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Hi and sorry about the lateness of this newsletter.

     I just returned from Italy 3 days ago, got very sick (thank you to my Jin Shin practitioner, Jane, for giving up time during her weekend for two sessions so I had enough energy to get to my beliefs with the help of my friend, Beth) and recouping from Jetlag.  I just read that it takes the body one day for every hour of time zone crossed to adjust...that means it might take me 8 days to pull my life in synch...better have Creator adjust my body rhythm with this time zone. [In the topic section there are somemore tips in helping jetlag.] Also, I wrote this entire newsletter, and it disappeared in erasing a mistake on it this morning. So here I am... writing it again because I really want to tell you about my trip besides getting the newsletter out.

    It was wonderful...everything I wanted in a real vacation (which I didn't know Creator's definition of until I downloaded it). I did what I wanted, when I wanted...I read "Eat, Pray, Love" for the second time since it's partly about a woman's experience in Rome (great book!), traveled a little (Torino, Damanhur, and Florence), walked by the sea in the evening and swam alot during the day...nothing like snorkling in the warm Mediterranean in Genova (birthplace of Christopher Columbus) homebase and where my youngest daughter lives.

    Damanhur is north of Torino (home of 2006 Olympics) with lush green wheat and corn fields. The intentional community was created in 1976 by a visionary who happened to be an insurance agent. I purposely chose to be there on the solstice. What I didn't know was that it was the East-West gateway being activated within the solstice-full moon portal...the “Oneness from Duality Consciousness” openning us up to the dawning new awarenesses and the letting-go of that which no longer serves us. The Antares-Aldebaran axis is a starry axis or 'wormhole' that helps to facilitate an accelerated experience of wholeness.

    Since it was Solstice, there were many people wanting to take tours, and our full day guided tour got cut to a half day without prior notice. Perhaps this was best since it was hot and muggy outside. We toured some of the grounds first. Several of the citizens were dressed in long colored robes. I’m assuming that they were preparing for the solstice. The grounds were beautiful and peaceful. There were several large labyrinths…you could walk them for good digestion, insight, peace, and there was a special one for the solstice.

     Most of the citizens had animal names who had lived there for awhile. This was an honoring of nature and had to be Platypus Hybiscus. (I sense I know what you're thinking...a throw-back to the hippie children's names are pretty uncommon too, but not that far out). I felt privileged to be born with my much esteemed animal name already intact.

    Being able to have open communication with good skills is considered a very important asset of the community. Citizens of the community live in groups of 10 to 20 people sharing a common area and then also having their own private space.  Children seemed to be raised by the community group as well as their parents. There was a school onsite until they were 14 years old. I’m not sure what happened after.

     We were divided into two groups. Our group included 3 Croatians who spoke good English as did our Italian guides. I say this because of how multi-lingual Europeans are, many learning new languages in grade school.

     We were taken in a van up a mountain road to the entrance of the Temple caves. The caves' excavation started in 1978 but more are continually being built. The themes are about man, nature and spirituality in balance.

      The temperature in all the rooms were controlled by a special process that got rid of humidity keeping the caves very comfortable for how hot it was outside. This kept the preservation of the art work.

    We took an elevator to an area to start the tour. I could see a spirit next to it. I asked a woman, who was part of the guide team and community for a long time, if she or others saw spirits and knew that they were around. She was indeed aware of them and so were others.

    The first room we came to reminded me of entering Atlantis. I was having strong déjà vu of those times. There were amazing drawings on the walls and ceilings. I had a strong sense that many of the people at the community had lived during Atlantean times. 

     At one point, the Italian guide made a comment that we can’t control or manipulate time in reference to energy. I said, “Yes, we can.” He reaffirmed that it was not possible. I said that I’ve done it many times, at which point he ignored me and continued the tour.  It surprised me that this citizen was not open to other paradigms or possibilities. In ThetaHealing, we know and experience the bending of time just in witinessing a healing, never mind about slowing down or speeding up time by a command to Creator to bend time. This made me aware that at least some of the community was anchored more around the 5th Plane experience in their explanations of realities with just a little of 6th plane awareness.

      We walked through tunneled corridors with hieroglyphic-like writings or carved drawings on them. Rooms had themes. One room had mirrors all around with gongs. We stood in the middle of the room in a circle and the gongs were sounded. I felt like I was being channeled the history of humanity from the beginning of time on Earth in a flash of two minutes. It was quite an experience.

      There was a room of all these Gods and Goddesses from different traditions that were carved from stone embedded into stone walls or ones that seemed to be watching over the room. Another room was for healing. There was an interesting healing contraption that looked like something out of the "Princess Bride" torture scene with copper wires and electricity. It was aimed at different parts of the body. This is what reminded me of the 6th Plane info coming through.

       The art work was really magnificent…from mini-portraits of the community members painted on the walls of one room to large sculptures, tiled mosaics on the ceiling and floors, and beautiful large paintings.

       Our guide dropped us off at the visitor center without much of a goodbye or where to go next. It was abrupt.  My daughter had her feelings about this abruptness…expressing to me the hypocrisy of them proclaiming to be so spiritual so that humans don’t seem to count. I decided that instead of creating a story and holding any resentment, that I’d go tell the office what had just occurred so I might understand.

     I expressed compliments on the beautiful community to the woman who was in the office and then told her of the abrupt ending of the tour guide. She responded with a smile and “I’m sorry”...period.... as if this is not something that presents any interest…just part of the routine of tours. If things don’t interest them, they don’t need to engage in any further conversation. My daughter told me that Italians will often act in this way in general. I would have appreciated an explanation like…the tour guide had a meeting… but then the tour was over an hour before it was due to be over. We had 3 hours instead of 4 and I paid 198 euros for 3 people. I do understand that the tours help to create revenue for the continuous upgrade and building of the underground temples, but I feel that when people come from all over the world to a very out of the way place, more connection, interaction and full presence till the end is what is appreciated especially since the place takes great strides to emphasize that connections are so important. Maybe it’s just about those particular community members.

     And with all that side stuff, Damanhur was an exceptional of "eight" great wonders of the world. I did buy a DVD of Damanhur and will be showing a 1/2 hour screening during the potluck at the practicum.

    Florence was so much fun and a very bustling city even at night.  It reminded me of New York to a certain level. They have the best weight loss program ever...walking up 5 flights of stairs several times a day to get to your hotel room and hours of walking in 37 degree centigrade (over 100 fahrenheit) with high humidity. It bets Birkham Yoga any day. Bandaids and safety pins are part of this fabulous exercise program because blisters are known to take a foothold (pun intended).

    Now I expect you want me to talk about the food.  Since I'm on a wheat and meat free lifestyle, the salads varied depending on where we ate.  But real mozzarella is a treat and tastes nothing like it's American version.  The Eggplant neopolitan with fresh parmesan was quite tasty but I'm not used to the peels left on. Our hotel did serve a wonderful breakfast of whole milk fresh yogurt, which I added fresh fruit from the street vendors, and they also served fresh cream butter, which I added to my rye crackers that I bought at an Italian Ikea... of all places.

     Of course, we trekked to all the famous museums and Cathedrals (Duoma; The Basilica di Santa Croce, the largest Franciscan church in the world... burial place of some of the most illustrious Italians, such as Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli), the Chiesa di San Miniato al Monte (beautiful church right outside of central Florence) with it's cemetary that has a few awesome mauseleums; and the famous old bridge, Ponte Vecchio, near the gold stores' area. 

     At the Uffizi, we had a guided tour. Boy, did I learn alot of how the Catholic Church controlled the art work and artists for hundreds of years and how the art work evolved! Our tour guide was an artist and art history major. The palace was planned by Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1560 as the offices for the Florentine magistrates. The project included prime works of art in the Medici collections.  The gallery had been open to visitors by request since the sixteenth century (if you were wealthy and had connections), and in 1765 it was officially opened to the public.

    I also thought it interesting that women of the 17th and 18th century shaved their heads if they were nobles wearing wigs instead. Just like being a heavy noble was a sign of being well-to-do during those times, so was being bald. So if you have issues with hair loss or baldness, you might check on the genetic level "Baldness brings me wealth...prosperity...acknowledgment...recognition."

    I spent the rest of the time in Geneva at the sand...all large slates, rocks or large pebbles. It really does a number on the Western feet and backs. I'm glad I continue to practice my Capricornian style of being detail oriented as I brought water booties (who needs flippers for snorkling). 

    And it was interesting when my feet doubled in size for a day and a half...not from the weather.   Donald Duck and I could have been partners. I got triggered by feeling stuck in not expressing myself in Italian. What the heck did I take a ten week survival Italian course if I wasn't using it much? Well, in truth, by the time I figured what and how to say something, unless it was a number, I felt like the person would think I'm rude for not answering or I'd make a mistake. Did you know it's rude to say "Good Afternoon/Hi" to an older person without using the formal which is "Buena sera" not "Ciao"; and my most embarraing moment was when I told an Italian man, who had helped me carry one of my suitcases at the airport coming to Italy, what I thought was "thank you for being kind," and it turned out to be "thank you for your genatils." I really didn't feel like talking Italian much after that.

     I'm not sure if it's the olive oil, the Vit. D exposure, the suntan I didn't know could still be easily created like when I was young, but my face no longer has any milias (little hardened and raised surfaces with bacteria inside that can sometimes look like whiteheads).

    So with all that wonderful time away, I was ready to come home, not particularly to get sick, but to hear that my first grandchild, a boy, Kalev Oden Kraus, was born on Sunday, 7/6, weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 ozs. His parents and the family are exhilarated.

    With new beginnings and blessings, Judy



This Saturday, July 12th is the next gathering of the Paradigm Shifters. The Basic is from 11 AM to 1 PM with a veg potluck after. The Damanhur video will be presented during the potluck time. The Advanced will be from 2 to 4 PM.  The fee is $20 each section and Advanced practitioners are welcome to stay for both sections. Please RSVP by Wednesday, July 9th. If you haven't been to a practicum in awhile, please know you are welcome. ThetaHealing is a a work in process and new information, quicker and easier ways to use it are discussed.


                                                                                                   UPCOMING WORKSHOPS


The Santa Rosa Basic Level 1-2  and Advanced Workshop has been scheduled in the summer so vacation time or extended weekends might be more available. If you have family,  friends or acquaintances who’ve been waiting for a convenient time to learn ThetaHealing, this summer could be perfect.   Both trainings can be completed within an 8 day period (July 26-28 for Basic and August 1-3 for Advanced).  There will be a short break inbetween the workshops (Tuesday-Thursday) to relax and visit the surrounding areas. Please contact me at 707-542-5502  or

Create your life consciuosly. Manifestation and Abundance Workshop is September 6th and 7th in Antioch, CA at AINH. Early Bird Special is a total of $335 with a non-transferable/non-refundable $35 deposit by August 8th; thereafter it is $375 with a $75 deposit.

*Please note that all workshops are approved for credit towards Vianna's New ThetaHealing college which started in May 2008.  



Jetlag tips from the Herbal Pharmacist, David Foreman N.D.

       [Note: I took the homeopathic jetlag tablets but I didn't see much result...I still slept alot for the next 5 days when I wasn't at the sea swimming...hard life, huh? Guess I could have Commanded Creator to balance my body timing with the area timing too.]

       1) Use Melatonin taking 1-3 mg 30 minutes prior to bedtime to reset your clock much faster. Taking the sublingual form works better and doses vary depending on your specidfic needs. Start it 3-5 days prior to your trip and continue for the same number o days upon your return.

      2) Change your schedule prior to leaving. Going west, go to bed later; going east, go to bed earlier.

      3) Avoid caffeine. this might be a quick fix but will backfire in the long run.

      4) Get moving...physical activity the first day or two after travel is helpful

Excellent article on how to receive Vit D from the sun, the exposure time needed and which sunblocks are safe

Scientist say that Medieval  Beliefs around Urine May Contain Drops of Truth Researchers have completed the first worldwide study of the metabolites (breakdown products) that are found in urine, reflecting the diet, inheritance and the lifestyle of the people from whom it came. They call such studies “metabolomics.”  What can the color of your urine tell you?

Six Tribes of Bacteria in crook of your elbow             

              This special ecosystem provides a bountiful home to six tribes of bacteria biologists call commensals, helpful rather than harmful organisms. They moisturize your skin by processing the raw fats that it produces. The bacteria were discovered as part of the human microbiome project, a study researching all of the various microbes that live in people.  Humans depend on their microbiome for essential functions, including digestion, leading microbiologists to conclude that a person should really be considered a superorganism.


Natural approach to Hypertension:


FDA Forced to Admit that Dental Mercury Amalgams are dangerous:                

The U.S.Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally admitted that metal dental fillings containing mercury can cause health problems in pregnant women, children and fetuses.
      As part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed by several consumer advocacy groups, the FDA agreed to alert consumers about the potential risks on its Web site and to issue a more specific rule next year for fillings that contain mercury.


The American Institute of Cancer Research is urging everyone to rethink the pastime of barbecuing meat.  After analyzing the results of 7,000 studies, the Institute concluded that grilling any meat -- whether red, white or fish -- produces potent carcinogens. The high heat of grilling reacts with proteins in red meat, poultry and fish, creating heterocyclic amines, which are linked to cancer. Another form of cancer-causing agents, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are created when juices from meats drip and hit the heat source. They then rise in smoke and can stick to the meat.


                                                                                                   ANIMAL KINGDOM

Animal kingdoms’s odd pairs: Take a look at some very unusual pairs of animals getting along just fine. [note: all the tigers in the different zoos were abandoned by their mothers]

Dophins "know each other's names"

5/7/2006 Times of London

Dolphins may be closer to humans than previously realized, with new research showing they communicate by whistling out their own 'names'. The research was carried out by Vincent Janik of the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St Andrews University. He said: "Each animal develops an individually distinctive signature whistle in the first few months of its life, which appears to be used in individual recognition." "We know that dolphins brains are nearly as large and complex, relative to body size, as those of humans.",,2087-2168604,00.html

Dophin rescues stranded whales
3-12-2008, CNN/Associated Press
A dolphin swam up to two distressed whales that appeared headed for death in a beach stranding in New Zealand and guided them to safety, witnesses said. The actions of the bottlenose dolphin -- named Moko by residents who said it spends much of its time swimming playfully with humans at the beach -- amazed would-be rescuers and an expert who said they were evidence of the species' friendly nature.

Note: To watch a video featuring Moko's rescue of the whales:



International experiments in making popcorn

3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate—The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil.

Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol
June 14, 2008, London Times
“This is the one hot area everyone wants to get into.” --the genetic alteration of bugs – very, very small ones – so that when they feed on agricultural waste such as woodchips or wheat straw, they do something extraordinary. They excrete crude oil. Mr Pal holds up a small beaker of bug excretion that could, theoretically, be poured into the tank of the giant Lexus SUV next to us. He gives it a month before the first vehicle is filled up on what he calls “renewable petroleum”. After that, he grins, “it’s a brave new world”. Mr Pal is a senior director of LS9, one of several companies in or near Silicon Valley that have ... embarked ... on an extraordinary race to make $140-a-barrel oil (£70) from Saudi Arabia obsolete. “All of us here – everyone in this company and in this industry, are aware of the urgency,” Mr Pal says. What is most remarkable about what they are doing is that instead of trying to reengineer the global economy – as is required, for example, for the use of hydrogen fuel – they are trying to make a product that is interchangeable with oil. The company claims that this “Oil 2.0” will not only be renewable but also carbon negative – meaning that the carbon it emits will be less than that sucked from the atmosphere by the raw materials from which it is made.   

Petrol pricey? Japanese invent car that runs on water
June 13, 2008, Reuters

A Japanese company has invented an electric-powered, and environmentally friendly, car that it says runs solely on water. Genepax unveiled the car in the western city of Osaka, saying that a liter (2.1 pints) of any kind of water -- rain, river or sea -- was all you needed to get the engine going for about an hour at a speed of 80 km (50 miles). "The car will continue to run as long as you have a bottle of water to top up from time to time," Genepax CEO Kiyoshi Hirasawa told local broadcaster TV Tokyo. "It does not require you to build up an infrastructure to recharge your batteries, which is usually the case for most electric cars," he added.  Most big automakers, meanwhile, are working on fuel-cell cars that run on hydrogen and emit -- not consume -- water.

Note: To watch a Reuters video clip on this amazing car:;feedType=VideoRSS&feedName=Environment&rpc=48&videoChannel=74

Electric cars given official green light to boost climate change goals                                      

Vehicles run on renewable energy will have a growing part in Britain's climate change battle

A new combination of nano and solar technology has made it possible for solar electric generation to be cheaper than burning coal.



Why Your Laptop May be More Harmful than Your PC        

An interview with Dr. Klinghardt reveals that laptops are far more hazardous to your health than desktops. As they heat up, the circuitry board out-gasses metals such as beryllium, and as the plastic warms it out-gasses flame retardants like PBDE, all of which adds to your toxic load.  It would be prudent to only use your laptop short-term, such as when traveling, and using a desktop for your day-to-day work. Preferably positioning your hard drive as far away from you as possible, with fans blowing air away from where you sit.


Are you allergic to Wireless Internet? Symptoms and what to do.



Stay informed at a deeper level politically, environmentally and spiritually. I really like the integrity of this website, their investigations, resources and their newsletter.








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