Theta DNA Activation

May 2014


                                                      ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


The next Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday, 17th from 11 to 1:30 with an organic potluck after.  The theme is “Identifying our deeper or displaced needs to stop projections The cost is $30 and all money goes to the Grant/scholarship fund.  Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, May 14th.  I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful and having a supportive group of like-minded people helps to make it safe to delve into issues.                                     



All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at

[Partial scholarships available if payment is completed at least two weeks prior to any of these three classes.]

                                                   Accredited ThetaHealing® Workshop schedule

                                                        Basic- May 30th- June 1st, Friday-Sunday

                                                                     July 25th-27th Friday-Sunday

                                                          Advanced- September 5-7th, Friday-Sunday


                                                     Manifestation and Abundance- November 8-9th, Sat.-Sunday


                                                                               MENTORSHIP PROGRAM

I have room for TWO more in this program which is going to meet on Google Hang-out on one Wednesday a month from noon to 2 PST. This program is for those who really want to commit to learning different facets of ThetaHealing, working professionally with clients, ethics, emotional presence, transference/ countertransference/ projection, safety issues, self-defining beliefs, digging tips, and Inner child. This will include discussions, supportive homework/practice, and facilitation. It’s a six month commitment of once a month for two hours, and anyone who has had Basic and Advanced in the last five years is invited. Please email me at for further information. This will start as soon as there are 8 participants. The cost is $300 prepaid.                                                                                    


                                                                                     BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Hi to everyone:

Wow! Did you feel those energy downloads in the last few weeks? Between the April portal opening, two eclipses and some huge astrological configurations, there was a downpour of energy. The grand cross energy will continue into May as there will be conflicting energies that are vying for resolution. After spending five months in retrograde, Mars finally goes direct on the 19th. This is a time where we can look at all the internal changes that have occurred to notice how and where we invested our energies, initiatives and feelings, and to start moving forward with new plans bringing these changes into the world. We’ve spent months prepping and now it’s time to bring a new level of energy to the world  in a balanced way. 

I was pondering what to write this month when I got into a conversation with a friend that led to some thoughts flowing. I love to have conversations with people who inspirationally exercise my mind, a ‘brainercize’ moment in just listening to them.

We are taught in ThetaHealing to work with the Energy-in-All-Things. This Energy is pure unconditional love thus non-dualistic at the 7th Plane. We know that we are dealing with the dualism of right and wrong, dark and light, good and bad from the 5th to 1st Planes. We often forget that we are aspiring to come from those very aware, non-dualistic ways as we get caught up in our daily lives and the interrelationships that occur. What can happen is that our actions in our practices of guiding our clients or the clients we see, can end up bringing some enlightening drama for us to work with.

One of the things that many 4th or 5th Plane healing practitioners and their clients can get into is feeling attacked by other’s thought forms (ie psychic attacks or curses), and then pointing the finger at someone or something that caused this. What this immediately does is start the cycles of the Drama Triangle--persecutor, enabler, victim. These reactionary positions can be rotated through in a matter of seconds, minutes or continue for years in the dynamics we react or choice to participate in until at some point, there is a realization that there is a way to take a huge leap off it…like, “Stop the World, I want to get off.” 

The world, as a group consciousness, has been playing out these triangulations for eons. And there are ways to recognize if we enter these positions as it's happening to us.

You might have heard the following profound, metaphoric little story (particularly since some of you were at last month’s practicum) from The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying, “Autobiography in Five Chapters” shared by Sogyal Rinpoche If not, here it is:

1) I walk down the street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in.
I am lost... I am hopeless.
It isn't my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.

2) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don't see it.
I fall in again.
I can't believe I'm in the same place.
But it isn't my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.

3) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in... it's a habit.

My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.

4) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

5) I walk down another street.

It’s time that we become aware of our routines of falling into the same old holes and take another road. Yes, we empaths, intuitives and psychics feel all kinds of energies that come towards us all the time, but to blame others for their unaware projections or even intentionality is keeping us in the same hole.

I have seen these conversations show up in many arenas where there are all these 'energies' after a person, practitioner or client. Either the person feels that no practitioner can clear them or they are ‘cleared’ and then they are attacked, or the same situation occurs  again and again. The same goes for the practitioner. The root of this isn’t in the attack, but what happened to the person to stay feeling helpless to something outside of them…thus staying within the Drama Triangle. And I’m not saying this with any lack of compassion. I’ve journeyed on this too.

People often want a quick fix. I hear, “Just pull it off” OR “Tell Creator to get rid of it.” OR “I cleared all my issues and then this shows up again.” They want a bandaid when there is a huge wound festering for years. They don’t want to know what Creator really says about the situation even if they ask this. So it continues to happen because there is often dissociated feelings covering over the root of it.

I often see people stuck in this pattern who have childhood trauma issues that they are unaware of. They use spiritual bypassing/emotional detouring to avoid the deeper feelings, and thus will stay in the victim position which can shift to the enabler to get out of feeling or recognizing their own needs, or the persecutor position where they get angry that you haven’t ‘fixed’ them and can’t create the outcome they want thus projecting their feelings on you. And if you ‘look’ closely, they may not be in their bodies, yet want things to happen… like now. How can they receive what they want if they are not present for themselves to receive it?

Handling these projections is an art form that takes a great deal of discernment in whether the client is capable and willing to take responsibility for their reactiveness. How would you handle these projections?

In Vianna’s new Planes of Existence book, she writes, “We pick up other people’s thoughts all the time without realizing it. There are times when we are bombarded with negative thoughts from people that enjoy not liking us. One way to avoid this is by cultivating forgiveness and by living our lives connected to the consciousness of the 7th Plane of Existence.”

So what does this mean by cultivating forgiveness? Cultivating has to do about growing or growth, and since this is a process, it's important that we be gentle in recognizing and detaching from others' projections. And it's just as essential that we recognize our own projections or our reactions if we are being projected upon and separate this from the client or person who is projecting.

*Would you like to know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to live without taking on others projections of you as your own?

*Would you like to know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to separate and discern what others are saying about you as their projections from your truth about yourself?

*Would you like to know what it feels like and what it takes to be impeccable in your honesty towards yourself?

*Would you like to know how to feel clear, without being egotistical or without disowning your own part, in reflecting back the projection without blaming another?

[Say yes if interested...I left these downloads at the 7th Plane]

The cultivating of Forgiveness means that we connect with All That IS, drop into ourselves to start exploring. It means that we decide to find out when this pattern of being attacked (projected on, transference) first really happened, and then eventually, after the details are able to come from the un/subconscious through providing a great deal of safety, non-judgment, and gentleness, (which sometimes leads into Inner child work), find  the secondary gain or what we learned from the actions or by the person or ‘being’ who supposedly attacked us.

When we are able to feel completely discharged from the situation or person/being, we have stepped out of the Drama Triangle…we are not part of the triangulation energy anymore...we have taken another road.  It is a place of coming back to ourselves with love and respect. This is FORGIVENESS…we are unattached and unencumbered by those outside influences,  and our power, which we had unconsciously connected to another, has been returned to us to stay in alignment with All that IS. I realize it sounds a bit simple, but we are worthy of allowing the process, the journey, to take us to that place of true freedom and self love. And the process can happen all at once or in increments. Again, it’s important not to judge oneself or another in the timing. There is often a Divine Order that leads us to complete discharge or release.

Vianna has said many times that, “Forgiveness is the highest protection.” So as we reflect on our relationships with clients, friends, family and others in our daily life, know that by being accountable to our own inner feelings, inner needs and inner landscape, and in remembering our connection to All that IS, we will be protected from outside forces or drama. Triangulations cease, and unity with ourselves and our environment prevails.

Wishing you a wonderful May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s day and the new growth of spring.




                                                                               EVOLUTION NEWSFEED


                                                                              THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND

Magic of the Unconscious

When you look at a person for a first time, whether you want or not, you've already passed judgment. In a split second you've already decided if you find that person trustworthy, competent, or likable. Your brain is a state-of-the-art marvel, managing 90% of everything you do without letting you know regardless of whether you're awake or asleep. When you think you have an idea your brain has already had that idea. Something in your head navigates you through the everyday adventures of modern life, something that decides things for you before you can think about it, because your brain is always on automatic. We're driven by our unconscious mind. So much of what we do is unconscious. Decisions we make are almost dictated to us. So the question is who is in charge here? Who is running the show? How much control do we really have?

Working with your ‘younger self’ makes you younger

A remarkable study carried out in 1981 by Harvard University, as detailed in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s fascinating new book You are the Placebo is about eight men in their 70s and 80s who attended a five-day retreat where they were asked to pretend that they were 22 years younger than their present age.  When they got there, they discovered constant reminders of two decades previously: old issues of Life magazine and the Saturday Evening Post, shows on TV that had been popular in the late 50s, radios playing Perry Como and Nat King Cole.  The men were asked to discuss events that had been current two decades before like Fidel Castro’s sudden ascendancy to power in Cuba and homeruns hit by Mickey Mantle. After the retreat ended, the researchers took the same physiological measurements they’d carried out at start of the study and discovered that the men actually had grown ‘taller’; they showed improved height, weight and gait, their postured straightened, their joints had become more flexible, their hearing, eyesight, grip strength, memory and general mental cognition had all improved.  In fact, by the end of the five days, many of these octogenarians had given up their canes and were playing touch football.


                                                                                     FREE ENERGY

Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years

Dr. Osmanagich has investigated pyramids all over the world, however his recent discovery of the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko, are nothing more than remarkable. What may be more remarkable is how he has been attacked in the media, by scientists and researchers for his incredible find. The most active pyramid site in the world dating the pyramid complex back 25,000 years has also released scientific evidence supporting the theory that the pyramids were used as an energy source. The recent study reveals energy beams transmitting electromagnetic signals unexplainable by our science in what is now documented as the largest Pyramid complex in the world. Overwhelming evidence, supported by scientific research from all over the archaeological community proves that our recorded history is wrong concerning ancient cultures, which in turn changes religion, science and academics.



How Eggshells can Naturally Heal Your Teeth

Eggshells contain the perfect amount of the ideal substances for healing cavities – massive amounts of calcium and 27 other minerals. The composition of eggshells resembles our teeth. Eggshells provide the necessary amount of calcium to remineralize teeth. Just boil shells from one organic free range egg  for about 5 minutes. You can add them daily into your smoothies or grind them into a fine powder and add it to your food.


Superhero Vision Coming in Graphene Contact Lenses?

It sounds like something from a spy thriller movie: putting on contact lenses that give you infrared vision without the need for a bulky contraption that covers your face. But now, thanks to research at the University of Michigan, such a contact lens is a real possibility. Graphene is the most promising new material out there, likely to revolutionize the way we do or build almost everything!



Incredible Eatibles Movement

In the small town of Todmorden in the north of England, fresh organic produce is growing everywhere. There are sweet-smelling herbs at the railway station, vegetables sprouting in the public car park, and an apothecary garden next to the local Health Center. This is the Incredible Edible movement, a grassroots campaign to provide healthy fresh food to the whole community, while promoting local produce and educating people on the joys of cultivating veggies. It  is run by unpaid volunteers and began with the planting of some small herb gardens and the launch of a local seed bank. Now, every school (and church) in the area is involved with the movement. They have provided chickens, planted orchards, and installed a fish farm at the local high school, which was such a success that a course in agriculture has since been launched. The group also offers free staff training for primary school teachers on issues of food awareness and cultivation, as well as adult learning schemes through ties with the college.


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