Theta DNA Activation

October '07

Hi to everyone:

     In shifting into Fall, with the nights getting longer and the temperatures dropping a bit (not too bad in my section of California yet), it's a time to gather or harvest what we've learned from the past year so we can prepare for those "deeper times" of self reflection that winter brings.  Of course, for me, any day is up for self-reflection and change.  I'm often looking how I can tweak my creations so I'm actually creating what I want.

     Two weeks ago, I participated in the new two-day ThetaHealing Abundance and Manifestation Workshop that Vianna first shared in the spring.  I had such a wonderful experience.  In a general way, I fully felt my soul purpose to the end of my days this lifetime and seeing what I expressed to Creator in what I want to create and with the fruition of these creations.  It was an incredibly visceral sensation to see my life roll before me...nothing I ever imagined to this degree.  Every cell of my body knew it was true...that it's happening Now.  I'm so excited!

      But this didn't come without some in-depth digging.  All students were given a list of 100 limiting beliefs that could hinder manifesting abundance.  We were to clear them, or at least a majority of them, by the end of day two.   All had to be tested through energy testing on the fingers. I had ten of them and by completely clearing five of them, the other beliefs instantly changed.       

      There were also more beliefs that surfaced as we created what we wanted.  Yes,  you have to know what you want.  Do you?  If not, do you need permission to know?  What (or who) stops you from knowing what you want? What stops you from knowing that Creator-of-All-That-IS is NOT separate from All-that-You are or that you are not separate from All-That-IS?  Only your beliefs (I know this must sound familiar because I say it enough during the workshops)

     The workshop also included great ways for practitioners, or those who have taken the workshops, to go deeper into remembering their future, seeing their timeline, understanding divine timing and a new way to fully feel the 7th Plane.  A CD of Vianna taking you there is given with the course so you can listen over and over.  

     I will be offering the two-day Abundance and Manifestation Workshop in late January.  The exact date will be announced in November's newsletter.  The prerequisite is both the Basic and Advanced Workshops taught by a certified teacher.  I highly recommend that you feel comfortable in your "digging" skills both on beliefs, fears, resentments and regrets.  If not, please join us for the next Practicum which is Saturday, October 20th.  The Basic is from 11 AM to 1 PM and the Advanced is from 2 PM to 4 PM. There is a veg potluck from 1 to 2 PM. Each section is $20.  Advanced students are welcome to attend both sections.  Below is a testimony from one of our recent participants.


     I attended the Theta practicums in August and September of 2007. These were my first times attending since I participated in the Basic Theta workshop in May '07. At the August Practicum, I was chosen for the fear digging exercise in front of the group. It was interesting that I just happen to have fear around being in large groups of people. As the digging proceeded, it spiraled down to my father being very controlling; and to protect myself from controlling people, I withdrew into myself and became a shy person. The anxiety, which I initially felt in the group, disappeared.  It was a very liberating exercise experiencing how quickly the fear changed.

     The healing extended to the next day, when I had to face some of my childhood memories and loneliness. I didn't know the depth of change that day until I took my two sons to Discovery Kingdom (Marine World) in Vallejo. I had previously been afraid to ride the roller coaster, but decided that this time I could face my old fear knowing that I could change my beliefs and programs that gave me limitations in the things that I do on a daily basis.  I rode two of these rides without fear and without closing my eyes.

     The practicums are both supportive and entertaining. Traveling over an hour and half to participate, I call them “my once a month field trip.”  I really recommend attending them if you want to further your studies on ThetaHealing as well as to learn how to work on your own life and help others.

              Rudy Gonzalez, Oakley, CA.


    Basic and Advanced Courses:

     If it's been awhile since you've participated in the Basic or Advanced workshops or you haven't taken the Advanced yet and have been thinking about it, the season is with you.  ThetaHealing is an Art in progress and material is always updated. You are welcome to review the Basic workshop coming up this weekend, October 5th-7th, for $250; or review the Advanced workshop on November 30th-Dec. 2nd for $240 (if payment is received in full by October 26th).  For those who haven't attended the Advanced in the last two years (or at all), go to for more details on cost and curriculum.

    ThetaHealing College

Starting late spring of 2008.  For details, click

Below are many wonderful sites with inspirational videos, science and health information and a shopping guide. Enjoy!

Many Blessings,



Contemplations: (39:24 minutes) beautiful and inspiring movie

about All-That-Is with the awareness of quantum physics.

Watch this movie to remind you of who you really are

Has anyone told you? 3 minutes  to remind you of just how

unconditionally loved you truly are. Enriched by the soul-stirring

music of Karen Marie Garrett, this movie will empower you to move

forward through your day with confidence, knowing that above all

else, you are needed, you are appreciated and you are so very loved.

A lion reuniting with her humans--30 second clip (I’m not sure of the story behind it, but it looks like the people might have raised these lionesses…very touching)

The wave of love

Russian Human Genome Project discovers Extraterrestrial  abilities to

modify DNA through a "biological internet"               

Morien Institute--Atlantis, underwater cities, ice age and more:

Geologist can re-create the ancient sea levels graphically and therefore pinpoint the area

of land that were above sea-level before the end of the last ice age.                                  

Another perspective about global warming--Milutin Milankovitch

The True Food Shopping Guide                                                                                                                  The next time you’re at the supermarket, you can use The True Food Shopping Guide to decipher which foods contain genetically engineered ingredients and which do not. The True Food Network, the grassroots network of the Center for Food Safety, compiled this essential list.

Drink Soda and Damage Your DNA

Hydration: What You Need To Know

VeriChip implant stimulates the development of cancer cells in dogs.  





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