overcome me...I’d be isolated…disconnected from humanity…I’d give up on love.” In digging that down, the person consciously decided that they would again attempt to reconnect with humanity, but the payback for this pattern of emptiness was “that giving up on love stops me from feeling empty.” Interesting oxymoron.  In clarifying  this to me, the person felt that “I have to be empty to fully receive love” which scared this person the most.  

         So what the heck does that mean? Are you confused by her paradigm?

         Empty had a dual meaning. She needed “Creator’s understanding of the difference between empty as deprivation and empty as fulfillment.” In Buddhism and other religions, being empty is a positive experience that allows more awareness to occur. One empties the mind to reach certain states of consciousness. And then there is the emotional issue of emptiness in being completely depleted and deprived. In having,  “Creator’s understanding of the safety of emptiness in receiving and feeling fulfilled in love,”  the person let go of expectations of having love a certain way because love was safe in Creator’s understanding. The fear completely cleared.

On February 14th from 11 to 3:30, I am going to present a special mini-workshop called “Loving Myself, Loving Another” instead of the two-level practicum.  Spending time sifting over all the materials I have collected around relationships for years--tapes, workshops, individual sessions—I have formulated questions, activities, teachings and diggings to clarify who and how we want to be in any relationship.

This mini-workshop is for anyone who isn’t a hermit since a hermit wouldn’t be interested in leaving their house or cave and relating to others. The rest of us are in continual relationships whether we think about it that way or not.  I am going to limit the topic to the different stages of relationships within our human-to-human connections (please forgive me, pet owners), such as our relationship with Creator, Ourselves, our Family, Friends, Dating, Romantic partnerships (including marriage), Separation, Divorce and Death.


There are already 14 people attending who I’ve previously had contact with in January.  These people will receive the three pages of questions so that they can start preparation and allow their patterns and beliefs to surface.  I’m asking these people to not pass these questions around to others. As I’ve stated in previous newsletters, I am not here to stop people from sharing information they receive at the Practicums nor hide information, but to be respectful of my time, cost of using my personal space/home, energy in preparing and teaching,  and last but not least…my purpose.  In initially creating the Paradigm Shifters Practicums to create a community of ThetaHealing practitioners who feel confident in assisting others in the highest and best way-- I “pay it forward” through the scholarship fund to those who wish to come into the Theta community but have financial need.  


If you would like to attend this wonderful mini-workshop, you will need to RSVP by the 6th as I might have to find a place to hold this gathering. I don’t want to turn people away like I did for the Solstice Party, but my house space is limited to 16 maximum. The sooner I know who is coming, the sooner I can plan appropriately.  Once you have sent a RSVP, I will mail you the questions.  The cost for the day is $45. Please bring a healthy, and nourishing veg potluck dish for our lunch break.


If you are unable to attend, you will be able to receive all the questions including Creator’s teachings for $20. They will be emailed when a check is received. If you cannot attend but made an RSVP, please consider paying the $20 as I have held your place and sent you the questions.  You can contact me to make arrangements for payment. 

I look forward to seeing each one of you who attends.

Blessings in Love, Light and Healing,





All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge and can be applied toward the Master ThetaHealing program.

     There is a discount price for those who wish to review the courses as there are always updates as well as hearing the vast amount of information for the second time.

                                                                       Winter/Spring ThetaHealing series in Santa Rosa, CA


JUST ADDED: Basic ThetaHealing in Santa Rosa, CA. March 6-8. The woman who I buy my fresh organic eggs from has offered her beautiful estate to host this workshop. Please pass this to your friends, associates and families.

Early Bird special is $415 if non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of $125 is paid by 2/20/09; thereafter the total price is $458 with a $125 deposit. Please contact me at or 707-542-5502. This course can receive Nursing CEU's.

-The ADVANCED WORKSHOP will be June 5th-7th.


     For further information, please check the website under "workshops", contact me at 707-542-5502 or email


                                            ThetaHealing series through The American Institute of Natural Healing in Antioch, CA.

-The BASIC WORKSHOP on April 3rd-5th 2009. The Early Bird Special of $415 with $100 deposit continues until March 20th, 2009.   This course can receive Nursing CEU's.

-The ADVANCED WORKSHOP will be July 10-12th, 2009.

-The MANIFESTATION and ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP is October 3-4th, 2009.

     CMT's are eligible to receive a Basic or Advanced Vibrational Medicine Certificate. Please contact AINH at 925-777-9995  or

                                        For further information:




Valentine history and fun games

“Trivial” question game from 1880’s onward of things popular during dating times



Has anyone told you…a reminder of how important and loved you are

In November 2006, Larry King did a 2-part series called Beyond the Power of Positive Thinking. The series is all about how to create your reality using your mindset and features 10 of the biggest names in the self growth and personal development industry.

Crystal Child, 26 yrs old Jessica Schuab,  speaks about how she came to realize her abilities and mission. The last half hour sounds so much the same as what we learn in ThetaHealing.

6 year old concert pianist and composer, Emily Bear, who has played since she was 3. She says the music comes from her heart. She has played at the White House and is on CD’s.

Jessica Cox, of Tucson, Ariz., was born without arms, but that has only stopped her from doing one thing: using the word "can't." Her latest flight into the seemingly impossible is becoming the first pilot licensed to fly using only her feet.,2933,463368,00.html

Wim Hof, known as "The Ice Man", from Holland has spent the last 20 years testing his talent in the most extreme conditions from scaling mountain tops wearing nothing but a pair of shorts to swimming under sheets of ice in the north pole. Now he is set to break his own world record by submerging himself in a plexiglass container filled with ice at temperatures as low as -20 degrees for more than 1 hour 45 minutes. Mr Hof discovered his unusual talent over 20 years ago during a stroll in the park in his native Holland.



Dr. Mae-Wan Ho of the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) explains the heart of why GM foods are so dangerous: “The genome is remarkably dynamic and ‘fluid’, and constantly in conversation with the environment,” Dr. Ho writes. “This determines which genes are turned on, when, where, by how much and for how long. Moreover, the genetic material itself could also be marked or changed according to experience, and the influence passed on to the next generation.”  

     But when genetically modified “rogue genes” are inserted into a genome, it cannot possibly mimic the complex processes -- the “dance of life” -- that’s necessary for survival in nature. The major GM crops are:  Soy, Corn, Cottonseed, Canola.  The offspring of these products include items such as maltodextrin, soy lecitin, and high fructose corn syrup. Other GMO products include: Some varieties of zucchini, crookneck squash, and papayas from Hawaii, Milk containing rbGH, Rennet (containing genetically modified enzymes) used to make hard cheeses, Aspartame (NutraSweet)


Two non-organic sugar companies that are still GE-free are Spreckels Sugar in California and Rogers Sugar Alberta, Canada according to Ken Roseboro, the editor of The Organic & Non-GMO Report. Spreckels is processing non-GMO beets because sugar beet farmers in California do not yet have GM sugar beet seed varieties. Organic Consumers group Dec. 2008 issue

True Food Network: A project of Center for Food Safety (myths and facts of GE Crops and foods)  

FREE Pocket Shoppers’ Guide for avoiding GE Foods

How to avoid being fooled on the meat or chicken you buy at the supermarkerts? This video and information, Supermarket Secrets  (Channel 4 in UK), shows both the investigative and medical truth of factory farming on levels of antibiotics, huckburn infection visible on chickens, fat type and levels, farming conditions and comparison of healthy type package meals. Very revealing!



                                                                                                    ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT

FREE Green Shoppers Lighting Guide Shoppers to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs:  Not all Energy Saving bulbs are healthy or supportive to the environment.





Breast Cancer Awareness—The issues of mammography vs the benefits of Thermography. Mammography cannot detect a tumor until after it has been growing for years and reaches a certain size. Thermography is able to detect the possibility of breast cancer much earlier, because it can image the early stages of angiogenesis (the formation of a direct supply of blood to cancer cells, which is a necessary step before they can grow into tumors of size).


Patient’s DNA May Be Signal to Tailor Medication

Experts say that most drugs, whatever the disease, work for only about half the people who take them. …countless patients are being exposed unnecessarily to side effects. No wonder so much hope is riding on the promise of “personalized medicine,” in which genetic screening and other tests give doctors more evidence for tailoring treatments to patients, potentially improving care and saving money.  Many policy experts are calling for more studies to compare the effectiveness of different treatments. One drawback is that such studies tend to be “one size fits all,” with the winning treatment recommended for everybody. Personalized medicine would go beyond that by determining which drug is best for which patient, rather than continuing to treat everyone the same in hopes of benefiting the fortunate few. Despite all the obstacles, personalized medicine is coming. Even the drug companies, which have been worried that testing would reduce their sales, are starting to realize that their medicines might not be approved or paid for without better evidence that they work



Best Alternative Energy Car:

 A research and development company called Magnetic Air Cars, Inc.   is developing an air-powered prototype car in Silicon Valley after an earlier 1932 model. They believe that their design will be sufficient to power a modern new vehicle, or retrofit a used vehicle -- even a large SUV or truck.

Another Air Car, being readied for market by Spain-based Moteur Developpement Int. Based on proven technology used on the Space Shuttle, the Air Car runs on Compressed Air Technology, a pollution-free engine that burns compressed air stored in tanks made of carbon fiber. The only emission: Cold air that's used to run the car's onboard air conditioner.



                                                                                                                     OUTER LIMITS

Teleportation Milestone achieved. Scientists have come a bit closer to achieving the "Star Trek" feat of teleportation. No one is galaxy-hopping, or even beaming people around, but for the first time, information has been teleported between two separate atoms across a distance of a meter — about a yard. This is a significant milestone in a field known as quantum information processing, said Christopher Monroe of the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, who led the effort.                                      

US Air Force takes a look at Teleportation: The Teleportation Physics Study (  was done by Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metrics. "This study was tasked with the purpose of collecting information describing the teleportation of material objects, providing a description of teleportation as it occurs in physics, its theoretical and experimental status, and a projection of potential applications. The study also consisted of a search for teleportation phenomena occurring naturally or under laboratory conditions that can be assembled into a model describing the conditions required to accomplish the transfer of objects."

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, favors diplomatic response to UFO’s: She has long had an interest in UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life. In August 1995,  she was given an informal briefing by billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, on the best available UFO evidence. she will stress ‘galactic’ diplomacy over ‘future’ military confrontation with extraterrestrial life.

UFO seen by 5 police officer in Lebanon, Illinois.  It was a football field in length.  The lights were visible attached to a form shaped like a triangle. There was no engine noise.



                                                                                         CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS INFRINGED

James Bamberg, investigative journalist and author of The Shadow Factory, discusses with  Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” Free speech radio, how our conversations on phone and through email/internet are tracked,  transcribed and stored in  a huge Data center in Bridgetown, Missouri which controls the whole network. The AT&T/Verizon scandal was just the tip of the iceberg.

US government has succeeded in persuading some color laser printer manufacturers to encode each page with identifying information. Imagine that every time you printed a document, it automatically included a secret code that could be used to identify the printer - and potentially, the person who used it. In a purported effort to identify counterfeiters and without your knowledge or consent, an act you assume is private could become public. A communication tool you're using in everyday life could become a tool for government surveillance. And what's worse, there are no laws to prevent abuse.

Whistleblower Levels Shocking Allegations at Bush’s Spying Programs

On Jan. 21, former U.S. intelligence official Russell Tice appeared on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermannn" and broke a sobering bit of news…Under the Bush administration's notorious warrantless spying program, not only did the NSA eavesdrop and have access to all American’s communications….,, it turns out it specifically targeted "U.S. news organizations, reporters and journalists."  Despite the fact that the NSA scandal has been one of the biggest stories of the past few years, the story made no headlines the next day, including no mention in the New York Times, which broke the spying story to begin with (albeit one year after it first caught wind of it But the implications bear repeating:



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