Theta DNA Activation


January 2008

      Can you believe it?! Another year has passed and so much has been learned. At least for me.  I guess that's why we are all learn.  The soul gets a bit bored otherwise.  And with ThetaHealing, we can all do it more quickly, with less stress and struggle, being active participants in how we want to create our lives.

      I've been spending a great deal of time either formating, revamping and refining all the ThetaHealing courses by going through all the workbooks, textbooks and notes from both the LA recertification and with other Theta teachers. I'm almost finished.  Though this wasn't initially how I wanted to spend every weekend and 3 nights a week at the computer, I really had some great insights and some synchronistic experiences.

      In the beginning of December, a friend and I went to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco. People are dressed in the styles of England in the mid-1800's with their British accents flowing without flaw. My daughter and her fiance are both actors there, and I hadn't been there in over 5 years so I took a break from my work to enjoy the day.

      Now move forward about 10 days. I had almost burnt the yams I placed in my toaster oven over an hour and half before, forgetting they were there as I was so engrossed with my research at the computer about waywards and entities. I rushed into the kitchen and turned off the oven to save the insides since the skins were too blackened to eat. I finished the rest of my dinner and returned to the computer.  I noticed noise in the kitchen, but thought it was the refridgerator's motor or the house creaking due to my neighbor's adjoining condo.  About 3 hours later, I decided to finally check, and the toaster oven was on.  Talk about an increase in my PG & E bill this month between the overcooked yams and now this.  I couldn't figure out how I would have left it on.  I made sure it was off this time.

      Move forward again about a week.  I had turned off the toaster oven to prepare the rest of my meal. While making a salad on the counter across from the toaster oven, I heard the toaster oven dial ticking behind me. I quickly turned around and the knob was moving backwards from OFF to "Always On", which would have started the baking process. I turned it back to OFF and it starting moving backwards again.  Something felt really strange.

      I went into Theta to Creator first, and lo-and-behold, there was a tall man with a top hat, formally dressed as if he had come from the Dickens era. He had a British accent as well. I sent him to Creator's Light right away.  No need to get involved with a spirit's story until I can hear it from the highest truth and avoid committing myself to the energy between the 3rd and 4th Plane.

     I asked him what he was doing in my kitchen messing with my toaster oven. He thought it was an interesting contraption and that it was a good signal to get my attention as he wanted to go to the Light.  I think to myself, "what am I...a free elevator for ghosts?!" He explained that he noticed I had a lot of light around me at the Dickens Fair (I didn't ask how he got there) so he just followed me.  Since the toaster oven had a light in it too, he thought he could get my attention and have some fun with his newly discovered contraption. I have no idea why he didn't choose to flicker the light switch but maybe that was too obvious and easy.

    In discussing the story with another Theta teacher, he asked me if I had manifested for new stories to share at the Basic workshops I'll be teaching soon.  Certainly not consciously. I've had plenty of experiences with strange things in my life. But perhaps, my soul just didn't want to get bored by repeating the same old stories.  

    Well, Happy New all of you... and to new experiences that keep me finding the humor and synchronistic episodes in life.






   What a great turn out for the December practicum and solstice celebration. Thank you all for great work you did with each other, the camradiere, the wonderful food and the fun gift exchange.

    Saturday, January 12th will be the next practicum.  The Basic will be from 11 to 1 and the Advanced is from 2 to 4 PM.  Each section is $20 and the Advanced practitioners are welcome to stay all day. 

    During the veg potluck, there will be a little acknowledgement of Sidnee and my birthdays. We are 6 days apart, the same year. We will be making a special birthday cake (no wheat, low glycemic, all organic) for all of you to share with us.  Your presence will be our presents.  Please RSVP if you are coming by Wednesday the 9th.



The Manifestation and Abundance workshop will be happening on Jaunuary 26th and 27th, 2008 in Santa Rosa.  To receive the Early Bird Special, you must have $100 deposit in by January 9th.  Please make sure that you feel comfortable changing beliefs, giving Creator’s teachings and digging to get the most out of the workshop. Advanced Instructors will be able to be certified to teach the workshop upon completion.  


I will be hosted by the American Institute of Natural Healing in Antioch, CA for the ThetaHealing Basic workshop on February 22-24thUpon completion of the Basic, not only is a Basic ThetaHealing certificate given but Massage Therapists will also receive certificates for 24 hours of massage training in vibrational medicine. This is approved by the Bureau of Private and Post Secondary Education (BPPVE). The Institute is also hosting me for the Advanced Workshop on April 18th to 20th, 2008.

 The next Santa Rosa ThetaHealing Basic will be March 14th-16th. For those who haven't taken it in the last two years, this is a good time to review as there are many updates.

      Eric Brumett, who taught a wonderful Intuitive Anatomy workshop this summer here in Santa Rosa, will be teaching another Intuitive Anatomy workshop in Fremont, Ca. on March 31st to April 18th. The course runs Monday through Friday 10 to 6 PM.

     The cost for the early bird special is $1,900 total with a $300 deposit if paid by February 15th; $2,000 total with a $300 deposit if paid by March 7th; and $2,100 total with a $300 deposit after and at the door.

    The prerequisite is both the Basic DNA 1-2 and the Advanced workshop. Julia Domville is the sponsor/hostess. You can contact her at 925-485-1022 or  


*Please note that all workshops are approved for credit towards Vianna's New ThetaHealing college which starts in May of 2008.





Harbin (China) Ice and Snow Festival came into being in 1999. The inspiration for the ice and snow sculptures is usually derived from traditional Chinese fairy tales or world famous architectures such as the Great Wall, the Egyptian Pyramids, etc. The temperatures average 40 below zero. Amazing!


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Homemade children cough syrup recipes

Herbal Tonic Recipe for Prostate Cancer and Prevention




Sony develops eco-friendly battery powered by carbohydrates (sugar) that uses enzymes to generate electricity in a process similar to that used by living organisms. So far, the test cells have been able to produce an output of up to 50 milliwatts, more than any other battery of the same type.


Ten Strangest Diseases in Medical History

A new technique for producing stem cells that has been hailed as "breakthrough" actually produces stem cells that cause cancer in organisms that grow from them.


   Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, the director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California, San Diego, and an adjunct professor at the Salk Institute, describes how brain damage can reveal the strong connection between your mind and your body. He has developed a simple, $3 tool made of a cardboard box and a mirror, which can eliminate phantom limb pain that has been plaguing people for decades.
    He also discusses Synesthesia, the mingling of the senses in which people hear color or smell sounds, answering why artists, poets and novelists [*probably healers too] are eight times more likely to have synesthesia than the general population. 23 minute video (very informative and entertaining)


Brain scans of nuns have revealed intricate neural circuits that flicker into life when they feel the presence of God.


New car looks like a jet, costs 27k, gets 300 miles per gallon

The Aperta is a very efficient aerodynamic vehicle with a shape like a jet . And it’s also ready for production. There will be two models of the Aptera: an all-electric version that goes 120 miles on a charge (for 2008), and a gasoline version that will get 300 mpg (for 2009).   (video at bottom of web page)





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