Theta DNA Activation

February '13


                                                                  ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


The next Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday, FEBRUARY 9th.  The specific focus for this month will be how to work with clients who are sick (or on yourself), and charging objects in your life to make it work for you. Of course there will be digging and healings as well. I will combine the Basic and Advanced together so it will be from 11 to 1 with a semi-veg potluck from 1-2 at my home in Santa Rosa (email for directions). The cost is $25.  Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, the 6th.  I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful.


There will be no March practicum.


                                                                                           DIGGING BOOTCAMP

Mark your calendars for Saturday, APRIL 6TH.   Do you want to know some different ways to dig and get lots of practice?


“Everything here is so clear you can see it,

And everything here is so real you can feel it,

And it's real, so real, so real, so real, so real, so real,

Can you dig it,



I can dig it, he can dig it,

She can dig it, we can dig it,

They can dig it, you can dig it,

Oh let's dig it”….OUT 

(Grazin’ in the Grass…Friends of Distinction)

      This one-day practicum will give you the means to play with digging techniques. You will be given the DVD “Digging and Belief work,” created by Vianna, and a written transcript of it.  I will demonstrate the different techniques on a participant in front of the group, and then everyone will spend a day digging out their issues with facilitation when needed.

      I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®.  This Bootcamp will go from 10:30 to 4:30 with a 45-minute organic potluck at my home in Santa Rosa.  The cost is $98 (non refundable and non-tranferable),  and needs to be prepaid by Friday, MARCH 29TH so that materials can be ordered and available.  Please contact me of your interest.


                                                                                           CONSULTATION GROUP

I am considering doing a consultation group for a limited number of participants who have taken the minimum of the Basic and Advanced workshops to discuss and support you around: 

* your questions about your clients

* in how to work with them

* how to use presence

* understanding unconditional advice

* how to maintain your 7th Plane connection as you dig 

* discussing digging approaches

* taking care of your personal triggers (though you will not dig on yourself during the group time)

* watching for transference and counter-transference

* issues around trauma

If this is something you’ve been interested in, to be able to really focus on being a ThetaHealing practitioner (or just the best you can be), I’m formulating how I might do this with no more than 6-8 people for 2 hours once a month by Skype or some interactive telecast, possibly starting in May, attempting to figure out timing as well. There might be international ThetaHealers interested which would bring a wonderful flavor to the mix.  This would be set up as a 6 month commitment so the group creates safety, trust and emotional intimacy.  The charge would be $300. Please let me know of your interest with any of your suggestions.



The following courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at

                                   All classes taught by ThetaHealing® Master, COS, Judy Dragon

March 22-24th, Advanced ThetaHealing in Santa Rosa, CA. Friday- Sunday

April 20-21st , Manifestation and Abundance in Santa Rosa, CA. Saturday-Sunday

    [The Bishop Manifestation and Abundance is in the process of being rescheduled and listed as soon as the hostess gets back to me]  

May 17-19, Basic Theta Workshop in Santa Rosa, CA; Friday-Sunday                               



                                                                                           BLOG FOR THE SOUL



Welcome New ThetaHealing Basic practitioners. What a great time we had!

This will sure be a fast paced month.  Tomorrow, the Ground Hog might make its way out of its burrow to share its weather wisdom. Hopefully, we won’t need to repeat the day to get any lessons out of it like the movie version. I think we can rely on insight connected to All-That-IS, instead of a ground hog (as the seer of truth) to determine weather patterns. We actually do a bit of weather work with the elements in DNA3.

On the 4th , we are moving into the year of the Water Snake followed by the Chinese New Years on the 10th after the new moon in Aquarius.  It was interesting researching the meaning or qualities of this sign. There is a duality aspect that needs discerning.  There are the qualities described of the snake in being sneaky, biting (as if  all snakes bite),  skeptical, intense, penetrating, calculating and patient before the strike of emotion, and tenacious. It can also be seen as enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and the ability to shed its skin and move on (regenerative). 

I was just telling my recent Basic class about my adventure with getting over the fear of snakes. As a child up until five, I would look at pictures of snakes in my mother’s 1944 First Aid book on what to do with snake bites, looking at images of very venomous US vipers, and then the cuts and tourniquets that could be applied if bit. It was after this time that I became terrified of them not due to the book. I could not even look at a picture of snakes or on screen w/o a terrible sinking feeling, like I was going to get sick to my stomach, dizzy, and pass out. When my children were little, the family went to Berkeley to visit, of all things, a snake zoo. My son let a python sliver around him while I was at the back of room in sheer panic. His father and the reptile’s handler were there to make sure the snake was not going to do anything but crawl. I think I needed more handling then my son with the snake.

One sunny Saturday morning about 11 years ago, I was talking on the phone to a client/student from another area. She was telling me that her children raised a few snakes and they feed them live mice. I was definitely having a hard time with her being so non-chalant about the whole ordeal. She then called out to say goodbye to her children as they were going to a herpetology place in Berkeley. By this time, I thought that the Universe was really setting me up for something that I’d have to enter soon. I just didn’t know how soon.

After I got off the phone, my friend arrived so we could have lunch together at a local Mexican restaurant and then off to rent a movie. As we both walked outside into my little patio garden to walk to the car, there was rustling under the azalea bushes on my left side. I just thought, “Oh, probably a lizard,” and got into my car with my friend. I told her at the restaurant about the conversation about the student’s love of snakes and how I was feeling so uncomfortable. We proceeded after lunch to the video store, picked out our movie and headed back to my house to relax for a few hours in front of the screen. As I walked up to my back gate, there, spread straight across the cement under the gate, was a 3 foot long black and red snake. I didn’t know whether to laugh, scream or pass out. I was frozen. And then the snake just took off with me shuddering.

Though I live in the city, my former residence had many old beautiful oaks and a creek that was in front of the townhouses. In all the years I lived there, I had never seen a snake. After my friend  calmed me down, we watched the video and then she left. I spent the remaining afternoon clearing out my fears of snakes until I could visualize them without feeling like I was going to have a panic fact, until I could visualize being in the presence of one in a calm, curious way, like I had before I was five. I had to track it to the origin. Since then, I have not been afraid of snakes. I knew this when I was at the movies and a huge white python was on the screen. I kept thinking how beautiful it was. It surprised me that I even had this thought and was delighted that the fear was really gone.

What a way to bring forth consciousness on the day of love and raise it another notch (considering the real history of Valentine’s day. ( ) is the February 14th ONE BILLION RISING, where 189 countries are participating in honoring and loving their women by dancing to end violence against them (one in three women on the planet are raped or beaten in her lifetime). If I could be out there, I would be dancing with them.  I look forward to seeing YouTubes of this dance tribute.

Come February 23rd (with the shadow starting February 9th), we are moving into another Mercury Retrograde until March 17th. No matter how many beliefs I’ve cleared, due to my own natal chart configuration, Mercury retrogrades are way more challenging for me. It brings up all my stuff both emotionally and physically particularly in the last two years. Generally, this is a time “to review and revise our life and our connection with reality. Mercury itself rules how we think: we will be adjusting everything related to thoughts, concepts, ideas, and communication, especially how technology and material elements play a part in the physical manifestation of ideas. When Mercury retrogrades, we find that many parts of our life are being revised. Often these revisions can be a surprise or throw us back a step. However, these revisions which occur during a Mercury retrograde, are a "course correction" and provide a stop gap measure until we can review situations. During this time of revision, change is compounded and confusion is created by our reactions to the ever-changing situations. Thus anything started during this time will ultimately be taken back or even revised further, making for a high-frustration time. This will be especially true with changing our minds, reviewing new ideas and our communication being improved and honed so not to be mis-understood.”

So with all that said, to give myself the space and time to move through these ‘course corrections’ as I review what still needs revision for me to clear, which may be a great deal as there is to be an influx of energy coming in as well, I’ve decided to move the Advanced Class to March 22-24th, right after the Spring Equinox and retrograde. The new energy will have come in, settled, and I can teach having integrated my new energetic upgrade again. This will also mean that the Manifestation and Abundance class scheduled for early April will be shifted to April 20-21st. So I apologize for any inconveniences for those who have waited patiently to receive the many teachings and techniques of these wonderful workshops. Having gone through upgrades in how I teach from last year, I look forward to how Creator’s wisdom flows through this year.  I’m so grateful that I have the priviledge of teaching Creator's sacred truths.

With many blessings,




Wieliczka Salt Mine – An Astounding Subterranean Salt Cathedral

Deep underground in Poland lies something remarkable but little known outside Eastern Europe. For centuries, miners have extracted salt there, but left behind things quite startling and unique. This is the salt mine that became an art gallery, cathedral and underground lake.

The real “Rainman”, Kim Peek’s, life was changed forever by the movie made about him with Dustin Hoffman.

He found metaphoric language incomprehensible and conceptualization baffling. But with an astonishing skill that allowed him to read facing pages of a book at once — one with each eye — he read as many as 12,000 volumes. Even more remarkable, he could remember what he had read. Almost all documented savants — people with an extraordinary depth of knowledge and the ability to recall it — have been restricted in their expertise to specific fields like mathematics, chess, art or music. But Mr. Peek had a wide range of interests and could instantly answer the most arcane questions on subjects as diverse as history, sports, music, geography and movies. (Part 1 of 5 parts…very inspirational and touching…Kim died 3 years ago)

Dr. Eben Alexander has been a neurosurgeon for the past 25 years. His engaging, best-selling book on this life-changing experience is Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife.So when I announced to the world that during my seven days of coma I not only remained fully conscious but journeyed to a stunning world of beauty and peace and unconditional love, I knew I was stirring up a very volatile pot. Critics have maintained that my near-death experience, like similar experiences others before me have claimed, was a brain-based delusion cobbled together by my synapses only after they had somehow recovered from the blistering weeklong attack. During that period, I experienced something very similar to what countless other people who have undergone near-death experiences have witnessed: the transition to a realm beyond the physical, and a vast broadening of my consciousness. The only real difference between my experience and those others is that my brain was, essentially, deader than theirs.”


                                                                         SHIFTING RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVES

Losing Our Religions: The Growth of the ‘Nones’

In October, the Pew Research Center released a study, ‘Nones’ on the Rise,  that takes a closer look at the 46 million people who answered ‘none’ to the religion question in 2012. According to Pew, one-fifth of American adults and one-third of Americans under 30 have no religious affiliation, a trend that has for years been on the rise. In a nutshell, the group comprises atheists and agnostics as well as those who ally themselves with "nothing in particular";  includes many who say they are spiritual or religious in some way and pray every day; overwhelmingly says they are not looking to find an organized religion that would be right for them;  is socially liberal, with three-quarters favoring same-sex marriage and legal abortion.



Scientists Finally Present Evidence on Expanding DNA Strands

Physical studies over the last couple of decades had shown that quadruplex DNA can form in vitro — in the ‘test tube’, but the structure was considered to be a curiosity rather than a feature found in nature. The researchers now know for the first time that they actually form in the DNA of human cells. Quadruplex DNA is actually found fairly consistently throughout the genome of human cells and their division cycles.


                                                                                                         ANIMAL KINGDOM

Hercules the Liger

At just three years old, Hercules already weighs half a ton eating 200 pounds/day. At the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in Miami, Florida, Institute owner, Dr. Bhagavan Antle, said, “We have lions and tigers living together in large enclosures, and at first, we had no idea how well one of  the lion boys was getting along with a tiger girl…then lo-and-behold, we had a liger.” These two cats don’t normally have the opportunity to breed in the wild as most lions live in Africa and most tigers in Asia.

A dog that can smell cancer before doctors can diagnose 
It’s believed that cancers produce volatile chemicals that dogs can be trained to smell, which could have dramatic implications for early diagnosis of the disease. researchers are simply hoping to prove that if they demonstrate categorically that cancer does have a generic smell, then scientists could work towards creating a machine (known as an ‘electronic nose’) to perform the same function as a dog’s wet nose can: screening breath or urine samples to search for ‘cancer scent’ with even greater  ability than specially-trained dogs.  Not only does the centre train dogs to sniff cancer, it’s also responsible for training ‘medical alert’ dogs which live with people who have health problems. 
Medical Detection Dogs have taught 22 dogs to recognize when a diabetic’s blood sugar gets low and alert them to stop hypoglycaemia, aid narcoleptics by working out when an attack of sleep paralysis is about to start — and may soon be able to teach dogs to tell when someone with a severe allergy is about to have an allergic episode.



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