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 January 2013                                       

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Happy New Years! Let the year begin with an openness to deeper awareness.

January’s Paradigm Shifter’s gathering will be January 19th from 11 AM-1 PM with an organic potluck after.  The topic will be “Forgiveness is the release into true Freedom”. We will cover what the process of forgiveness really entails, what it is to forgive ourselves and another, how to be gentle as we clear those we resent, hate, are angry at or still have a charge around. This will include taking a self-inventory allowing for deep self-honesty.

The cost is $25Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, January 16th .  I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful and having a supportive group of like-minded people helps to make it safe to delve into issues.




The following courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at

The Basic Workshop will be January 25-27th in Santa Rosa, CA.

The Advanced Workshop will be March 8-10th in Santa Rosa, CA. [Prerequisite is the Basic w/in the last 5 years]   

The Manifestation and Abundance Workshop will be April 6th -7th in Santa Rosa and April 20-21st in Bishop, CA. [Prerequisite for M & A is the Basic and Advanced]


                                                                                              BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Wow! It's the turn of another year according to the Gregorian calendar. Of course there are other means to measure a year that are more aligned with the lunar cycles, a much more flowing way to attune. I just want to say that no matter how the wheels turn around the year, I'm grateful to proceed into January (besides it being my birth month). I look back over my life and see how very unique/different it's been from others. I realize that I was given this deck of multi-dimensional cards for a purpose, and I'm still here to complete that. 

Part of moving through my life has been to remember that no matter what has happened, which has been alot, that All-that-Is is the guidance, the love and the inspiration even when I didn't think IT was. So this brings me into the topic of Forgiveness. I've written about it before, but I think it's such an important concept and experience particularly in light (or dark) of what is happening in the world. And that's why I also put quite a few "Inspiration" articles under the blog as well as making this month's Paradigm Shifters gathering about it.

Forgiveness with another is about releasing the energetic chords that bind us to them. In our feelings of anger, hatred and resentment towards others or a situation, we psychically throw chords that attach. This, in reality, sends our energy to the person we wish wasn't in our lives or who has hurt us. In understanding forgiveness in this way, we can realize that this is not being protective towards ourselves, nor really allowing the other person or situation to "get" what occurred. In fact, it's quite counterproductive. But feelings aren't logical, and we all have a right to what we feel until there comes a time where holding onto the pain needs to change.

AND forgiveness is not about forgetting what happened but about pulling a plug out of a socket or the chords back so that no more power is transferred. It's discharged and allows us to see a higher overview of the person or situation when we release how it served us. And then the next step comes compassion when we see it from Creator's overview. We understand that we are actors on a stage. We somatically 'get' that the whole scenario was perfect in all that was learned allowing us to come to a clear heart space. This doesn't mean that we need to let go of our boundaries or have the person enter our lives again. It's like a breath of new awareness so we walk our paths in a very different way free of carrying the situation or person with us. People often want this process to be over quickly but in reality, it can take time.

Then there is self-forgiveness, when we stop turning the anger, resentment, regret, rejection, abandonment onto ourselves, stop blaming ourselves, and stop internalizing shame. We come to a place in our process where we understand what we learned from the person or situation completely, how and why we took it on and how it served us. Then the energy discharges. I feel that self-forgiveness, often with it's many layers as well, is the key to forgiving. It allows us to shift to a level of wholeness, peace and true integrity.

I want to give you an example of a digging session with someone that I found profound as the person reached a deeper place of peacefulness in the experience of forgiveness. It is a process. Creator-of-All came in to channel some of the information for her. There was an intensity of emotional outbursts that took place all held sacred. The situation was one of abuse in childhood, and the adult who harmed the child had a very prestigious position. I ask you to carefully read what obligations were pulled out from the situation and beliefs for release.

The person felt that if they made the perpetrator less than them, they would maintain their dignity. The person also felt that she had to stop caring about the person in anyway to feel a distance.  This is emotional denial.

I have to make this person less than me in order to have some dignity. -yes

This person is obligated to teach me that I have to make others less than me to have dignity-yes (released)

This person is obligated to teach me what it takes to hold onto my dignity-yes (released)

If I stop caring, I have distance from the situation or this person-yes

I know what it takes and feels like to emotionally distance from a situation w/o needing to be uncaring

I know how to emotionally distance and still care about others.

The beliefs were cleared through release of the obligations and teachings.

But a new angle appeared. Remember it's important to ask the person how they felt different. This person who hurt her as a child kept her so busy that she didn't have time to think about her needs.

This person is obligated to teach me that I have to stay busy to keep away from thinking about my needs-yes (release)

My needs only count if it serves others-yes ( the belief was changed and this person was released from teaching her that her needs only count if it serves others)

The releases cleared the issue around her needs counting in how it served others.

The anger subsided with the person, but shifted to where he wasn't worth her time to give him more energy. This position is like the opposite end of the same coin. The energy hadn't released. As Creator then told her, "That's like resignation." So the question proceeded to, "How does it serves you to resign yourself to what he did to you?

This person is obligated to teach me how and what to put my energy into-yes The obligation was released but the feeling hadn't cleared yet.

Again, how does it serve you to stay attached to this person ?

              "Because he’ll never be accountable for what he did." She then heard Creator tell her, 'He's dead," which never crossed her mind. And then Creator asked her, "Even if he wasn't dead, how does it serve you to stay attached to him?"

I have to make the people who hurt me accountable for their actions to have my feelings in the present.-yes


              "Because they keep doing their actions which triggers up what he did to me in the past.

Creator then told her that this is where she replugs back into the person. Her belief was:

I need to know a person is changing their actions in the present for me to have compassion for them-yes

I know the preciousness of my feelings-no (taught her the preciousness of her feelings)

I know how to reclaim my feelings so I know how precious they are-no (taught her what it is, what it feels like and how to reclaim her feelings so she knows the preciousness of them)

The two teachings cleared the need to change another's actions in the present to have compassion.

Remember that the energy testing does not signify the bottom belief so finding out how the person feels differently is the key. In cases of abuse, there is often layers and layers to release. This person did feel a calmness she had not felt before, and she felt a shift in her perception of this man who hurt her. It's important to help validate the experience and continue in the process of forgiving.

So with a New Year, there are new ways, a breath at a time sometimes, but progress.

Wishing you peace and calmness in discovery of you,






8- year old makes $50,000 in an organic, free trade, made-with-love lemonade stand to fight against slavery

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In 2007, Joshua Williams and his mom established Joshua's Heart Foundation (, founded by a five year old boy. His heart conceived a passion for assisting those who struggle daily to procure food for basic survival. The main focus of his vision is to “Stomp out Hunger” in indigent and underprivileged US communities, as well as from among those who battle debilitating diseases that affect their ability to earn enough to feed themselves. This non-profit has since given away 400,000 pounds of food through a variety of initiatives. But the foundation's backpack program, which discreetly issues food-filled packs to needy schoolchildren before weekends, is closest to the seventh grader's heart.

A World-wide Mission of Kids helping Kids

Craig Kielburger discovered by 12 years old to devote his lives to something greater than himself. He was in seventh grade when the murder of a boy his own age in Pakistan, Iqbal Masih, sparked his journey. Masih was a slave in a carpet factory and escaped to lead a campaign against servitude. But within two years he was silenced. Kielburger put down the newspaper and rose to speak. It was a change so profound that, through Kielburger, it has now saved and transformed lives around the globe. In that moment, 17 years ago, Craig Kielburger was struck by a profound truth -- something as important as changing the world can't be left to grown ups. This is now world wide movement (very inspirational!)

Scott Neeson left Hollywood and his $1 million dollar job to save children rooting in Cambodia's garbage dumps

Much to everyone's surprise, within months the Australian native, who as president of 20th Century Fox International had overseen the global success of block-busters like "Titanic," "Braveheart," and "Die Another Day," quit Hollywood. He sold his mansion in Los Angeles and held a garage sale for "all the useless stuff I owned." He sold off his Porsche and yacht, too. His sole focus would now be his charity, the Cambodian Children's Fund, which he had set up the previous year after coming face to face, while on vacation in Cambodia, with children living at the garbage dump.


“Solar Sisters” spreading Light in Africa

In Uganda, some 90% of the population lives without access to electricity, according to World Bank figures. Apart from the health risks, Eve Walusimbi, 50, says that lack of electricity is also preventing people from escaping poverty. She has joined Solar Sister, a group aiming to eradicate energy poverty while creating economic opportunities for women. Using an Avon-style women's distribution system, Solar Sister trains, recruits and supports female entrepreneurs in East Africa to sell affordable solar lighting and other green products such as solar lamps and mobile phone chargers. The women use their community networks of family and neighbors to build their own businesses, earning a commission on each sale.




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The Holographic Universe (Part 1 of  5 part workshop series)

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