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June 2009

Hi to All:

Well, we just completed a Mercury Retrograde that left some quite frustrated (I admit that I'm one of them).  There are common factors in any Mercury Retrograde.

      1. We often think of Mercury retrograde as random, chaotic and confusing. Mercury retrogrades have a cycle.  The same signs, the same degrees and the approximate same calendar days occurred in 1930, during the Great Depression.

      2. We find that many parts of our life are being continually revised. In this revision, it's like we are given a stop gap to review the direction we are heading. This is especially true with reviewing new ideas, changing our minds, other people changing their minds so that we feel affected in how we want to move forward, and our communication being improved and honed so that we are able to express ourselves more clearly.

On a larger scale, the changes, revisions and adjustments that occur during 2009 Mercury retrogrades (next one is  September 7-29th and then December 26th to Jaunuary 15th, 2010) will have an incredible impact in events of humanity, stronger relationships with others (Vianna has been talking about soul families coming together in a much larger and tighter way), the birth of new ideas and inventions which can change the path of humanity. I'm excited about these possibilities.

Many years ago while visiting a friend and Theta teacher in Southern California, she surprised my visit with the welcome of an acquaintance. He was an American scientist and mystic, living in Ireland but arriving from Brazil where he had just visited another scientist friend.  (Besides the healer, John of God, I have heard that Brazil is a hot spot of incredible and aware healers.) In meeting this amazing man, he told me that he had an invention that could quickly clean up the polluted waters around the world. Due to many of his other friends in the field of advanced technology and science disappearing or hiding, he has kept his discovery hidden as well. I had no doubts that what he shared was true. His friend in Brazil was working on a special project that was created in his sleep by his future self (so if any of you think my awarenesses are a bit strange, I know those who can easily match me in the world of woo-woo). The material part of the project actually showed up when we awoke. That's what I call manifestation! And this world will be seeing these hidden inventions and advancements become more and more public this year. We have everything here, now, to change the ways of the world to a new paradigm.  Actually, that's part of DNA 3 (being offered in November in Santa Rosa, CA.).

So in the understanding of Mercury retrogrades,  the best mode to participate with this energy is creating a space to just observe rather than react. For example, it's hard to buy a ticket at the airline counter while attempting to catch a flight to a new destination at the Kennedy airport in two hours. I'm not saying you couldn't do it, but the chaotic energy isn't very conducive.  It's best to plan things ahead of time or just be prepared to watch how things turn out without reacting.  The chaos needs to stop in order to assess your next step and getting your life back into order. Once Mercury turns direct (there is usually a few days after that the influence is clear so you might feel some effect until the end of the week), take a look at the information that has become more clear during this time, see how it served you, what you learned from your interactions, and see how you can continue to be flexible in your life with all that continues to change.

To mention more about soul families, on Vianna's webcast she spoke about attracting back the soul families members--those that we have shared wonderful experiences in past times (lifetimes) and who will be coming back into our lives again this year. And just because we may have a connection with a soul family member/s and feel a deep heart connection, it’s important to keep our focus and thoughts straight.  Make sure that your soul family member is in the same vibrational range that you are and don’t allow them to pull you down.  Just like in biological families, soul family members may not be conducive for positive growth in being around them. Use discernment and eliminate your co-dependency issues. Our soul family should build us up, and we them. Support during these transition times is very important, and our soul family members can be a very loving support to us. I sure have felt their anchoring this year.  Thank you! (and you know who you are).

A good site for more information on Mercury retrogrades is

Wishing every one of you a smooth transition as we move through the cycles of life.





The next Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday, June 27th at my home in Santa Rosa. The Basic is from 11AM to 1 PM and the Advanced is from 2- 4 PM.  There is a veg potluck from 1-2. The cost is $25 each section or $45 for both if you're an Advanced student/practitioner. I welcome all students of ThetaHealing.  Remember that the more you practice, the more that ThetaHealing can be incorporated into your life to change it. Please RSVP by Wednesday, June 24th.


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Bring your family, friends and associates to the American Institute of Natural Healing on July 10th, 7:30 to 8:30 PM, for a fun and experiential hour presentation on ThetaHealingI will be sharing the creation of ThetaHealing, giving a demonstration of energy testing, taking the crowd on a meditational journey into All-That-IS, and witnessing some Creator's teachings. With the enthusiasm generated, Roberta, from AINH, and I are hoping to support the registration of the next Basic workshop in September. Space is limited so please contact AINH 925-777-9995  or to let them know who to expect.





     All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing Master program.

     There is a discount price for those who wish to review the courses as there are always updates as well as hearing the vast amount of information for the second time. 

                                                                          Spring ThetaHealing series in Santa Rosa, CA

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                                            ThetaHealing series through The American Institute of Natural Healing in Antioch, CA.

-The BASIC WORKSHOP on September 11-13th, 2009.   This course can receive Nursing CEU's.

-The ADVANCED WORKSHOP will be July 10-12th, 2009.

-The MANIFESTATION and ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP is October 3-4th, 2009

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                                                                        DNA3 is coming to Northern CA. this FALL

Starting Wednesday through Sunday, November 11-15th taught by Eric Brumett, ThetaHealing Master. This is the newest level of expansion moving us even more into Quantum mechanics through alignment of three aspects within ourselves.  Eric took the DNA3 in January '09 and will be taking the teachers' training in October.  ThetaHealing is continuing to expand as we all clear our beliefs and will eventually include at least four more levels.    

      PREREQUISITE: Basic, Advance, and Intuitive Anatomy

     LOCATION:  Santa Rosa, CA. (directions given when deposit received)

Contact me at 707-542-5502 or email

    COST: Early Bird special is $999 if a deposit of $149 is received by October 12th; thereafter the price goes up to $1,050 with a $200 deposit.



Despite current economic woes, a new study based on global survey data finds optimism to be universal. Sunny outlooks are most prevalent in Ireland, Brazil, Denmark, and New Zealand. The United States ranks No. 10.   Nearly 90 percent of people around the globe expect the next five years to be as good or better than life today, the study found. And 95 percent expect their life in five years to be as good or better than it was five years ago.                                                   



Four states have literally banned smiling for drivers’ license photos. In Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada, and Virginia, drivers are now required to have "neutral face expressions" when having their photo taken for both drivers license renewal and initial registration.



Parallel Universes: Scientists now believe there may really be a parallel universe - in fact, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them. These other universes contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter. It all started when superstring theory, hyperspace and dark matter made physicists [conclude] that the three dimensions we thought described the Universe weren't enough. By the time they had finished, they'd come to the conclusion that our Universe is just one bubble among an infinite number of membranous bubbles…. Neil Turok from Cambridge, Burt Ovrut from the University of Pennsylvania and Paul Steinhardt from Princeton believe that …A very big bang indeed and a new universe was born - our Universe. The idea has shocked the scientific community; it turns the conventional Big Bang theory on its head. It may well be that the Big Bang wasn't really the beginning of everything after all. Time and space all existed before it. In fact, Big Bangs may happen all the time.                                          

 Note: To watch this on BCC,

Mind-over-matter toys are coming this fall to a store near you. A new kind of headset can now directly read and respond to your brain waves without the need for any probes or other invasive devices….For all that this may seem fantastic and futuristic, there is ample evidence that the military and intelligence services are far ahead of what is available to the public.

Visual Similarities between brain cells and the Universe

Stem Cells and Anti-Aging: Dr. Nadia Rosenthal discusses, in a six-part You-Tube video series, the role of stem cells in the regeneration and repair of tissues and their possible medical and anti-aging applications. (video out of sync with voice but info is good)

Epigenetics discoveries challenge outdated medical beliefs about DNA, inheritance and gene expression Eric Richards PhD, professor of biology at Washington University in St. Louis, analyzed past studies of epigenetics -- a Greek term meaning "above and beyond the gene" -- and evolution, and found that there is evidence in both the plant and animal kingdoms that supports the notion of soft inheritance….findings are revolutionizing our understanding about the role of nutrition and other environmental factors in human health….Nutrition, it turns out, affects the way your genetic code is expressed. As a result, nutrition and other environmental factors determine your health just as much as your genetic code."

Bizarre human physical growth conditions (these are not pretty to look at so be prepared)


                                                                                                   HISTORICAL TRUTHS REVEALED

These short, eye-opening 5 minute video clips present powerful information from reliable sources on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It consists of key excerpts from the History Channel's excellent documentary series The Men Who Killed Kennedy, followed by a short clip by a top military officer involved at the time who spills the beans

The amazing six-minute video clip on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination is taken from award-winning Canadian journalist Barry Zwicker's coverage of a little-known Memphis court trial that happened in 1999. After hearing 70 witnesses testify over the course of one month, the jury in this trial unanimously found the Memphis police and U.S. government, among others, guilty of King's assassination. Yet this amazing court victory for the King family was completely censored by the media, as described by Zwicker in his excellent presentation on Canada's



The Cornucopia Institute ( has just released a new report about organic soy products that's sending shockwaves through the soy industry. By compiling information on the sourcing of soybeans, the use of toxic chemicals for soy protein extraction, and the use or avoidance of genetically modified soybeans, the Cornucopia Institute has created an Organic Soy Scorecard  that reveals which soy product companies are truly trustworthy vs. those that are not.



Tamiflu Developer: Swine Flu Could Have Come From Bio-Experiment Lab
An Australian researcher claims the swine flu, which has killed at least 64 people so far, might not be a mutation that occurred naturally but a man-made product of genetic experiments accidently leaked from a laboratory -- a theory the World Health Organization is taking very seriously. Adrian Gibbs, a scientist on the team that was behind the development of Tamiflu, says in a report he is submitting today that swine flu might have been created using eggs to grow viruses and make new vaccines, and could have been accidently leaked to the general public. Regardless of the validity of Gibb's claims, he and several experts say that just bringing the idea of laboratory security to the public's attention is important. "There are lives at risk," Gibbs said. "The sooner this idea gets out, the better

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food: On May 19th, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called on “Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM (genetically modified) foods when possible and provide educational materials concerning GM foods and health risks…. They conclude, “There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation,” as defined by recognized scientific criteria. “The strength of association and consistency between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies.


                                                                                                       UFO’S AND TECHNOLOGY

A climate solution that's out of this world (New York Times revealed this!)
One of the newest energy lobbyists claims he has the answer to climate change: spaceships. The government has in its possession "extraterrestrial vehicles," lobbyist Stephen Bassett said…as in flying saucers. Imagine the power source, he said, behind a 30-foot wide saucer that weighs the same as a tractor-trailer yet hurtles through galaxies at 20,000 miles per hour. "What is the energy system operating that craft?" Bassett said. "They're not burning kerosene." Bassett ... is working for free as a lobbyist, representing the Hawaii-based
Exopolitics Institute, an educational organization which describes itself as "dedicated to studying the key actors, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life." Bassett said he is less lobbyist and more political activist. "The UFO phenomenon is real," Bassett said. "The E.T. extraterrestrial presence is real.                                                                


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