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January 2017

                                                                                     ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH

The next online Paradigm Shifter’s practicum will be on January 28th from 10:30 to 11:45 AM PST.  This month’s topic is “The Illusion of Separation from Love: remembering our own God Spark.” The practicum is recorded if you can’t make it live, and a link will be sent to view it on your own time.


Please reserve your space by sending me an email no later than Thursday, the 26th, along with your Paypal payment (to so you have easy access ability to use the program download and its set-up instructions.  I’m unable to send the instructions the day of the practicum.

The 75 minute online gathering or the video recording is $30, or receive both for $40.

I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. This practicum is geared for any level. Besides having time to work on our self, remember that being educated in different fields of spiritual understandings,  makes our training more applicable and supports us to be more skillful practitioners. Being with like-minded people helps to create safety and camaraderie.


                                                                                       ACCREDITED THETAHEALING WORKSHOPS


All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science programs. If you have not taken the Basic or Advanced in 5 years, you are due for renewal in order to keep the name ThetaHealing in use through your website or practice. Reduced pricing is available if it's been 5 years or less.  More information is at:

                                                                                    Basic-January 20-22nd 2017, Friday-Sunday


                                                                                    Advanced-March 3-5th, 2017, Friday-Sunday


                                                                                   Dig Deeper- April 1st-2nd, 2017, Saturday-Sunday


                                                                                                           BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Quote of the Month: Heal the world, make it a better place,  for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying, if you care enough for the living, make it a better place for you and for me. ~Michael Jackson

A Vietnam veteran recently shared with me that Jane Fonda was unforgiveable for being in North Vietnam in 1972. The person said that, “Fonda’s traitorous act…went unpunished, most likely because of who she was. I do not hate for this woman. I am just disgusted at what she did. We have to make America great again. I appreciate that he could separate the person from her supposed actions at one level, but there was no self-reflection nor recognition that he was ordered to fight and kill in an undeclared war in a country who didn't ask us to be there.  It was more like, “We were obedient to what we were told, we acted in that role, and thus our service is an honor.”

We all know that soldiers are taught and ordered to kill ‘the enemy’, someone they don’t even know on a personal level. They are trained to objectify others and think that it’s ok because the upper chain of command says it’s their duty and an honor. Those authority figures, often in leadership positions, make the rules and orders for soldiers and civilians. And at a certain level, it is somehow agreed upon that it’s ok for these orders to continue, either through carrying them out or being complacent in not speaking out, so wars continue. Those who do speak out--the whistleblowers, the protectors, the on-the-scene reporters, the citizens gathering to say ‘no’-- are not looked upon in friendly ways by those who are or support the authority figures. If one mishap or mistake happens in reporting, the issue becomes vilified without hearing what fully occurred.
And at this point, non-corporate media is called fake and being outlawed.

Interestingly, I had just listened to Fonda speak about her involvement in North Vietnam, how it happened, how others perceived her actions, and the courage and process of supporting forgiveness. Of the many stories I’ve listened to of being judged by others without them knowing all the facts, it’s amazing what she was willing to do the work on her own healing and bring that into action in the world.  She courageously gathered Vietnam vets together, so she could actually hold space to listen to their pain, for all to be heard even in their anger and rage, to bring empathy to the forefront, and to be open to all that needed to be said. The authenticity of her story, the emotions I felt from her, were real and truthful, not acted.  (check ‘Evolution Newsfeed’ for this video below)


I told the vet that I too was in Vietnam during the late 60's and have a very different perception of why we were there. I still can't speak to it publically, but I shared that I will not allow war mindsets and nationalistic fury overtake empathy, true service, kindness, care and forgiveness. I expressed that no nation can be great when their heart is dissociated from love.


I didn’t get to this place of awareness in any easy way.  I went through a very somatic and emotional experience twenty years ago around forgiving my mother (who had been dead for years), someone I hated all my life until that point. This was before I ever knew about ThetaHealing. That is when the depth, grace and release into forgiveness would forever change my life. I experienced an overview of ‘downloaded’ TRUTH about our relationship that roared through my body and mind. I literally sobbed for hours.  And then release came… fully…as I felt completion in letting her go so we could both walk our own paths. I hardly had words to express the freedom I felt. I knew if this could happen through forgiving my mother, it could happen with and for anyone or anything.

When someone does something to us that feels unforgiveable, we can experience many reactions—righteousness,
harboring feelings (often used as a boundary to protect us), some kind of statement or expression that we've been hurt and that another's actions need to be changed and be punished, feeling revengeful, possibly wishing someone (or groups of people) ill through our thoughts or actions, or just carrying the heavy feelings internally, like depression. We might think, "Why shouldn't they have a taste of their own medicine?!" We might think that we need to make the other suffer or feel bad through our judgments, anger, hatred, resentment, revenge, internalized shame, and/or grudges, which are often denied. But to carry these feelings, depletes us even if we never see the person again.


Being willing to step into the process of forgiveness is to start the journey to release from someone else’s toxic or hurtful ways, and to look at what they have brought up for us…the ways we may have not forgiven ourselves which they are reflecting.


What are the ways we might have hurt others due to the way we were hurt, the acting-out or projections? We can end up as our own worst enemies. Forgiving ourselves is the same process as forgiving others and is essential in spiritual growth. We can exit any interaction, physically, emotionally, and mentally, without carrying these heavy emotions towards others…or against ourselves.

The forgiveness process has a timing piece, a willingness and readiness. It can occur quickly or take time to fully understand what actually happened to forgive. For some people, the later shows up as premature forgiveness or ‘forgiveness bypassing.’ This can be due to repressed issues where not all has surfaced from the unconscious memories and is buried with the feelings and beliefs. So the forgiveness is superficial until the information comes to the conscious mind. But even saying, "I forgive you" to yourself in reference to another when the process isn't complete, is a powerful frequency which helps the disconnection and for protection to occur.

And forgiveness is not about forgetting…or we’d lose the awareness. When we don’t journey into forgiveness though, we continue a connection to the other that we most want to be detached from at that time. We are sending our power and energetic chords to them, and we become drained.  It works the opposite to what we think as protecting ourselves.


Forgiveness can most readily be best processed in our inner world through the digging process, allowing the remembering and then processing those emotions and feelings opening up room for expression, to be seen, heard, cared about, shown empathy towards, responded to sacredly…and then cleared by finding what we learned differently from what happened.  This is the way to not only heal ourselves individually, but collectively.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean to not speak our truth about what occurred, but we do it through our own release and timing without blaming. We do it without playing the role of the victim even if we were victimized. We do it knowing that we have choices in whether to engage again, but this time without the burden and pain that another might have attempted to impose on us. It's about the freedom to walk unencumbered from the past or current actions.

Forgiveness makes us lighter, healthier, more present in our lives. It readjusts our boundaries to fit our present state of being. It stops headaches, digestive issues, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, relaxes muscles, increases oxygen intake. It can clear cancer and other diseases.

In this coming New Year, it’s essential to create our lives where we can truly embody deep forgiveness, even clearing ancestral prejudices, which we all have. If we want to make the world a better place, healing and forgiveness supports that empowerment--of bringing the truth of our inner changes to the outer world utilizing courage, inner freedom, bravery, compassion and understanding.

The world is waiting for us. Are you ready?

Wishing each of you a courageous, forgiving, and compassionate Happy New Year!



(If you have a need for more support in this process, please feel free to contact me for an appointment.)

I extracted possible ‘theme’ beliefs from the story. Energy test yourself for them, practice clearing them through digging if applicable, and use Creator's teachings, including the ones below, if they fit.

Possible Beliefs:
*Orders from authority figures have to be carried out to know what honor is.
*Obedience to another's command is a service to be honored.
*All people who are in positions of authority know more than me.
*Human laws have to be obeyed in order to feel accepting of myself.

*Judging another makes me right and another wrong.

*A righteous attitude gives me more ability to be ethical.
*I have to avoid forgiveness to keep a boundary with the person who (or situation that) hurt me.
*Everyone is forgivable.

Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads

I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it's possible, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):
*To be able to self reflect instead of blindly obey.

*To know the difference between virtues through Creator and human perceptions of virtues.

*To live without judging another to make me aware of the ethics I want to uphold

*To have ethics and ethical behavior through Creator

*To live without a righteous attitude to be ethical.

*The freedom of forgiveness
To forgive and maintain the remembering

*To know the safety, courage, bravery in forgiveness
*To honor myself through Creator without needing outside approval

*To know that everyone and everything is forgivable.


                                                                                                       EVOLUTION NEWSFEED


Jane Fonda’s ‘Unforgivable Mistake’. Witness compassion in action

                                                                                                 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE BODY

Eye Gazing
Eye gazing is the practice of simply looking into another being’s eyes. Making eye contact takes cognitive effort to maintain. There is a relationship between spoken word/mental thought and eye contact. When practicing eye gazing, no words are needed. The non-verbal communication that takes place is much more powerful than any spoken word, so it’s simply unnecessary. It deepens the spiritual connections to others.

How Left-Handed People Think And Feel Differently

There’s almost no evidence to suggest that lefties are at any sort of physical or psychological disadvantage. Lefties may be able to use both sides of their brain more easily and efficiently. Growing up in the left-handed minority and seeing themselves as different from their peers, some children may come to develop what’s known as an “outsider’s mindset,” or a tendency to have a self-image that’s more individualized rather than group-oriented. Such a mindset can predispose a person to develop qualities like independence and non-conformity, which psychologists have linked to creative thinking and innovation.



                                                                                                             RENEWABLE ENERGY

Renewable energy is about to get supersized

Investors are pouring money into supergrids, which can carry electricity generated by huge but remote wind and solar farms across national borders. Utilities already transmit power long distances—from state to state, for example, or between Canada and the U.S.—but this would take things to a new level. One planned supergrid, now under construction, would link energy production in China, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia, and Japan.


                                                                                                                 QUANTUM PHYSICS

Quantum Experiment shows how the Present can change the Past and That’s Not All…

In 2007, scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus and showed that their actions could retroactively change something which had already happened. “If we attempt to attribute an objective meaning to the quantum state of a single system, curious paradoxes appear: quantum effects mimic not only instantaneous action-at-a-distance, but also, as seen here, influence of future actions on past events, even after these events have been irrevocably recorded.” – Asher Peres, pioneer in quantum information theory.  This means our thoughts, actions and choices in the present moment affected what had already happened in the past….

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