Theta DNA Activation

October 2008


     I know that I could have written about the state of the world, the elections, my daughter’s wedding (an amazing initiation and an extraordinary healing event)  or any of the other hot topics that may be affecting us.  But sometimes a simple yet profound story helps to change our realities, to see our life in a deeper, richer way, to appreciate how Creator works in our lives on a daily basis.            

     On August 26th  (8th month and an “8 day”…2+6… 2008), Nikki,  the beloved Lhasa Apso of one of my clients, was released from this 3rd Plane experience to Creator-of-All.  I asked my client if she would be open to sharing her moving experience with this newsletter forum, and she agreed.   

     I had never done a session where I worked between the client’s beliefs, different aspects of the client’s alter personalities’ beliefs and at the same time working on the pet’s beliefs with the client energy testing back and forth between her dog and herself/s. I felt very gifted and profoundly touched to not only witness part of the process but to hear the transformation that occurred after the passing. 

Blessings, Judy


This is a story of love and rememberance:


         Nikki came into my life to not only be my companion but as a companion to my shit-zhu, Mr. Puggs, who had been in mourning over the recent death of his Lhasa Apso girlfriend. For many years, the three of us were very close. Each dog was special to me in how I related to them and them to me.  Mr. Puggs was an incredibly gentle guy though he could be very needy with his tyrant streak of barking to get attention.  Nikki was my most caring “helper” and taught me about safety and love through true companionship. I somehow knew that Nikki guarded me even before I was aware of the truth of my background.  It was about seven years ago that I started to remember severe trauma along with separate dissociative parts (alters).

        Parts of me often didn’t live in my body, existing in realms outside of me. When I was upset from the intensity of the memories, Nikki nurtured me by lying down with her backside nestled up to my heart chakra and mid section.  I would feel her love and soon calm down.

        Last November (2007), Mr. Puggs made his transition from his body and joined the spirit realm.  It was difficult for Nikki and myself as we mourned the loss of our friend. We had had such fun together. 

       Nikki’s energy showed signs of gradual decline, and in April, I found a couple of lumps on Nikki’s chest. I had a hard time to get her to drink enough water to cleanse toxins, and I knew intuitively that it was cancer.  I asked that Judy view her, and she saw cancer cells in the liver.  I wanted to work holistically with Nikki because that is how I live my life.

       I also wanted to know how long Nikki would be with me. Though I had originally seen Nikki’s exit around August 23rd, Judy saw a window of death/transition around the summer solstice.  June was not here, and I still had time with my beloved companion. 

       It was during this period, as Judy monitored Nikki’s health and I watched her closely, that we came to know Nikki’s real purpose… in my life and hers.  We learned that at night, Nikki would gather up my “kids” (alter personalities), one at a time as if they were pups, and place them in the center of me.  In a session at the end of May ‘08, all my “kids” agreed to come into an inner circle within my body, to have more co-consciousness so that I wouldn’t feel so jangled.  And Nikki had always been their guard no matter where they were.

       The tumor started to affect Nikki’s brain. She was becoming more disoriented and depressed. I noticed that at night, she’d be up all night walking in circles, panting, anxious, and frantic.  I was in a period of integration of some of my parts, and Judy told me Nikki was looking for my kids, grieving their loss and attempting to gather them up as she had always done.  Judy worked with her, witnessing the placement of many of Creator’s teachings to help her know another mission. But Nikki’s soul and sole purpose was to be there for me and my “kids,” and she couldn’t find peace even when I settled down at night.  I would communicate with her both through Theta and outloud telling her that my kids were still with us, that we were all safe and protected.  Nikki was so attuned to me that on the many nights that were rough from ongoing memories, she didn’t sleep and would walk in circles or roam the house.

       The summer solstice came and went, and though she didn’t take that death door, there was a definite shift in her being fully in her body.  I could see this in her eyes…a distancing and disorientation, that she wasn’t really here anymore.  I questioned Judy about Nikki’s state of being. She wasn’t in much pain but wanted to stay with me so that I could integrate and heal more… she wanted to make sure I was okay. 

       Euthanizing Nikki was never an option. She needed to complete her soul’s purpose, and it was almost complete.

       On August 26, I woke up just knowing that Nikki was dying, that it would be immanent.  She had gone 2 ½ weeks without food and barely enough water to stay alive. I came home from work at noon for my appointment with Judy. 

       Nikki was having a very difficult time. Her breathing was labored and her little body was very tense and tight. All I wanted was for Nikki to be able to die in peace. 

       Judy checked in with Nikki’s Higher Self, then checked in with me asking how I was affected by her impending death.  I was very upset. Then Judy asked if Nikki knew about the affect her dying had on me.  “She knew this was hard on me.”  It wasn’t difficult to see the correlation with those words and seeing the result of Nikki’s body being rigid. 

       Judy communicated with Nikki and heard that Nikki not only had her own beliefs about dying but was also picking up on my beliefs.  It became apparent that it was time to dig for the bottom belief to release Nikki and asked me if I would proxy for her.  It was amazing how I was able see the pattern of how Nikki held her beliefs, as clearly as if I were looking at my own.  As the beliefs were being changed, Nikki began to calm down with her body relaxing. 

       Judy then started working with me to get to my beliefs.  All-of-a-sudden, my voice changed to a panic mode, and Nikki’s breath became anxious again.  One of my “kids” was present in the body with her anxiety and beliefs.  Among other beliefs, Creator cleared issues around death being a punishment.  Nikki’s anxiousness left.  Though I wasn’t fully conscious of it at this time, this particular “kid” didn’t want to become part of the inner circle within my body but wanted to be with Nikki to keep her company.

       Judy continued to work back and forth between Nikki and myself during the session, changing beliefs on both of us. As I calmed down, Nikki followed suit until she became very peaceful.  The process was absolutely incredible realizing the depth of Nikki’s commitment and attunement to me as well as to my inner “kids.”      

       Nikki was taught:

How to go directly to Creators’ light.

How to die without me being punished.

How to die without Nikki being punished.

How to die without taking the burden of my pain with her.

How to overview, in her connection to Creator, instead of through the burden of pain.

The choices in going to Creator, instead of the “right way” to go. (Beliefs around the right and wrong ways to do things)

       At the end of the session, Judy suggested I have a party for Nikki, a Celebration of Life, a time to remember our lives together and the service, care and love Nikki had given to me. Why not have balloons, ice cream and cake.  I was concerned that Nikki wouldn’t live until I came home as I needed to return to work, but I liked the idea.  To ease my concern, Judy mentioned that I could put Nikki’s favorite teddy bear next to her with Creator’s teaching of comfort and a sense of me in the bear. Nikki would know that I wanted to be with her.  I moved her bed into the kitchen, put her in it with the teddy bear next to her and left to go back to work with  Nikki looking very peaceful.

       I left work a little early to stop by the store to pick up party stuff.  Nikki had indeed waited for me to come home before she made her transition.  She knew how important it was for me to be with her.  When I came home, Nikki was resting quietly with her sweet nose nested in her teddy bear’s paw.  I put on Steven Halpern’s CD “Divine Intervention,” turned off the lights, lit candles in the room, blew up balloons and softly talked to Nikki sharing all the things I and my “kids” loved about our time together with our dear friend.  After I took pictures, Nikki so gracefully and peacefully left her body. It was a wondrous last breath.

      I sat a few minutes with her body and then went to the 7th plane to watch her go to Creator’s light.  My “kids” and I lit the candles on the cake, took more pictures and celebrated her by placing her paws in clay…Nikki’s paw prints to hold as another gift to us. As I dug her grave, her presence felt very close beside me. Her form was gone, but she would always be our dearly loved friend.

     On the day Nikki made her transition into freedom, the “kid” who didn’t want to join the other “kids” within the circle so she could be with Nikki, began her connection with the inner group. The Unifying Force of Creation is always present.





       The next gathering of the Paradigm Shifters is Saturday, October 18th. The Basic is from 11 AM to 1 PM followed by a veg potluck. The Advanced is from 2-4 PM. The fee is $25 each section and Advanced practitioners are welcome to stay for both sections for $45. Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 15th.  Last month, RSVP’s arrived late. If I don’t have a minimum amount of participants by the posted date, the gathering is cancelled, so please make sure you let me know.

     There will be no practicum in November as I will be studying with Vianna. The next practicum will be my annual Solstice celebration on Saturday, December 20th. Mark your calendars as this is a very fun event in releasing the old to create the new.





        All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge and can be applied toward the PhD. program.


       It’s not to late to register for review or tell others about the BASIC Level 1-2 Workshop hosted by The Institute of Transpersonal Studies in Santa Cruz, CA. on October 10th -12th.

      The ADVANCED ThetaHealing Practitioner’s Certification is also hosted by The Institute of Transpersonal Studies on December 12th-14th this year.

      Please contact Rainya Dann at or 831-425-7837 for either or both workshops.

      Eric Brumett, PhD in Thetahealing, will be teaching an IA workshop in Thousand Oaks, CA from November 5 – 23, 2008. The Basic and Advanced Theta workshops are prerequisites. This course will facilitate the progression of your intuitive abilities and will build your confidence, speed and effectiveness in creating healings.  You will be able to see inside the body and clear beliefs that the different systems hold.        

      Eric is a personal friend of mine, and I hosted him in Santa Rosa to teach the IA in July of 2007.  I highly recommend him as an excellent and knowledgeable facilitator. Trish Turpel is his hostess in Southern CA and can reached at (805) 492-0956 or email The price is  $2000 with a non-refundable deposit of $300 by October 15th, $2100 thereafter, with a deposit of $300 and space permitting.



                                                                     NEWS FROM VIANNA’S NATURE’S PATH


Vianna’s new ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge website is now up and running. There is still some information that will be added, but you can read her story and about ThetaHealing.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Her workshop descriptions are at this site along with her workshops listings and products. Please let others know.

If you haven’t taken the Manifestation and Abundance workshop, you are now able to buy the CD created for this course separately... two ways to connect with All-That-Is and manifest.


You can still sign up for Vianna’s webcasts which happen the 15th of every month. Even if  you’re not available at this day or time, you will be given a phone # to access the conversation. Visit




Extraordinary Creative and Psychic Abilities of Animals                                                       

 Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is the author of more than 75 scientific papers and ten books. In controlled double-blind experiments, he has found compelling evidence of "interspecies telepathy," including the uncanny (yet familiar to many pet owners) ability of dogs to anticipate when their owners are returning home.

Buddy, the German Shepherd, was trained to call 911 anytime he saw his human companion, Joe Stalnack, lay down on the floor. Joe suffers from a seizure disorder due to an accident, and when he blacked out recently, Buddy saved his life by dialing 911. (short video)

Mother duck's 'bird brain' saves ducklings: Petersen, a community police officer for Granville Downtown South (Vancouver), was walking in the 1500-block Granville Street (directly under the Granville Bridge) Wednesday morning when a duck came up and grabbed him by the pant leg. Then it started waddling around him and quacking.  "I went up to where the duck was lying and saw eight little babies in the water below. They had fallen down between the grates."

Cloning Your Pet
Some of the world's first clones to be sold commercially are pets. A South Korean biotech company sold cloned puppies to Bernann McKinney in the UK for $50,000. The puppies were exact clones of the woman's deceased pit bull, named Booger. McKinney had to sell her house to pay for the clones, but according to McKinney, "I had to make sacrifices and I dream of the day, some day, when everyone can afford to clone their pet." Modern-day commercial cloning isn't just for pets. The FDA has also approved livestock cloning as safe for the food supply. Fortunately, for the most part, cloning animals is still too expensive to have an immediate affect on the food supply. Stay tuned to Organic Bytes for all of your cloning news... for all of your cloning news... for all of your cloning news... Learn more:


                                                                               AWARENESS THROUGH ANATOMY

Understanding neurons, their connections, receptors and thoughts: 5 minute video that will help you visualize how teachings/downloads work.

Face reading : Understanding what our face shows to others and about our personalities

Human Brain is Wired to Care and Connect
"Scientists who use advanced imaging technology to study brain function report that the human brain is wired to reward caring, cooperation, and service. According to this research, merely thinking about another person experiencing harm triggers the same reaction in our brain as when a mother sees distress in her baby's face. Conversely, the act of helping another triggers the brain's pleasure center and benefits our health by boosting our immune system, reducing our heart rate, and preparing us to approach and soothe. Positive emotions like compassion produce similar benefits. By contrast, negative emotions suppress our immune system, increase heart rate, and prepare us to fight or flee."




Protocol for removal of amalgam (mercury dental fillings) The protocol recommended for dentists to follow when removing mercury amalgam fillings is based on that of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Even though some of the procedures may vary from dentist to dentist, you will have a good idea of what is done to minimize your exposure to mercury vapor and particles.



Cinnamon is the Key Ingredient in Anti-Mold Wrappers                                                                

     In addition to its other qualities as a flavoring, cinnamon kills microbes. Researchers have taken advantage of that property to develop an anti-mold wrapper.
     Even with bread already tainted with mold, wax paper made with 6 percent cinnamon oil inhibited mold growth by 96 percent, prolonging freshness by up to 10 days. Plain wax paper did not slow the mold at all.
      The environmentally friendly wrapper may also be effective in keeping fruits, vegetables and meats fresh. wrappers.aspx?source=nl

How to tell when leftovers go bad Scientists have developed methods to detect food spoilage, but until these are available on a mass scale, food science and safety experts have some tips

How to live a Wheat-Free Life Style Living with a food allergy makes living in our fast paced world difficult, especially for a child. It is reported by The UCB Institute of Allergy that 13% of the population in Europe alone suffers from food allergies. The numbers for the United States are strikingly similar

Swiss restaurant to serve meals cooked with human breast milk

How To Shop At Whole Foods Market
The merger of Whole Foods Market with Wild Oats highlights the benefits and drawbacks of this organic retail giant. Although Whole Foods Market certainly provides a "feel good" shopping experience for millions of consumers, it's important to keep in mind that WFM isn't nearly as green as it pretends to be. But of course, for many consumers, Whole Foods Market offers the only access for green and organic products. If Whole Foods Market is the only option available in your area, here are some important tips for the organic-minded shopper:



In terms of nutrition, there's a huge difference between "junk" vitamins and higher end vitamins -- called "premethylated" vitamins.  And while most low-end consumer vitamin companies rely on the energy-stealing forms of these vitamins, quality vitamin companies use the higher-end (and more expensive) premethylated forms. Cheap vitamins (non-methylated) will use standardized "USP" vitamins such as "Thiamin USP (thiamin HCL) vitamin B1." That's the chemical form of vitamin B1, and it actually requires a donation of cellular energy from your body before you can use it. The form of B12 in cheap vitamins is cyanocobalamin. Quality vitamins, on the other hand, will use the "coenzyme" forms of the B vitamins. Thse will often be listed with the word "coenzyme," and the form of vitamin B12 will appear as either methylcobalamin or hydroxycobalamin. That's a sure sign of a high-end, quality multivitamin.  Find out more on little known truth about vitamins and health

What’s inside a newborn’s body that is toxic? What makes children vulnerable to chemicals? When a newborn baby takes her first breath, she is already contaminated with a range of chemicals... this is the finding in the latest compelling research conducted by several leading authorities in the field of health and wellbeing

Top 10 Disturbing Facts About BigPharma’s Quality Control Problem   Nobody in the drug industry -- not the FDA, not Big Pharma, nobody! -- has ever tested the long-term safety of using multiple prescription drugs in combination. These chemical cocktails of two, five or a dozen prescription drugs are extremely toxic to the liver, kidneys and other organs, and there is zero scientific evidence showing them to be safe for long-term combined consumption by consumers.

The Great Cholesterol Myth Busted: So if the problem isn’t saturated fat and cholesterol, what is it? It’s an amino acid called homocysteine. Normally, homocysteine is used to build and maintain tissues. Your body forms homocysteine

when you eat food containing an amino acid called methionine, which is present in all animal and vegetable protein. But too much in your bloodstream literally shreds your arteries from the inside out, allowing fat and cholesterol to stick...eventually leading to total blockage, followed by a heart attack or stroke.

          Thirty years of intensive research has revealed that excess homocysteine disables a mechanism in your arterial cells called contact inhibition, which regulates the growth of the smooth muscle cells just below the inner wall of the artery. As a result, the smooth muscle cells multiply out of control. This creates a bulge that pushes other cells apart and protrudes into the artery. This is what makes arteriosclerosis possible: The inner wall

becomes uneven and rough, then the build up of plaque begins…and the rest, as they say, is scientific.

Is Your Body Clock Making You Fat?   

A disrupted body clock can wreak havoc on many areas of your health, including your weight….losing sleep has been shown to raise levels of two hormones linked with appetite and eating behavior. More specifically, lack of sleep reduces leptin, a hormone that tells your brain there is no need for more food, and increases ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger.

Does too much sun causes melanoma. Sam Shuster, a consultant dermatologist at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, argues that sun exposure is not the major cause of malignant melanoma. Melanoma occurrence actually decreases with greater sun exposure and can be increased by sunscreens.

Gene Hooks Smokers at First Puff

Puffing on a first cigarette is a rite of passage for many teenagers, but whether it is enjoyable may be partly down to genetics, researchers suggest.  University of Michigan scientists have identified a gene variant found more often in people who said their first cigarette produced a "buzz". These people were much more likely to go on to become regular smokers, the journal Addiction reports.

Levels of Radiation (Radon) in Granite Countertops:                                                                

As described in the New York Times article, some countertops can measure at levels that are 100 times or more above the ambient radon levels. The major reason for sharing this information is to allow you to measure any new slabs of granite you plan on installing.

FDA is Determined to Mislead Labeling on Irradiated Foods

FDA is intentionally plotting to deceive consumers over the labeling of irradiated foods, attempting to eliminate any requirement for informative labeling or replace the word "irradiated" with "pasteurized."

Is Sugar more Addictive than Cocaine? According to a new research study, refined sugar is far more addictive than cocaine -- one of the  most addictive and harmful substances currently known. An astonishing 94 percent of rats who were allowed to choose mutually-exclusively between sugar water and cocaine, chose sugar. Even rats who were addicted to cocaine quickly switched their preference to sugar, once it was offered as a choice. The rats were also more willing to work for sugar than for cocaine. The researchers speculate that the sweet receptors (two protein receptors located on the tongue), which evolved in ancestral times when the diet was very low in sugar, have not adapted to modern times’ high-sugar consumption


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