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November 2013


                                                              ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


I’m excited to announce that I will be a guest speaker on Susie Donohue’s KRXA live radio talk show on November 9th from 6 to 7 PM PST  She is a fellow ThetaHealer from Santa Cruz who I met at the ThetaHealing Institute several years ago.  The topic is on stopping the cycles of abuse/trauma through recognition, willingness and commitment to our own process, development of deep self love for all shadow aspects of ourselves which includes self forgiveness, and looking at self empowerment through releasing how others played adversary roles to help us learn at a soul level. There will be a period for questions. Please let others know. I look forward to the start of the precursory period of my Divine Timing.



                                                              THETA INNER CHILD MINI-WORKSHOP/PRACTICUM

This mini-workshop is from 10:30 to 4:30 on November 16th. This will be both a fun and sensitive workshop which will include exercises, projects, meditations, and a new way of digging to work with the Inner child. This is a prototype for development and evolution of a future 5-day workshop on Moving Beyond Trauma for ThetaHealers.

PREREQUISTE: To get the most out of the workshop, it is best if you feel confident enough in your digging to know how to change beliefs and give teachings (from the Basic course) and then be able to ask the questions to help a client go down the 'rabbit hole'.  Prepayment is due by November 10th so I can order my books, 'Moving Beyond: Healing Physical and Sexual abuse through ThetaHealing'. The cost is $98. If you have already purchased a book, the cost is $88. Contact me in how to complete payment and register.

Please bring with you an organic potluck dish to share and 6 to 8 picture of you: 3-4 of you at varying ages as a child to teen feeling happy and 3-4 pictures of you in other ranges of emotions.


And mark your calendars for December 21st Annual Winter Solstice Party…from 11 AM to 4 PM…it’s actually is on winter solstice this year. This is a very fun gathering with many activities.  More details in December's newsletter.



The following courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at


If you want to say you are using ThetaHealing®  on your website or business cards, it is a requirement by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®  that you recertify every five years. Discounts are given for this recertification.

[Partial scholarships available if payment is complete at least two weeks prior to any of these three classes.]


                                                                                                  Workshop schedule


                                                                           Manifestation & Abundance- November 23rd -24th,  2013


                                                                                          Basic- January 17th -19th, 2014


                                                                                             Advanced- March 7-9th, 2014



                                                                            WHOLE BODY INFRARED THERMOMETRY

On Saturday, November 2nd, at my home, I will be hosting Dr. Lisa Cooney, a psychologist, ThetaHealing ®Master, COS and Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process Facilitator who will be facilitating Whole Body Infrared Regulation Thermometry and Access Consciousness Bars & facelift. This is by appointment only.

The Thermometry includes:
1- Immediate results with an 8 page printout
2- Priorities for Treatment
3- Instant Recommendations
4- Review with Naturopath by Dr. Lisa on your behalf
5- Referrals to adjunct health care specialists – lymph massage and acupuncturists and energy healers, etc.
6- Follow up call with Dr. Lisa to review report with Naturopath and present action steps
For further information, go to or contact Dr. Lisa at


                                                                                                  BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Hi to all:  We are entering another power month. A full Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will occur on November 3rd with its influences having started on October 18.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets of passion and power. It gives us the ability to see through illusions, dishonesty, and the pretensions which can be quite intense considering what is going on in the world. This may just be a sign post on the trail to a Global Awakening of the Masses.  Eclipses, in general, realign the earth’s electromagnetic field and our own individual energy field functioning to delete old programs and upload new templates. (like don’t I know this somatically!)

The Mercury Retrograde turns back on the 10th but we’re in its declining shadow until the 26th. How’s your internet, computer, appliances and plumbing doing so far? Are you finding that people are misunderstanding you and you them? Keep up good communication skills along with a handyman.

I often write about emotional or spiritual issues in my newsletter, or things I’ve learned from others’ or my personal experiences. I want to offer a slightly different perspective in looking at disease and conditions. As practicing medical intuitives, there are so many diseases and disorders where the surface level or presentation of symptoms seems to indicate that this is what is really happening for the client., but if we go deeper, it's really something quite different.

Let’s look at an example. [By-the-way, this is not a case I’ve ever worked with in my own personal years of practice though I’ve seen the pattern many times in different stories.] Perhaps someone comes in saying she has bronchitis, an inflammation of the lungs. We find out that the client is experiencing fever, constriction of the lungs, deep coughing, sometimes wheezing which appears like asthma. We further find out that this has happened repeatedly throughout the adult’s childhood history. The client also shares that she has recently gotten divorced leaving a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. The only time there was a semi-peaceful atmosphere was when the client was feeling sick and that seemed to happen often, particularly after the divorce. She was often blamed that things in the relationship were her fault. The client felt weak from the condition, and it was affecting her performance at work.  When we scan the client, we also see bacteria in the lungs. This is great information! How do we use this and how do we gear the questions to change the condition?

We, as ThetaHealers, are taught that there are 5 to 150 beliefs for every disease and condition that is related, and in Vianna’s Disease and Disorder book, there are lists of beliefs that are ‘gridded’ or connected to help us assess which are more pertinent to our client’s particular situation. We can then gear the beliefs through the chakras (Basic Course) in where the condition/disease is located and through the Planes of Existence to get another level of beliefs (in the Advanced course).  This helps us get down the rabbit hole in understanding the beliefs while digging.

We can also use another way which is taught in the Manifestation and Abundance workshop. We can ask the person, “What if you were perfectly healthy and every day you breathed deeply?” We then have them visualize it, and ask, “What would be the worse thing if this became your every day experience? How would your family react to your health? Would there be anything you regret in having an open chest and deep breaths without getting bronchitis again with health each day?” Each question is asked separately to glean the responses and beliefs. These questions bring up the fears and the 3 R’s-rejections, resentments and regrets. Ultimately, you’d be asking the same questions but from a different'd be starting from a future visualized aspect rather than at the point of origin tracking the client to the childhood and then checking back with the feeling of the changed future aspect (not as complicated as it might read).

In bronchitis, we have 4th chakra issues which are emotional. There is an inflammation and fever which often indicate anger though we don’t know if it’s towards the self or others as this point.  We see that there is bacteria which has to do with the belief of guilt. We know that this client felt sick often with the bronchitis, more during the marriage and increasing during the divorce. My mind starts to piece together these outer appearing symptoms with patterns of abuse. Why else would she choice a partner who was physically and emotionally abusive? 

So at some point, we ask about when this first happened. I might question, “When do you remember first getting bronchitis where you felt threatened?” Why would I ask about the threatening piece? Because that’s what happened in the marriage and then she would get sick.  I use the present situation to get the client back to the childhood with clearer directives. I then want to know the age and what was happening. I want details.

What if the client says that she doesn’t remember the first incidence and that she can’t remember much of her childhood except for being sick? Well, this opens a whole other 'can of worms'. We have the pattern of physical abuse with the husband and now not remembering the childhood except illness. My mind goes to repressed trauma. This is where I start Inner Child work. (For more details on how I work this way, to join me in exploring the gridding’ of the Inner child work into these situation, please consider the Inner child practicum on November 16th.)

What if the client says she remembers her parents fighting when she was three, and the father pushed the mother against the wall pinning her chest and hitting her? The mother is screaming but then seems to get quiet, like the wind was knocked out of her. Soon after the child developed bronchitis. All attention was put on her and things seemed to get calm in a very dysfunctional household. And when she was well, fights would continue until they escalated and she’d get sick again. There was an underlying feeling that it was her fault and she could control it all somehow.

There are many beliefs out of this story. Let’s look at the patterns. First we see that the child is in the middle of a war zone, and the only way to get things calm or stable is to be sick. She takes on symptoms of her mother when she first experiences the parent’s fight at three…the chest, breath and weakness.  There is a good possibility that she takes on the mother’s feelings or pain to help the mother against the abusive father. She got attention when she was sick from both parents- she learned to get nurtured and cared for through stopping the fighting using her health as the family ‘shield’ to protect her from witnessing the fights and her mother from experiencing them. She got her strength from being sick. She saw that she had some level of control in an escalating and unhealthy environment by using her health to control others behavior though it never really did because the fighting would happen over and over anyways. She blamed herself and felt guilty that she couldn’t change things.

Ultimately, she had to recreate this same ‘play’ in her marriage and divorce until she got so weak and sick, she needed to change the staged scenes somehow or she wouldn’t be able to work. What beliefs could come from these patterns? What Creator’s teachings would help her to feel strong again, to feel empowered without using her sickness as her stability and control?

We know that about 98% of beliefs have to do with our feelings of separation from Creator and similar percentage with parents (or authority figures) being or representing God to a child. From all these beliefs, we can change them and give Creator’s teaching (a few examples are under some of the beliefs.) We would then be checking how she feels as the beliefs are cleared and teachings are given. 

We would also need to release the mother and father in what they were teaching the client about sickness, attention, relationships, peace, stability, control, nurturing, calm, and responsibility using the beliefs as a guide (as noted under some of the beliefs).  Remember, you want to find the positive ways the person learned things too (which is what I’ll show). We can also give building-up teachings so the person feels strong and empowered.

We know that she has the following belief s (or something of a similar nature) from the patterns, and we could also test them.

 “I have to be sick to have control in my life.”          

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to be safe to be healthy

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to have self control w/o being sick.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to live w/o controlling others by being sick  or controlling myself by being sick.

     Release my parents from the obligation to teach me the ways to control my life.

“The best way to have attention is to be sick.”

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to have healthy attention.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to have attention in the highest and best way.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to be seen for who I am           

     Release my parents from the obligation to teach me the best ways to have attention.    

“I have to be sick in order for God to pay attention to me.”

     Teach me the difference between my parents and God-of-All.

     I know what it feels like and I know that God is always present in my life, in my body and in my environment     

     Release my parents from playing God to me.

     Release myself from having to be sick in order to get God’s attention.

     Release my parents from teaching me that being healthy would stop God from being

“Sickness makes me stable.”

     I have Creator’s definition of stability.

     My definition of stability is the same as Creator’s.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to have stability in my life…without being sick.

     Release my parents from the obligation to teach me what it takes to be stable in relationships and in my life.

Peace comes from being sick.”

     I have Creator’s definition of peace.

     My definition of peace is the same as Creator’s.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to have peace in my life…without being sick.

     Release my parents from the obligation to teach me what it takes to have peacefulness in relationships and in my life.

“I can only get nurtured if I’m sick.”

     I have Creator’s definition of being nurtured

     My definition of being nurtured is the same as Creator’s.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to be nurtured in my life…without being sick.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to feel  deserving, worthy and good enough to be nurtured

     Release my parents from the obligation to teach me what it takes to be cared for in a healthy way

“I have to take on my mother’s feelings to protect her."

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to live w/o taking on another’s feelings to protect them.

     I know what it feels like, how to and that it’s possible to allow Creator to protect others and I know when to participate.         

     I know that Creator is there for my mother to protect her.

     What it feels like to have my own feelings, that it’s safe to have my own feelings and how to use my own feelings to feel inner strength.

     Release my mother from the obligation to teach me to identify my own feelings to find my strength.        

“The sicker I am, the more strength I feel.”

“I have to wear my sickness as a shield to bring peace to my family.”

“It’s always my fault for what happens to others.”

“It has to be my fault in situations in order to change things.”

“All men are abusive towards women.”

“All women are weaker than men.”

Check in with the client in how they are feeling after the digging, belief changes and Creator’s teaching. Witness a healing after you’ve completed the digging. Have the client check back with you later in how she is doing.

As a little exercise on your own time from the above remaining beliefs, see what teachings and note the release of obligations you come up with. Belief work is an Art, and the only way to paint it into it’s full beauty is to practice on yourself , with others or with a practitioner. 

In this month of remembering gratitude,

Happy Thanksgiving and blessings,



                                                                                        EVOLUTION NEWSFEED




New York photographer turns strangers into friends

Richard Renaldi calls his photography project "Touching Strangers." He started shooting it six years ago and now has hundreds of portraits of these unlikely intimates. Some of the photos -- you'd never know, they'd never met, while others capture quite well the inherent awkwardness of cuddling a random dude. Even when the subjects seem eager, their body language often concedes a certain hesitance, at least at first. Ten minutes later, though, it's like Thanksgiving at Aunt Margret's. And that's the really weird thing. Yes, Richard puts the people in these poses, but the sentiment that seems to shine through is real -- at least so say the subjects.


                                                                                       SPIRITUALITY AND THE BRAIN

Serotonin Facilitates Deep States of Spirituality

A team of Swedish researchers had found that the presence of a receptor that regulates general serotonin activity in the brain correlates with people’s capacity for transcendence, the ability to apprehend phenomena that cannot be explained objectively. Reporting in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the researchers see the evidence as contradicting the common belief that religious behavior is determined strictly by environmental and cultural factors. What it means is those with a higher concentration of serotonin receptors will therefore most likely show a stronger inclination towards experiences where they see God or they experience higher connections with themselves and the universe.

Lucid Dreamers Produce The Fastest Brainwave Frequencies Ever Recorded  

The brain activity during the lucid dreaming experience radiates a gamma frequency is extremely significant. It shows us that our brain is vibrating at a higher frequency, and functioning at a more clear, coherent and  higher state of consciousness than it is when we are awake. Although the size of the human brain has remained unchanged for 200,000 years, brain wave frequency and states of consciousness have changed over time (6). Humans seem to increase the brain wave frequency, and operate at different brain wave states as we continue our journey forward. Imagine a race vibrating at the same frequency as one does in a meditative state, constantly illustrating the gamma brain wave state. The presence of gamma brainwaves illustrates that the people who experience high level lucid dreaming are having a totally conscious experience, within the ‘dream world.




Designer Babies and other Patented Life Forms…when will it end?

In 2001, a study announcing the successful birth of the world’s first genetically engineered babies—30 in total—was published. The children were created using genes from TWO women and one man—a process referred to as ooplasmic transplantation, in which genes from a female donor are inserted into another woman’s eggs before being fertilized with a man’s sperm. It only took two years for follow-up reports to begin discussing problems encountered in these genetically engineered babies. The genetic modification of humans appears to have been running alongside the genetic engineering of plants, being just a few years behind in terms of the technology being unleashed. The lack of proper evaluation of health effects is apparently on par as well, which is to say near non-existent.

1st Fully Bionic Man Walks, Talks and Breathes

Like Frankenstein's monster, cobbled together from a hodgepodge of body parts, the bionic man is an amalgam of the most advanced human prostheses — from robotic limbs to artificial organs to a blood-pumping circulatory system.

New advances in bioengineering will one day give us 3D-printed livers, kidneys and hearts— with impacts on pharmaceuticals, surgery and more

A modern 3D bioprinter looks somewhat similar to a conventional 3D printer except it's larger, has much more circuitry and uses multiple printing nozzles—one for modeling material, called "hydrogel," and others containing cells called "bioink." Since living tissue is composed of many cell types, the different print heads expel the correct amount of a specific cell type along with the biodegradable hydrogel to hold it in place. The biogel structure creates a skeleton of sorts, called a scaffold, which degrades once the cells grow into the right shape. The trick is to find the right scaffold material that will support each different organ, promote cell growth and degrade after the right amount of time. Because its cells regenerate on their own, the liver is a likely candidate to become the first bioprinted complex organ to be transplanted into a human



Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience: we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well. Biophotons are emitted by the human body, can be released through mental intention, and may modulate fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA.



10 Signs You're Gluten Intolerant

More than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. It’s estimated that 99% of the people who have either gluten intolerance or celiac disease are never diagnosed. It is also estimated that as much as 15% of the US population is gluten intolerant. Could you be one of them?

What foods and for how long are certain foods able to be eaten after expiration date?

We tend to throw out a great deal of food just because it's passed the last date of expiration. As it turns out - not so much. In a piece published by the BBC, professor Liza Acreli, expert of environmental health of Salford University in England, reviewed various food products and determined the real expiration date, after which they should not be consumed. As a rule, she said, it is better to trust your nose than the date stamped on the package. This is good for both good and bad cases. Take a look at the products Important. aspx#.UmL1ZFCfi8A

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