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 February 2012



                                                                            ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


                                                                                   NO PRACTICUM UNTIL MARCH 31st


The next Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday, March 31st.  I decided, through a student’s suggestion, to make the practicums with a specific focus. The March topic will be ‘How to scan the body in wonder and awe”, and “How to ‘hear’ Creator’s teachings in a client’s story so they can be downloaded effectively”


I will combine the Basic and Advanced together so it will be from 11 to 1  with a semi-veg potluck from 1-2 at my home in Santa Rosa (email for directions). The cost is $25Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, March 28th.  I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful.


                                                                            THE THETAHEALING® SCHOOL OF CALIFORNIA

                                                                    (Visit us at                          

The following courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at

                                                          All classes taught by ThetaHealing® Master, Judy Dragon


                                                     April 20th-22nd  BASIC WORKSHOP- in Santa Rosa, CA—Friday-Sunday    

                                                                          [$50 scholarship available until 4/6/12 if paid in full] 

                                                   June  1st-3rd ADVANCED WORKSHOPin Santa Rosa, CA—Friday-Sunday    

                                                  [prerequiste is Basic workshop in last 3 years; [$50 scholarship available until 6/8/12] 

                                                               co-taught with ThetaHealing Advanced Instructor, Annisa Aguilar


                                                                                                     BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Hi to all: 

It’s about two weeks from Valentine day….a great time to broaden our views of love and its power.  We have often missed the deeper meaning of this holiday by singling out romantic love as the focus and ultimate meaning. Even the original stories (in last years newsletter, shows that love came with sacrifice and death. It’s an interesting paradigm for Love to maneuver through, in knowing what LOVE really is and how to experience it fully.  In truth, every cell in our body has the receptors for love as we are all sparks of the Creator. We could not exist in any state of being if it weren’t for Love. Our mitochondria is wired for it through the ATP to All That IS, and ALL that IS is pure LOVE.

Romantic love can be beautiful and passionate, but it’s not necessarily pure and unadulterated Unconditional LOVE. And it doesn’t need to be though that element of ‘unconditionality’ may sometimes be present in deep, romantic love.  

This month’s blog is almost a continuation of last month’s conversation about love. What I’m finding is that there comes a time in our journey of life when enough of the past is cleared through processing or belief changing, that we become deeply in love with ourselves, all parts of ourselves, even the shadow parts as they arise and are accepted.  This is not to the extent of selfishness or isolation from others, but the most sweet and innocent love and acceptance through our Inner Child. I know that this concept has been written about and delved into big time in the 90’s. I still adore John Bradshaw’s work though.  And I’m going to share that the Inner Child work and love is just as relevant today as it was 20 years ago. There is a divine parental-child connection within ourselves that can be so gentle, comforting, allowing, and nurturing if it’s given the support to blossom.

And this is what I’m going through….I am deeply in love with my little girl. She is the most courageous, precious, strong, wise, and magical being in the entire world to me (and that says a lot). I have worked with her for years, but it took this process that I’ve been in for almost 11 months to see her in the depth of respect, love and bonding that I feel with and towards her, and her towards me (the adult).  She is an integral part of me  yet I can still ‘feel/visualize’ her in my arms as we cuddle together, see her brown eyes in various positions of feeling or next to me in bed whispering her truth. I am so accepting of our life together now that it kind of blows me away. I honestly thought I wouldn’t need to deal with her some years back in doing all this belief work, but I was wrong. She is the innocence and divinity of me returned.

This process that I’m in became very clarified through a amazing progressed and transit astrology reading on January 23rd, the start of the year of the Dragon. It was my loving birthday gift to myself which was the 10 days before (I obviously missed the year of the Dragon as my Chinese sign).  

The astrologer, Tosha Silver, told me straight out that if she was going to give an award for somebody who had the largest set of intense transits in the last year and a half, I would win it.  Only a very old soul would ask for this level of intensity.  I have what is called a “steam roller chart” not just a lot of fire and earth. It is the totality of about five different eclipses, three different Pluto transits with Mercury, two different Saturn transits including a progressed moon that will come exactly to Saturn along with a 2nd Saturn return on March 12th. When Yeshewah said to me last month about things being easier with the coming of the Light, I had no idea that it would literally fall on the start of daylight savings time.

In a nutshell, what all this astrological jargon means is that the limitations of my mind or the ways in which my mind confines itself to this identity or that identity is being dissolved, like hydrochloric acid…the ‘shoulds’, the ‘have to’s’, the ‘guilt’, the ‘doer-ship’ that I structure  my life through, can’t exist in this form like it has. An entire 27 year cycle of my life is closing and a new one is starting.  This is one year and one day since this process started. It’s going to take me to a place where everything, ideally, is more relaxed, less push, more space, less “have-to-do” or “have-to-prove”, which is a classic 2nd Saturn return anyways. 

On June 5th, there is a Venus eclipse, a real rare event; and this is the next place my chart progresses to being more of a vessel of love. I literally broke down crying listening to Tosha.  For all these months, talking to my little girl with little sleep, intense physical vibrations and sensitivity, and a minimum of one hour of journey work daily to uncover the shadows, I’ve been journaling out the end of 25 years of our story.  In December, I told my close friends and family that I feel like I’m in a chrysalis dissolving. My wish was stated… that I re-form with a more open heart and spreading my wings further in a new way more than before. And this is exactly what was feed back to me. 

Confirmation of one’s highest truth is so comforting and validating.  To know that my life is really going to change in 2012 is both so heart-wrenching and heart-expansive.  I’ve been in a death process. Who will I be when I emerge?  Does it really matter when I can freely create it as I go.  I’m coming into rebirth with my little girl, the love I have for myself at a whole new awareness.  It is a journey of the heart, a Homecoming (as Bradshaw said).

I can wait more easily for these next months, taking extra-special care of us, checking in to make sure I hear the remaining testimonies of her bravery, resiliency, and sheer will to live. It’s not a social time for us.  It hasn’t been for months, but I don’t “have –to” fight it or listen to what others think I “should-do".  I didn’t before, but that’s part of clearing my part in obligations.  Though I continue to work with my private clients three afternoons/week, I have canceled all my classes until later April, set my practicums to late March, and let go of certain responsibilities that I thought I had to do or ways I thought I “had” to be.   If I really want to enjoy this third cycle of life that will start soon,  I want to continue to clear out these last vestiges of ‘push’, ‘forced drive’, ‘internal pressure’, ‘self-criticalness,’ and ‘urgency’ that has plagued me all my life.  I don’t want to bring forward exhaustion into this beautiful unfolding of me and the innocence and unconditional love of my Inner little girl.  Ultimately,  it is me who is giving myself the forgiveness and love that I didn’t get as a child in a new way. I’m excited! It gives me something big to look forward to.

So in honoring being my own Valentine, I extend to you ways in which you, too, can celebrate the love you are developing or have for yourself more fully.   

*Be open to relaxing each day. Every once in awhile,  attempt to do nothing for a day without feeling guilt, criticalness, or shame. It’s been amazing for me. You'll be surprised what you accomplish after.

*Take time to hug yourself and your Inner child each day.

*Be open, inviting and available to hear the depth of you through your precious Inner child (you are mastering presence within yourself)

*Share meaningful and heartfelt appreciation to all the important people in your life including yourself (adult part) and your Inner child.

*Do something silly, playful and joyful that invokes that child-like spontaneity and wonderment to arise.

*Practicing random acts of kindness to yourself and others

*Send yourself a gift, perhaps flowers, or a card of gratitude for your life.

*Inhale deep into your core and then exhale (let go) to notice how amazing the flow of air/energy is through your body

*Stretch your body and thank it for being the vehicle for movement on this plane of existence.

*And go to bed telling yourself, “I love me. I am a gift of God to myself and to others. I celebrate me.” and mean it.

*Recommit to your own spiritual values and to love so that you can share it with the world.

I have placed these downloads at the Seventh Plane. Read them outloud, and just say "Yes" if you would like to receive them.

I know what it feels like and how to relax on a daily basis.

      It is safe to relax on a daily basis.

     I'm worthy, deserving and good enough to relax on a daily basis.

As I relax, I can accomplish what is important to me.

I know what it is to nurture myself and my Inner child through All that IS in the Highest and Best way..

      It is safe to nurture myself and my Inner child and I'm worthy deserving and good enough to do it for myself & Inner child

I know what it feels like and how to be safe to hear the depths of myself through Creator and my Inner child

      It is safe to hear the depths of myself through Creator and my Inner child and I'm worthy, deserving and good enough to do it.

I know what it feels like and how to appreciate myself, my Inner Child and others in the Highest and Best way through All-That-Is

     It is safe and I am worthy, deserving and good enough to appreciate myself, my Inner Child and others in the Highest and Best    way through All-That-Is

I know what it feels like and how to be playful, silly and joyful without feeling embarrassed.

     It is safe and I'm worthy deserving, and good enough to be playful, silly and joyful

I know what it feels like and how to be kind to myself and others... w/o giving myself away

I know what it feels like and how to accept myself as a Gift of God w/o being egotical, selfish, shameful or guilty

     It is safe and I'm worthy deserving, and good enough to accept myself as a Gift of God w/o being egotical, selfish, shameful or guilty

I know what it feels like and how to to stretch and move my body on a daily basis in the Highest and Best way.

      It is safe and I'm worthy deserving, and good enough to stretch and move my body on a daily basis in the Highest and Best way.

I know what it feels like and how to to receive and accept the breath of life to nourish my body.

    It is safe and I'm worthy deserving, and good enough to receive and accept the breath of life to nourish my body.

I wish you recognition and acceptance of your self through Divine love and heartfelt joy,




                                                                                                EVOLUTION NEWS FEED


                                                                                                 LOVE AND PHYSIOLOGY

Affairs of the Lips: Why we Kiss

Lips may have evolved first for food and later applied themselves to speech, but in kissing they satisfy different kinds of hungers. In the body, a kiss triggers a cascade of neural messages and chemicals that transmit tactile sensations, sexual excitement, feelings of closeness, motivation and even euphoria.

Cupid’s Chemistry

Some researchers have boldly forsaken their natural fear of the irrational side of human beings and set out to investigate the biological and chemical processes underlying romantic love. In particular, they have studied the action of genes, neurons, and chemical messengers such as hormones and pheromones. Scientists are beginning to make sense of romantic love through modern imaging techniques and a multidisciplinary approach. MRI scans have shown that love lights up parts of the brain linked to the reward system that can cause drug addiction. Falling in love appears to reduce serotonin levels in the blood in a similar way to obsessive-compulsive disorders. Early stage romantic love activates different parts of the brain to sex drive and attachment.



Japanese Scientists Create Touchable Holograms

Chainsaw Art

Old, diseased cottonwood trees in Craig, Co. needed to be removed so the City Council approved a Chainsaw competition in the park and a prize was offered.


                                                                                              CHILDREN AND CREATIVITY

Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence

This is very touching. It seems that the inner experience of pain is from toxins, and I intuitively sense vaccinations.

Children Dealing with Violent rage

What is it like to feel out-of-control at 10 years old? Watch how positive thoughts and white light help Zach, a boy with violent rage, overcome his mental illness





Bosnian pyramids

In 2005, work had begun on this project …It was then announced to the world, at the press conference, that the first pyramids in Europe had been discovered. We determined that the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids consists of five pyramids discovered to date … The Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother Earth and Love. The site also includes a tumulus complex and a huge underground labyrinth. A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz. The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physics and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working.



You’ve been Lied to About Calcium and Cholesterol.

Calcium from raw whole foods is beneficial and necessary. But all those processed foods fortified with calcium or supplements high in elemental calcium are likely to do more harm than good.


                                                                                                PSYCHOLOGY AND DECISIONS

Scientific Study confirms that our first decision is our right decision.

According to a study by Canada’s University of Alberta, when it comes to working out where the future lies your unconscious mind is both smarter than you think and can be a great motivator. Alberta School of Business researcher Sarah Moore and colleagues from Duke and Cornell university’s study explores how the unconscious mind responds to objects in relation to an individual’s goals – and how the unconscious continues to influence feelings about these objects once the goals are reached, whether or not the outcome has been successful.


                                                                                                          NIKOLA TESLA’S GENUIS

Ten inventions of Nikola Tesla

Telsa is finally beginning to attract real attention and encourage serious debate nearly 70 years after his death. We know that he was undoubtedly persecuted by the energy power brokers of his day…namely Thomas Edison, whom we are taught in school to revere as a genius. He was also attacked by J. P. Morgan another “captains of industry.” Upon Tesla’s death on January 7th, 1943, the US government moved into his lab and apartment confiscating all of his scientific research, and to this day, none of this research ahs been made public.

Nikola Tesla Unlimited

Bill Jenkins, formerly of ABC Radio, hosts this comprehensive documentary which features physicists and inventors who are challenging orthodox science to bring this non-polluting technology forward despite ridicule and suppression. See actual working prototypes that defy classical physics including phenomenal experiments in anti-gravity and the transmutation of metals.


                                                                                                TECHNOLOGY AND TRACKING

Edible drug-tracking microchips to be unveiled in UK by year's end
The UK's Independent says Proteus Biomedical, the company responsible for making the edible microchip, has formed a commercial partnership with Lloyds pharmacy, a UK pharmacy and healthcare provider, to begin selling the tiny chips to patients by year's end. Smaller than a grain of sand, the tiny chip will monitor which drug pills are taken, and electronically send this information to patches worn on patients' arms. The patches will then send the information to the mobile phones of patients' relatives and physicians. What these advocates fail to note is how the technology can, and likely will, be abused down the road to enforce compliance with government drug mandates, possibly including vaccine mandates.


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