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                                                                      ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH                                            


I can dig it, he can dig it,

She can dig it, we can dig it,

They can dig it, you can dig it,

Oh let's dig it”….OUT


        The next Paradigm Shifters gathering will be a DIGGING BOOTCAMP on Saturday, JUNE 1st.  Do you want to know some different angles in which to play with your digging skills and get lots of practice? Come join us! You will be given the DVD by Vianna, “Digging and Belief work,” and a written transcript of it.  Make sure you go over prior how to change a belief and witness a teaching downloading I will discuss and give a demonstrate of the different techniques on a participant in front of the group, and then everyone will spend the day digging out their issues with facilitation when needed.

        I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®.  This Bootcamp will go from 10:45 to 4:30 with a 30-minute organic potluck at my home in Santa Rosa.  The cost is $98 (non- refundable and non-transferable, and needs to be prepaid no later than Friday, May 24th so that materials are available. Please contact me of your interest. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful.


      On Saturday, May 11th at my home, Dr. Lisa Cooney, a psychologist, ThetaHealing ®Master, COS and Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process Facilitator and will be facilitating Whole Body Infrared Regulation Thermography, which is a gentle, painless, non-toxic, and non-invasive. This holistic diagnostic machine uses an infrared sensor to measure skin temperatures at over 100 points on the body gathering information about the functioning health and integrity of various tissues and organs. This is not just regular thermography. It is a very reliable and accurate tool that provides a mathematical representation of a body’s physiology in precise and objective reports.  This information can be used as an adjunct for successful diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.  It assists in giving patients and healthcare providers adjunct information to initiate appropriate tests, saving time and money by providing an orientation and context for visits to healthcare providers.

      While Dr. Lisa’s assistants oversee the Whole Body Thermography sessions (which is about 30 minutes), Dr. Lisa herself will be giving Access Consciousness Bars and Access Energetic Facelift samplers for free to share this amazing work so come early or stay after your session. We did this with a group of people in March and had so much fun. The cost for the Thermogram session is $225.  You will receive an eight page report with your results that day, as well as have the opportunity to go over some of your results with Dr. Lisa.  Dr. Lisa has also been invited to the ThetaHealing Institute to do WB Thermongraphy on students participating in the workshops to see the changes before and after.

      Dr Sharon Lacy will also be available to discuss Biontologya biophoton technology developed by Johan Boswinkel, a Dutch health pioneer, that is being used in many parts of the world to heal the body of everything from food allergies, autism, Lymes disease, and cancer, to heavy metal toxicity, vaccinations and radiation. I have had 4 sessions and feel the difference. It resonates with your bodies light frequency to make changes that are harmonized through the acupuncture meridians on the fingers and toes. Homeopathics and supports are added through these light frequencies.




The following courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at

[Partial scholarships available if payment is complete at least two weeks prior to any of these three classes.]

                                                                                               2013  SCHEDULE


                                                                                              Basic- May 17-19th

                                                                                                           August  23-25th


                                                                                            Advanced -June 28-30th

                                                                                                                 October 11-13th                 


                                                                                Manifestation & Abundance- July 27-28th  

                                                                                                                                November 23-24th



                                                                                                            BLOG FOR THE SOUL      


Hi to All:

I just finished teaching the foundational level of ThetaHealing workshops last month (the trinity- the Basic, Advanced, and Manifestation & Abundance.) It’s always very special to see people get another deeper level of ThetaHealing in its progressive awareness. Though separated by titles, these workshops were made to be taken close enough together to integrate the real ground work that can be built upon before moving to what I term, ‘the Gateway Course’-Intuitive Anatomy. If you felt your digging skills didn’t feel cohesive enough, spend three weeks digging out issues in 15 physical systems of your body every day for hours. I’ve done it three times plus the teachers’ training…what a clearing out!  I have chosen not to teach this for a variety of reasons, but I support every student who is interested in the realness of ThetaHealing to participate. Once completed, you can then play with a variety of courses that angle into the awareness of Quantum Physics, developing our deeper spiritual abilities that have laid latent along with fears and genetic issues about the World or Diseases. I didn’t write this as an ad to my courses, by-the-way, but a real heartfulness to the expansiveness and knowledge that I’ve gained in my 15 years of practice. And I know that every modality helps to expand our awareness and/or support our health. I love all the new technologies that I’m being introduced to…6th Plane awarenesses and so powerful. We are bringing ancient wisdoms into objects that will propel humanity forward.

We are in a very special times as the energies seem to be both chaotic in the political realms and expansive and revealing on the spiritual arena.  On a personal level, I am finally shifting from the constant intensity of the last two plus years of vibrating to new awareness episodes.  I’m excited to experience more of a consistancy to this change, and I have good support. This might soon be the beginning of the end of deeper old ways for me as I move through these trinity of eclipses that has already started—a lunar eclipse happened on April 25th, a solar eclipse will happen on the 10th and another lunar one due on May 25th …talk about upgrades, releases, changes and changes.  Eclipses get things moving! And I’m about to get moving (not fully there yet, but definite improvements). I have a lot of writing to do, not just journal writing or blogs. I sense that I’ll be starting steps of my next Divine Timing (an event, not a date).  

The lunar eclipses are often described as difficult because they sometimes appear to provoke a crisis, but as a gift from the cosmos, they show us where a more healthy state of affairs will evolve if we are open to keen observation rather than reactiveness.  It's a great remedy for stagnation. A Solar eclipse shows the department of life where important changes and new developments will require our attention for the coming year. This Full Moon eclipse, near the end of the month, is the dramatic conclusion of these eclipse series, but the effects of this trio will definitely reverberate for many months. Full moon eclipse in Sagittarius is about whose loyalty is to Truth above all else. It’s quite possible to see that for many, this is the dawning of new realizations. It’s a time to dream big trusting life as an adventure. I’m so ready...sometimes I can feel myself biting at the bit!


Notice how the underlying theme of this blog is about change. When you drop into that word, meaning somatically, what parts of your body feel affected? Does your gut get tight and your lung capacity shallow? Do you start to perspire? Does your skin crawl and hair stand on ends? Do the corner of your lips turn up or down? OR are yourshoulders dropping and your back relaxes?

What feelings does change evoke in you? What beliefs come up when you are told that things are going to change, perhaps in ways you’ve never experienced? Do you feel hopeless, despondent? Do you wonder how you’re going to make it through? Do you feel pressured or pushed? Do you feel expectations from others that haven’t actually occurred? Do you want to start running and never stop or hide out under your covers? Are you feeling you are stepping into an abyss or a hanging onto a razor’s edge?   Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? OR are feeling your core knowing it’s right there with you wherever you go?

What are you thinking when change is discussed?  Is change a trial or a trail? Is it superficial or deep? Are you going to dig your heels into the ground and refuse? Are you kicking and screaming that it’s going to be another roller coaster ride? (most kids love these rides…safe thrills with an end time) OR are you wondering if each thought is your right to create what works for you in each moment?

I have gently separated the process of connecting with the body, the feelings and thoughts in what change might evoke. It’s those old habitual patterns that are feed by the ego/wounds to keep things stagnate vs divine remembering of what we came here to master and present to the world. As we recognize that our body, mind/thoughts, and feelings are aspects of our life which constantly change whether we think we’re participating or not, we have choices in each moment…we can take a different kind of breath, move our face muscles by will and move one foot in front of the other. We are practicing the Art of presence with ourselves by staying present in a grounded way with our changes. We do not have to live out of Murphy’s law.  It’s always possible that the width (not just height) of a change is a shift of a lifetime.

What if we viewed change as the autonomic nervous system viewed impulse? There is no judgment or anticipation but an order and rhythm that just occurs with different organs and glands in response to what the body needs. Isn’t that what our relationship is with Creator of All anyways?…meaning it’s the Energy that runs our show while we participate.   Our trust in this Energy is what allows our earthly experience in change to propel us in ways we could never fully create ourselves…inspiration, insight and infinite possibilities (the 3 ‘I’s …I just made this up…seems to be a monthly trinity thing lately…I use to be a good Scrabble and Perquackey player)

So are you ready to take a leap of faith and delve into the atoms of Creation with the discovery of a child on a new adventure?  I invite you to bring a sense of newness, emotional vulnerability, of sheer excitement and delight with you, because these are the ‘tools’ that have often gotten a bad rap,  labeled as ‘ ‘immature’ or ‘childish’ by aspects of society, when in truth, it’s what will make the change the most palatable and productive with way less effort. 

Wishing you all smooth sailing through the cosmic ocean of changes as the moon phases move us naturally,



 To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. – Henri Bergson                                                                                                    


                                                                                       EVOLUTION NEWSFEED



                                                                                      HARMONIOUS HUMANITY

Man in Harmony with Nature: This Ranger is assigned to prevent poaching around the wildlife refuge area of Lanseria, South Africa. The way these animals interact with him is absolutely stunning! The lions seem to know he’s there to protect them. His charm works with hyenas and leopards too. Hyenas are usually vicious.

Diver and dolphin

Beautiful photography of a diver rescuing a dolphin entangled in fishnet who had signaled him for help.


                                                                                         INANIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS

How to sing like a planet: Scientists say the Earth is humming.

Scientists now say the planet itself is generating a constant, deep thrum of noise. No mere cacophony, but actually a kind of music – huge, swirling loops of sound, a song so ... low it can't be heard by human ears, [roars] churning from the very water and wind and rock themselves, countless notes of varying vibration creating all sorts of curious tonal phrases that bounce around the mountains and spin over the oceans and penetrate the tectonic plates and gurgle in the magma and careen off the clouds and smack into trees and bounce off your ribcage and spin over the surface of the planet in strange circular loops. Sensitive instruments are getting better at picking up what's been dubbed "Earth's hum," but no one's any closer to understanding what ... it all might mean. Mystics and poets and theorists have pondered the "music of the spheres" (or musica universalis) for eons; it is the stuff of cosmic philosophy, linking sacred geometry, mathematics, cosmology, harmonics, astrology and music into one big cosmological poetry slam.

Scientists investigate water memory

New research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has a memory—a claim that could change our whole way of looking at the world. The results with the different types of flowers immersed in water are particularly evocative.




Saffron for Macular Degeneration

Saffron has reportedly been used for ages, not only in cooking, but also in healing. It is said to encourage cellular repair in something called neuro-protection, something that is credited in the spice’s apparent ability to reverse the blinding effects of age-related macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is the primary cause of blindness in older individuals. While most common in those over the age of 50, the issue can also affect those who are younger. Macular degeneration occurs when the most light-sensitive part of the retina is damaged, severely limiting sight of those thing in the central line of vision. One study conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney and in Italy found that those with macular degeneration experienced significant improvement in their symptoms when supplementing with saffron. The trial was double-blind and controlled, involving 25 individuals over a 6 month period. /


 'Soda Subsidy' Gives Tax Dollars to Beverage Companies

Sugary sodas and aspartame-laced diet sodas can all be purchased with taxpayer money via the federal food stamp program. It's called the "Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program" (SNAP), and it provides free food credits to 42 million Americans who use the credits to purchase junk food, birthday cakes, sodas and more. As a result, U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing the soda industry to the tune of $4 billion a year while low-income food stamp recipients drink themselves into chronic diabetes and obesity.



Ants Behavior before Earthquakes Change.

According to a new study in Germany from the University of Duisburg-Essen, red wood ants communicate in very distinct ways when an Earthquake is approaching. They stop going in and out of their mounds. Instead, the ants congregate outside their mound before, during, and up to a day after the earthquake occurs. They basically halt all activity within their mound and meet outside, as they sense the growing tension in the universe.


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