Theta DNA Activation

March 2011

Hi to everyone!

We're not far from the Spring equinox (March 20th) and springing forward on our clocks (March 13th). As cycles shift, Astrology is an intriguing tool to make sense of changes. I don't base my life on reading a daily horoscope but enjoy the understanding of patterning just like in doing belief work. In March, the focus is on Uranus change with the star Scheat bringing up both water patterns in the weather, and freedom and awareness, with general strikes, masses of people standing up to governments.  I guess it’s a continuation from the February energy that has a similar alignment. I wonder if that old saying that March comes in like a tiger will happen with a new "arising" or uprising somewhere. I do hope it goes out like a lamb, but not for the butcher block. Gently.

And I have certainly felt this "big change" energy in my personal process which has been rather difficult lately; difficult because it does an interesting rearrangement of my world on many levels--pushes me to the depth of the issues, has involved patterns from past lives and memories as a child to current issues. It has necessitated standing up in situations which took a great deal of my time, which I perceived as dishonest and disrespectful... becoming angry at a big corporation who double-charged me for a laptop (which happened 3 months ago with a refrigerator) to releasing a friendship. And I was able to come to that discharge place I often call Zero, with forgiveness of myself and the others. I also saw the higher reason why this happened. I will explain.

I've been listening to the very inspirational CD's of Joe Vitale called “ZeroLimits” about the Hawaiian System of Healing called Ho'oponopono. I wrote about this in one of my newsletters.  Dr. Hew Len is a psychiatrist who sat in a office at Hawaii State Hospital in a lock-down unit for 3 years (from '83 to '86), full of patients who were killers, psychopaths, rapists and criminally insane, never once meeting with any of them. The staff was always "sick". No one wanted to work there. Through an ancient prayer of love and forgiveness repeated over and over while looking at each patient's file, the unit was completely closed down three years later. The patients got well. The staff wanted to work there, but people were being released. Only 2 people didn't get well, because they had just been transferred to that unit as it was closing down.

How could this happen? Because the understanding of Ho'oponopono is that we are all 100% responsible for everything that we perceive in our life/reality.  Yes, if we see war, starvation, the deforesting of the jungles, the killing of children, our rights being taken away, we are 100% responsible for that reality. We didn’t “cause” it in the sense that people often confuse responsibility with blame either of themselves or others. When we change that within ourselves, which we see in another or situation, through forgiveness and love, Creation rearranges and heals not only us but others or the situation. It is very inspiring. I remember Vianna saying that Dr. Len must have really worked hard on himself for Hawaii State Hospital to close down the entire unit. And he says that it's a daily practice of clean, clean, clean.

In driving to and from San Francisco or my daughter’s place in the East Bay in the last month, I decided it was a good time to slip in  Dr. Vitale’s CD rather than listening to music, and to just to be fully present to some new concepts in how I create my life out of old tapes that are replayed as memories, which basically covers the 4 levels of beliefs in ThetaHealing®, (core, genetics, history, and soul).  In continually projecting these memories into my reality, which is the game that the ego/mind knows best, I can “clean” them according to Dr. Hew Len’s prayer or “clear” them according to Vianna prayer/techniques. So I decided I would say the little prayer to the Creator while driving, the short version where Dr. Len says, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you” and my un/subconscious did a wringer action on my reality.  For me, it brings those un/subconscious programs and memories up very quickly for clearing & cleaning.

H’oponopono has more techniques involved which one needs to take the course, just like in ThetaHealing®, but it’s a good start in chanting the little prayer, because I know that God gives me everything I need to wake myself up, clean and clear. It’s all perfect though it certainly doesn’t feel like it as I’m going through it all. As Dr. Hew Len says, “We will always have problems to clean on.” And if you think about it, cleaning/clearing everything that comes into our perception that doesn’t work for us is a huge undertaking. No one said it would be easy…just worth it.

I got to use all my writing and communication skills to deal with Toshiba. But behind it all, was this anger at the patriarchy which really goes back generations in both my lineage and in the group consciousness, and so I released Toshiba and the patriarchy from teaching me:

that the people at Toshiba are obligated to deceive me in order for me to show my strength and awareness

…that I have to fight the patriarchy to stop their control

… that I have to fight the patriarchy to be compensated

... that the world will turn itself inside out if I attempt to claim my freedom

… that the patriarchy are my children (who would have known?)

…to get the patriarchy to evolve or grow up through tough love (positive disciplining of the patriarchy…what’s a mother to do?!)

…to be able to create balance w/o needing to show it through tough love

…to be compensated for my time just in being me, without having to work hard

… to stop divvying out amends for God (oh God, can these obligations get any more weird?!)

And for the person I had a friendship with for many years, I learned and released that person from teaching me:

... that logic and reason are separate from Creation. (Logic and reason are an aspect of Creation with a variable truth. You can use Logic and reason to reach the highest Truth.)

... that logic and reason can be inverted

... that the rational mind is stronger than the Creative mind

… to stop negatively transforming the world around me in order for me to reflect w/in

… to stop negatively transforming the world around me in order for me to keep myself separate

… to stop taking on another’s truth until that person takes ownership of it

[Taught instead to know what it feels like and how to Love another and trust their process w/o carrying their truth for them.]

…to stop teaching the person to fight for her own truth

… to have a higher level of respect for myself and my time

…that the other person needs to fight me in order for me to have more respect for myself and my time

…to stop taking on that person’s co-dependency in order to be connected to them (which obviously is co-dependent on my part)

… to trust my own intuition (what’s it going to take to get this one…geesh! Half the situations I’ve released has taught me this.)

… to understand the different kinds of projections and to sort them out so it works for me

… to understand that distorted projections don’t have power over me

… that someone else’s rigidity is there to show me where mine is

And with releasing this person, it has actually made me aware to look deeper at my own needs and what I really want in energy-bodywork trades which I was not really getting at some level in this relationship. I can put out a manifestation and create something new for this part of my evolution, which I did. That's freedom!

I’m not attached to the outcome, though I’ve put out to both Toshiba and this person what I want. It’s really just a deep lesson in finding those places that are stuck, need cleaning or clearing, and forgiveness, that Zero Point, to allow them to transform back to love.

And I got to really understand what a warrior is as well. Did you notice how much I had to fight from the stories shared?  I know that I’ve given Creator’s teachings to my clients and myself around being “warrior” without fighting, and what it means and how to be that through Creator; but I, personally could only feel the warrior as fighting. When I heard Creator’s words through my practitioner, that a warrior is someone who is taking action within a dedication, something shifted. I saw myself put down my sword, and just “be” in action. There wasn’t that adrenal rush or weapon needed any longer.

Looping back to all the planetary uprisings both through the weather and politically, what if the world knew that we could all take action within a dedication and with devotion without fighting? Can you see how this is not just a personal issue and that in working on my beliefs, cleaning and clearing, that I’m affecting world change? I don’t have to fight or be an outer activist. I can clean and clear. We can all do this.

We have the whole world in hands! So keep cleaning. Keep clearing.


In deep gratitude,




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                                                                                           ANIMAL COMPANIONS  

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Environmental Working Group release 2011 Bottled water score card

The grades of over 170 bottled waters on whether they do or don't disclose on their labels and websites with question of “ Where does the water come from? Is it purified? How? Have tests found any contaminants?” came back with nine out of the ten best selling brands not answering at least one of those questions.

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Anti-Aging Gene studied

German researchers at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel studied 380+ centenarians, more than 600 people in their 90s, and more than 700 60-75 year olds to find that the FOXO3A genes are a common characteristic for many people who live past 100.  Understanding FOXO3A variations may eventually lead to genetic treatments to help us all live past the century mark.



Researchers develop reactor to make fuel from sunlight                                                               

A simple reactor that mimics plants by turning sunlight into fuel has been demonstrated in the laboratory, boosting hopes for a large-scale renewable source of liquid fuel.  Professor Haile at the California Institute of Technology, who led the research, estimates that a rooftop reactor could produce about three gallons of fuel a day. She thinks transport fuels would be the first application of the reactor, if it goes on to commercial use. But she said an equally important use for the renewable fuels would be to store solar energy so it is available at times of peak demand, and overnight. She says the first improvements that will be made to the existing reactor will be to improve the insulation to help stop heat loss, a simple move that she expects to treble the current efficiency.

Flying car for sale by 2012.                                                                                                                                              

U.S. company Terrafugia will start manufacturing flying cars called the Transition Roadable Light Sport Aircraft, which can be transformed from a car to a plane in just 30 seconds. …can fly at 115 mph and reach 65 mph on the road. On the ground, with its wings tucked up and in, it can fill up with petrol at a normal filling station and fits in an average size garage, according to report in the Sunday Express. It is set to go into production this year and is expected to cost between £125,000 and £160,000 excluding the shipping costs….the US company which makes the vehicle and hopes to sell 200 a year, said: "This is an aeroplane first and foremost. The idea is you can drive it to and from a regulation airport. Fully fueled, you can fly it for a range of 400 to 450 miles. terrafugia.htm##ixzz1DRCvRJxd

Food Freezing Technology Preserves Human Teeth. Organs Next?

 Dr. Toshitsugu Kawata, a Hiroshima University professor who has done extensive research at the Teeth Bank, helped prove that CAS (Cells Alive System w/magnets) is a viable technology to preserve teeth. Spare teeth used to be worthless medical waste. Now, removed wisdom teeth aren’t garbage, they can be frozen and re-implanted at any point during your life. (The Teeth Bank’s re-implant success rate is 87% according to the Taipei Times. ) Thanks to scientific advances, surgeons can even alter your old teeth by sculpting them, transforming a molar into an incisor. To quote Dr. Kawata, “It’s like having a spare tire.” A CAS magnetically vibrated tooth’s ligaments survived. CAS frozen ligament cells grew as well as those from a fresh tooth, and showed only minor damage.


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