Theta DNA Activation

March 2015


                                                                      ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


The Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday March 14th  from 11 to 1:30 with an organic potluck after.  The theme is “Finding the patterns of beliefs in a person’s communications.”  We will do body scans and digging. The cost is $30 and all money goes to the Grant/scholarship fund.  Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, March 11th. 

I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful and having a supportive group of like-minded people helps to make it safe to delve into issues.                                                      


                                                                        ACCREDITED THETAHEALING WORKSHOPS


All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. If you have not taken the Basic or Advanced in 5 years. you are due for renewal in order to keep the name ThetaHealing on your website or practice. Discounts are given if under 5 years. More information at

                                                                      Basic- May 1st -3rd, Friday-Sunday in Bishop, CA

                                                                                  June 12th -14th in Santa Rosa, CA.


                                                            Advanced- March 27-29th 2015 Friday-Sunday in Santa Rosa, CA


                                       Manifestation and Abundance- May 30th -31st, Saturday-Sunday in Santa Rosa, CA



                                                                      HOUSING IN KALISPELL FOR THETAHEALERS


For ThetaHealers who are interested in taking Instructor courses at the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge in Kalispell,MT, I have been fortunate to connect with a woman who is renting her two homes at very reasonable rates. I am the organizer. There is a spacious 2800 sq ft., 5 bedroom/ 3 bath home with full kitchen and laundry; and a 1200 sq ft. 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with full kitchen and laundry. The smaller house is a 5 minute walk to Flathead Lake, and the bigger house is 3 miles away from the lake. There is great swimming, fishing and kayaking. In town, there are bike rental places to experience the outdoor beauty and scenic vistas of this area.

There is transportation included during the day to and from classes and to the food store (health food store). The big house is about 4.3 miles from Meridian where the ThetaHealing workshops are held. The smaller house is a little over 5 miles away. You will need taxi service to and from the airport. House addresses will be supplied with registration.

Thirteen spaces are available and only one that is single with a low ceiling (6ft) in the smaller house. The cost is $35/night double occupancy. You are welcome to invite friends to share the double occupancy, but you must notify me, and both parties must be registered. You can also check out the FB page with pictures at Already there is great interest. Please email for your application.


                                                                                             BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Yep, Spring is in the air…actually, here in California, it’s felt like spring since January. Drought…hmmm…well, yes….but natural….not in my discussions with Creator.

Being intuitive can be a very interesting position of receptivity of information and ‘holding’ truth. I say ‘holding’ because there is a great deal I know that I won’t discuss publically. I’ve had some interesting experiences in my lifetime… personally, as well as hearing similar from others whose experiences have been “off-the-grid”, not hitting that status quo reality button. I’m ok with that.

I’ve learned that how others want to be in their comfort zones, is most-likely not my reality, nor is it my interest to evolve in a box of others’ perceptions. I would lose my authenticity, my uniqueness, my individuality, my intuition, and would not feel or remember my full connection to All-That-IS.  I often risk standing in my truth about a situation, particularly more controversial aspects of planetary truths, and clearly realize that others might get reactive. I also know that it’s not about me, unless I’m communicating that truth in a way that is blaming of others.

I do understand that the blaming of others and reporting facts and truth, of saying where the responsibility lies, which isn’t part of status quo knowledge or censored media broadcasts, can get confusing or even more controversial for some.  Whistleblowers have not been welcomed, generally, by those who think truth is to be manipulated to serve only them.

It’s interesting that I had saved an article for this month’s Evolution Newsfeed about recognizing Truth, and that I had forgotten about until I was writing this blog.  With so much fabricated and conflicted information and confusing half truths, this article so supportively shared five steps to recognizing TRUTH, which is the way I basically work from as well: 1. Go to the Source (that could mean the source of the situation/information or Source of All or both); 2. Trust that you have direct access to Source and the information  3. Refine your beliefs  4. Recognize your way of experiencing Truth 5. Activate and align with the Truth frequency (or Law of Truth).

I also use personal experience, the way I language or communicate to others, and discernment on what I feel is important to share measured with the audience involved…I attempt to present things from a grounded reference point even if the subject wouldn’t appear that way. I want for people to understand me or the situation and to be able to engage with them where we all can be heard. I wouldn’t tell a group of three year olds about quantum physics realizing the development of those listening. (but who knows… maybe there is a very psychic, advanced child just waiting for me to share something different than their next play date).

The biggest difference between those two approaches of communicating- blame and truth with accountability- is their effectiveness when it comes to encouraging others to learn from problems so that future mistakes or situations of danger or difficulty can be avoided. There is also a difference in the language and delivery of both. 

Clarifying the differences between blaming and truth with accountability is essential in order to stop the cycles of violence. Blaming is fear-based… it promotes fear by applying the shame factor to attempt to humiliate or guilt someone into compliance.  There is critical judgment of what or who is right and wrong.  Who wants to admit their part, acknowledge their mistakes or shortcomings when put in a position of being made wrong?  This emotional component of separating one side against the other, putting others at a distance or on the defense or offense, creates a lack of wanting to engage or to find solutions. It de-motivates, imprisons and stops the flow of information and truth of a situation by preventing new  thoughts and ideas.  It points fingers of condemnation--there is often accusatory and retaliatory expectations projected of who is going to ‘pay the price’. There is NO clear accountability but righteous indignation that another has to prove their character not the topic at hand. Blaming is malicious and has the capacity to injure depending how the recipient handles the situation and whether they stay in their core. On the drama triangle, it holds the energy of the persecutor.

With sharing Truth, there is accountability, observations- the ability to discern and attribute individual and collective results and research with independent or personal resources that allow for the free-flow of all information.  Repeating patterns are able to be connected and deep intuitive awareness of the interconnections are recognized.  There is then the owning of one’s part to support the greater good of the situation if there is an error. Part of this process is asking the one who is in error (or violation) to take responsibility also, and be answerable for the activity, which is very different than blaming. Accountability is empowering, motivating and liberating. If a mistake is made, it can be acknowledged, rectified or resolved so that the lessons can be learned for the future. It is an extraction from the drama triangle.

So something happened abruptly and out-of-the-blue last month in posting a very supportive welcome to my co-poster on the 'Moving Beyond' FaceBook page that we decided to share on other ThetaHealing FB sites to promote our forum on healing from abuse. I decided that by writing about it, others would be helped in how to respond to such situations, because these kinds of tactics are becoming more prevalent.  It’s important that we stay centered in our own true power and don’t  become intimidated in stopping the flow of Truth by those whose agenda is accusatory and fear-based and who are not coming from a place of creating more understanding. I want to assist those interested in extracting from the Drama Triangle.

To just preface it all, it was a major projection from a resentment of another ThetaHealer towards me who didn’t like my personal FB posts on what is really happening to the Palestinians. I have followed the history for over 40 years. I’m a member of Jewish Voices for Peace. (and this isn’t about politics in what I’m writing about)

I didn’t know who it was at first as the person had changed her name. (Remember, this was just a simple welcome on a FB Theta practitioner page  for other ThetaHealers to be introduced to  my co-poster on the FB Moving Beyond page.)  The response from the woman to me was, "I have no desire to learn from someone who is a self hater Jew and an anti- Semite. I suggest you'll learn to like and love yourself first. Your post against Israel and all Jews were very clear. Thanks for the offer."  

I didn’t connect the identity until after I responded. My immediate feeling was shock, but then I felt compassion for her out-of-balance communication.  [Those who took the Relationship workshop, I wonder how you’d respond.] And I was clear that slander wasn’t going to work for me. I responded, “Wow! In Thetahealing we look at our issues and don't attempt to slander others. I don't hate Jews nor am I an anti-Semite. I'm culturally Jewish. My great grandfather and great grandmother were from Israel. When you say such things, I wonder where you are getting that. I wonder if because I have a different perspective of world views that perhaps disagree with yours, that this is difficult for you. I wish you the very best whoever you are because I don't even know you."  And then I reported the incident to the ThetaHealing Institute.

I posted this conversation on my personal FB page with the addition of, “In any case, without saying more about this person, because I think I know who she is, a once FB friend who is using a new first name, and because she knows not what she says, I want to thank all who can see the truth because I'm here in the truth of who I am and what is going on in this world. And bringing things out that are uncomfortable to the status quo is part of my mission and soon to be Divine Timing. I can say that it hasn't been easy to stand in this truth, to need to let go of so many people who were once in my life, but I sure know that I can't let a piece of myself go to live someone else's covert or hidden reality or agenda, not in all that I've lived through, know about this planet and what I write from through a 28 year deep, personal journey. Not all will like me, but that's ok. Liking myself, loving myself is what is important to me. Going to bed at night knowing I can live with myself (through clearing my issues), being responsible to me, showing up as clean and clear with others, caring, being gentle, being as transparent as I can with discernment, detaching and releasing the others (forgiveness) and recognizing that we are all learning and growing is what counts. Again, deep appreciations to my FB friends.”

And people actually came to my defense, which I didn’t want or need.  It was honestly unexpected, and I didn’t understand it at first. But some who commented were my personal friends too, and they shared that  it sparked them not just about what had happened towards me, but what the actions were indicative of….bullying and repressive tactics, which I hadn’t really  thought about in that terminology. I really listened and heard my friends…they wanted to make a statement of support even if I didn’t feel I needed it because… it affects us all!

My friend and co-poster on 'Moving Beyond', Leila, even created a topic around it to let us all know that support is available when things like this happen. But often when people have been abused as children, they stand alone in these kinds of situations and don’t even expect support. In part she wrote, “You may have lived a good portion of your life thinking it's normal to stand alone when being disrespected, pushed aside, ignored, blamed or abused. It's actually normal and healthy to have friends who stand up for you, support you and are loyal. Some people mistake standing up for another, as being in drama, or fighting someone else's battle. Did you know it is possible to stand up for what you believe in without having to fight, be defensive/offensive, get sucked into drama, attack or reject another (but the behavior!)? In fact, it may be crucial to do so. On a personal level, it shows others what your boundaries and ethics are. On a global level, history has shown that refraining from speaking up for what's right and taking the appropriate action can lead to the enslavement and killing of many.” 

So I say to us all, including myself, that in these times of changing seasons and changing energy, of repression and enlightened awareness, let us all work to see the highest levels of Truth and speak to injustices with communications that hold accountability without blame and keeping compassion in our heart as we take actions that fits for who we are through All That IS.


In peace, caring, and love,



                                                                                   EVOLUTION NEWSFEED




Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Underworld, Discovered in Egypt

The tomb complex is a huge multi-level structure which includes numerous chambers and shafts. It consists of a massive hall supported by five pillars and has a staircase leading down to the funerary complex decorated with the carvings of Osiris.



Man awakens after 12 years in a vegetative state says that he was aware of everything

Martin Pistorious was just 12 years old when the doctors diagnosed him with what they believed was Cryptococci Meningitis, a sever fungal infection of the brain. His conditioned worsened until he was in a vegetative state. The doctors expected he would die when they brought him home, but to their surprise, the family was able to care for him for over a decade. During this time however, they did not see any improvements in his condition.  Then, a miracle happened. Today, Martin can talk about his experience, and he revealed something incredibly chilling. He wasn’t so vegetable like after all. He was trapped in a body that wouldn’t cooperate.

Now Martin is married and has penned a memoire about his life, ‘The Ghost Boy’.


                                                                                      QUANTUM MECHANICS

Can the past be changed by the FUTURE? Bizarre quantum experiment suggests time can run backwards

Scientists in the US have devised a series of new experiments to probe the quantum mechanical properties of single particles. These particle have a state that is not merely unknown, but totally undefined before it is measured. It is the act of measurement itself that forces the particle to collapse to a definite state. Professor Kater Murch at Washington University has found that by knowing the future outcome of a particle, its state in the past is altered. Without knowing the information, the state is more likely to remain the same. In other words, knowing future events can change the past.

Is your future already decided? New theory of time suggests that the past, present AND future co-exist in the universe

A new theory claims that time does not move forward, but rather, everything in time is ever-present. According to the theory, if we were to ‘look down’ upon the universe, we would see time spread out in all directions, just as we see space at the moment.



Aquaponics: 20,000 lbs of Fish + 70,000 Vegetables per 1/4 Acre with Portable Farms

1,000% more productive than conventional gardening & farming. The most robust, most scalable Aquaponics system in the world is the Portable Farms™ Aquaponics System. Maxed out, you can produce 240,000 vegetables and 92,000 pounds of fish per acre, using up to 95% less water and no dirt. These are locally grown, organic, vine ripened vegetables and the freshest of the fresh Tilapia, Catfish or Salmon.

Texas inventor launches breakthrough home-based food production system featuring 3D-printable components posted online for free
A non-electric, home-based food grow system is able to be operated for pennies. Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box grows enormous quantities of food without using electricity or soil. It requires no weeding and uses no pumps, motors or complex parts of any kind. It grows highly-nutritious, mineral-rich foods using about 1/20 the water of conventional agriculture and about half the space of soil gardening. The story of the invention -- as well as the 3D-printable parts -- is available at the non-profit website.


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