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October 2011

Hi to All: I’m changing the monthly presentation format for my newsletter a little. I have it divided into sections:

Announcements for Spiritual Growth will be the top section and below that will be the Blog for the Soul and Evolution News Feed.

Enjoy, Judy


                                                                   ANNOUNCEMENTS for SPIRITUAL GROWTH

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The next Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday, October 15th. The Basic is from 11 AM to 1 PM and the Advanced is from 2- 4 PM with a semi-veg potluck from 1-2 at my home in Santa Rosa (email for directions). The cost is $25 for each section or $45 for both if you're an Advanced student/practitioner in attendance. Make sure you tell me which sections you'll be attending.  Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, October 12th as space is limited. I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful.

To mark your calendars, the dates for the remaining practicums for 2011 are November 11th and December 17th which is my annual Solstice party (they are awesome every year)


                                                                    THE THETAHEALING® SCHOOL OF CALIFORNIA


                                                                   (Visit us at )

The following courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at                                               


                                        October 21st -23rd: BASIC LEVEL 1-2 WORKSHOP- in Santa Rosa, CA—Friday-Sunday

                                                                            [$49 scholarship available until 10/7/11]

                                          November 18th -20th  ADVANCED WORKSHOP- in Santa Rosa, CA—Friday-Sunday

                                                                        co-taught with ThetaHealing® Instructor, Annisa Aguilar

                                                 [prerequiste is Basic workshop in last 3 years; $50 scholarship available until until 11/4/11]

                                     December 3rd-4th  MANIFESTATION & ABUNDANCE-in Santa Rosa, CA--Sat.-Sun.                                                                             [prerequisite-Basic & Advanced; Special [$44 scholarship available until 11/18/11]


                       January 16th to February 3rd, 2012 INTUITIVE ANATOMY in Santa Rosa, CA--Monday-Friday                                                                                  w/Thetahealing® Master, Eric Brumett

                                      [prerequisite-Basic & Advance; Special pricing until 12/26/11 of $2,100 if paid in full; thereafter $2200]                                                              Contact OR 646-755-8828

                                                           April 2nd to 6th, 2012: WORLD RELATIONS in Santa Rosa, CA

                                                       [prerequisites--Basic, Advance, Intuitive Anatomy or Basic & Advance Teachers] 



                                                                                                 THinK (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®)      


THInK Webcast is September 30, 2011 at 12:00pm MDT for Practitioners and 1:00pm MDT for Instructors.  To sign up, click It is $26 for each section which goes to a charity, and you can send questions in ahead of time for the webcast. (For the practitioners webcast email and for the instructors webcast email


                                                                                                  BLOG FOR THE SOUL


After 13 years (my lucky number), I finally completed all the courses that ThetaHealing® has to offer including all the electives to receive my Certificate of Science.  It was a really big deal for me.  I know that some of the 80 graduates received this honor in taking all the courses in four months at ThinK® or over the last few years, but I have always taken the road less traveled (which has made all the difference for me).  Along this timely path, I re-certified many times on the foundational and indepth levels of ThetaHealing®  to keep up with the changing information, which occurs in any modality that continually evolves.  And I’m also one who likes to really integrate what I’m being taught. It’s kind of a ‘walk-my-talk’ theme that is an important value for me.  

Those two weeks encompassed amazing experiences as well as a good dose of intensity. I took five courses and was in classes during the day, two evenings, and one weekend.  I attempted to get all my notes typed up each night, the organizational Capricorn that I am, but that didn’t happen after the first night…chill and sleep time became important. And I wanted to socialize.

People came up to me, who I had no idea who they were, saying they had been waiting to meet me and would I sign their book. ("Moving Beyond").  I felt blessed and honored by so many as they told me how important my book is to the ThetaHealing® community and them personally…I was really touched! I don’t do famous, so I just used it as an opportunity to be present with each person who approached me. I even met a man who came up to me after being in a smaller SoulMate workshop together in Idaho saying he first heard of ThetaHealing®  through my website. He was from Europe. And these classes, which he had been taking only as an audit, had changed his physical and emotional conditions and life tremendously as he had been really sick. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for having a website that shared so much information that it inspired him to take his next step. Wow! One never knows how something small can change a life.

What stood out the most was the diversity of so many of us from every wake of life--so many different religions, cultures and countries coming together in the experience of change, peace, and love… world peace in one large room a microcosm of what we have to offer the world… Moslems, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, people from Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, Turkey, UK, Russia, Bosnia, Slovenia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Africa, US, Canada—all  willing to hold their partners hands while digging out fears and issues around diseases and disorders, about their abilities in DNA3 Instructors, about their pain of partnerships and relationships in the Soulmate class, and about their self-esteem, their strengths and weaknesses, body image and beauty issues in the Weight Liberation class. This is not easy to do with strangers all clustered close together in one room.

Another inspirational occurrence was when I had the priviledge of listening to a sweet Japanese woman stand up in front of the class and share her deeply moving story of a complete healing of metastasized breast cancer which happened several years ago through ThetaHealing and All-That-Is. The cancer was in her left breast with over a 5 cm tumor, had spread to her lymph and bones in her chest. She is a single mom of three and could not afford the standard treatment of radiation & chemotherapy. Being a spiritual women, she prayed, in her way, on what to do next. She was lead to a book store where, literally, a ThetaHealing® book fell off the shelf and landed on her foot. She picked it up and read the first page knowing she had been given a gift (rather than a bruised foot…nothing like realizing what the highest level of truth is when you least expect it). 

While reading more of the book,  she continued to pray everyday using the 7th plane meditation until her next doctor's appointment two weeks later where it was found that the tumor had shrunk in half.  She felt so supported that her intuition and prayers were working.  The doctors still wanted her to have surgery to remove the tumor and take the chemo and radiation treatments as the cancer was invasive. She decided only on the surgery as her financial situation hadn’t changed any, but her spirit felt so strong and hopeful; and instead, she took the foundational ThetaHealing® courses. She went on to complete two Intuitive Anatomy courses focusing on clearing the related beliefs around breast cancer, and then returned to her doctors where it was medically proven that ALL the cancer was completely gone.

We all applauded. Vianna was tearful…I could see how touched she was as were the rest of us.  This woman's story was such a similar journey as what happened to Vianna 16 years earlier. It was just an “IT IS” moment because Vianna started to understand the Japanese language that was being translated… inspiration has no words. Kyoko will have her story on video as a testimony for ThetaHealing®  soon. 

In between classes, there was life in the ‘real’ world to maneuver through. While being inspired in DNA3 Instructors, I was given an immediate Divine task to practice on…my computer. I went to look at a video of my granddaughter early one morning on FB when a high tone screech went off that made my hostess, who was upstairs,  wonder what was going on in my bedroom.  Immediately, my computer and browser froze…twice… before I left for class.

After doing the DNA3  molecule alignment and some belief work, I realized that I was angry at my computer for being part of Toshiba,  a company I felt lacked integrity in how it dealt with me earlier in the year when I initially bought the laptop. It’s hard to manifest when there are resentments in the way directly related to the object at hand, so I cleared the issues.

At lunch, I went back to where I was renting and put DNA3 into practice.  The computer still wouldn’t open except for safe mode, and I don’t even know how I landed up there.  So I saw myself & the computer as sparkly atoms of Creator’s light at the 7th  Plane, and I  visualized myself stepping into the computer to watch change. I was shown the hard drive where an “energetic virus” was lurking and watched it change along with some other hard drive issues. If you ask  me what it was, I wouldn’t be able to tell you…it just looked like light moving. In my astonishment, something kicked in at that moment on the computer screen saying that the computer was going to attempt to open itself but had to reset the start. It reminded me of when we ThetaHealers use to witness a healing by being taken before the onset of when the condition first occurred, remote view before it happened to watch change.  I left just allowing the computer to do whatever it was doing.

I went back to class clearing more beliefs around inanimate objects, being 'bugged' by things and working more on my beliefs about my abilities. This allowed me to have fun in doing the next exercise which was watching my pencil vibrate and move (no…it was not an electric pencil, whatever that is).  Telekinesis has definitely been redefined in ThetaHealing by inviting the object, which has consciousness, to dance or move. I later had the delight to help a friend who was blocked around her pencil not moving, and after the session, her pencil rolled off the chair by her invitation. Of course, this may seem like a kid’s game, but heck, you got to start somewhere, and playing with creation can be totally delightful if you see it out of a ‘child’s’ mind of wonder.

I came home for dinner telling my hostess that I was completely unattached whether the computer crashed or not. I just felt so happy from all the clearing I had done during the afternoon that the computer seemed unimportant. The worse that could happen is that I’d have to pay a tech to fix it.  Believe me, this is not my normal mode of operational thoughts.  I went to the computer and saw that it somehow had finished its reboot in safe mode. I turned it off, then pressed the ‘on’ button, and it opened right up. My hostess was in total surprise as was I.  It could have been an “of course” moment, but I’m still getting use to the veils separating for the illusion to change quickly.

After graduation ceremony and goodbye’s were said, a friend, from another country, and I decided to do some more belief work together. I found out that I had a natural, genetically born teleporter in front of me besides her being a jumper (being able to have multi-dimensional experiences all at one time and remember). She shared how it ran in her family, her mother had the gift but was punished for it, and that she had experienced an interesting episode several years ago with teleporting.

She was in a car accident and was hit on the driver’s side. The next thing she knew was that she was 400 feet from a pub, walked in, called the police to report an accident and walked back to the car which was a distance away. There was a crowd of people around her car with the police there. Everybody was asking where the driver was as there were witnesses to the accident. She called out from behind the crowd that she was the driver. Can you imagine a crowd all turning around at once in surprise?  She was then asked “How did you get there? Who called the police?” At which point she answered, “ I don’t know how I got out of the car. I found myself near a pub and called the police.” It was a definite “Hmmm” moment.  So I worked on her beliefs around only being able to teleport when there was an emergency. I remember thinking to myself that I wish it was so naturally innate for me to teleport as I dug on her not really thinking of my own abilities.

I woke up the next morning finishing my packing and not feeling very well. As I drove to Salt Lake and got onto the plane, I was totally grateful that the plane only had 47 passengers because I was feeling really sick. I laid across the three passenger seats that I had to my own wondering why I’m feeling like I might not make it to bathroom if these waves of nausea don’t cease. I slept inbetween doing some Jin Shin Jyutsu on myself and awoke to the plane landing. I managed to get off the plane very weak and found my way to the baggage claim. My daughter came to pick me up, and while she was in the bathroom, I thought to myself, “When was the last time I felt this way.” It was an “ahha” moment…  “When I teleported three years ago.” I forgot that I have teleported quite a few times, but it’s been in my sleep, and I woke up sick each time not remembering where I had been.  It’s one of the things I’m working on…not doing it instinctively but with conscious planning or thought through the 7th Plane.  

I was grateful, though, that this time I didn’t completely get sick, even if my previous reactions were very similar to what happened when Vianna and another ThetaHealing instructor teleported. Vianna and the Instructor were in an elevator realizing they had taken the wrong one and had to be at the other end of the building quickly or they would miss a meeting (or connection…something like that). The next moment they were still in an elevator but a new set of elevator doors opened and they were on the floor and place in the building they needed to be. The Instructor was sick for three days…it was obviously a shock to the body and perception…the impossible becoming immediately possible…remember we are all practicing DNA3.  But this is what we are moving into (I don’t mean not being sick, though this is great too) but getting over the fact that life is an illusion, and we can be masters in playing with and in it.

With all the wonderful people I met each time I go to Idaho, and the energy that occurs with constant connection to the 7th Plane,  it is usually difficult to maintain that sense of support and camaraderie that was so embedded while we were all at THinK (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge).  I’m happy to say that my sense of purpose, my new-found friends, Skype and FB keep me up-to-date with my classmates. I wish that everyone could have this wonderful opportunity to feel so held and loved more often. ThetaHealing is not just a is a way of ever-expanding awareness of Creation and our co-creation with All-That-Is.

I look forward to sharing some new workshops in the near future.

Many blessings,



                                                                                               EVOLUTION NEWS FEED



The Day I Died

Inspiring, well-documented BBC video on near-death experiences...explores what happens to consciousness when the brain stops & the fascinating topic of life after death in general...highlights key cases where individuals were declared clinically dead for a period of time and then came back to life, powerful evidence is presented that consciousness can, in fact, separate from the body to see and experience things not possible from inside the body.


                                                                                                        SOCIAL CHANGE

The Economics of Happiness                                                                                                                

describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions. On the one hand, government and big business continue to promote globalization and the consolidation of corporate power. At the same time, all around the world people are resisting those policies, demanding a re-regulation of trade and finance—and, far from the old institutions of power, they’re starting to forge a very different future. Communities are coming together to re-build more human scale, ecological economies based on a new paradigm – an economics of localization.

Social Entrepreneurs-What makes them tick?                                                                            

Five extraordinary social entrepreneurs talk about their defining moments - when the urge to change the world gathered such force they couldn't ignore it.  "I've interviewed several hundred social entrepreneurs over the last 15 years," says David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas”,  and the thing that struck me is how little they think about sacrifice, ... and how much their lives are about really doing something that gives them extraordinary joy and satisfaction when they're successful."

Former Homeless Man's Videos Profile Life On Street

most people have never walked down the street and looked for homeless people — most look the other way. But not Mark Horvath. A former Hollywood insider, Horvath has been a drug addict, con artist and, for a brief period, homeless. He says he's left that life behind, and these days, he's drawing on his dark past to inspire his Web site — The site is a collection of YouTube-length video profiles of homeless people he's met across the country, and it's become a surprise hit in social media circles. Horvath's style is simple and effective: Let people talk.


                                                                                                                 TIME TRAVEL

Faster than the Speed of Light raises Prospect of Time Travel

If the neutrino experiment is confirmed, it opens the door to at least sending messages through time using those neutrinos, physicists say. You might even be able to send messages to "past you" with neutrinos, one physicist suggests. Experiencing time backwards, once thought impossible, might be outside the realm of sci-fi, another imagines



                                                                                                            GENE INTELLIGENCE

Have you heard of the God Gene (VMAT2)?

This was on the front cover of TIME mag. on 10/25/04.  A vaccine has been developed that has purportedly been tested & shown to reduce fundamentalism & religiosity in all who are infected by damaging this gene. It will inhibit/decrease the expression of the VMAT2 in humans generally. NO JOKE! Here’s a leaked video and information.


                                                                                                            MICROBE INTELLIGENCE

Bonnie Bassler discovered that bacteria "talk" to each other, using a chemical language that lets them coordinate defense and mount attacks. The find has stunning implications for medicine, industry -- and our understanding of ourselves.

Soil bacteria destroys cancer cells                                                                                                

Researchers from the University of Nottingham and the University of Maastricht have developed a therapy using Clostridium sporogenes, a bacterium common in dirt. They found that when spores of the bacteria are injected into cancer patients, they only grow in solid tumors. Inside the cancerous growth, the bacteria produce a specific enzyme that activates a cancer drug. The results? Unlike current chemotherapy, the natural bacteria treatment causes only the cancer cells to be destroyed while healthy cells are left unharmed.

Scientists discover virus that kills all grades of breast cancer ‘within seven days’   

The virus, known as adeno-associated virus type 2 (AAV2), is naturally occurring and carried by up to 80 percent of humans, but it does not cause any disease. it proved capable of wiping out cancer cells at multiple stages, negating the need for differing treatments used today.


                                                                                                               ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE

Dogs sniff out cancer                                                                                                                                          

Lung cancer can be difficult to detect early, but a new study done in Germany reported by, has found that dogs can be taught to sniff out 71 out of 100 cancer patients. They also were able to pick out 372 out of 400 who did NOT have the disease. "Not only that, but they could tell the difference between lung cancer and COPD. And it didn’t matter what medications they were on, whether they had recently been smoking, or what they had recently eaten," Gizmodo reports.



Dangers of Toxic Mold                                                                                                                         

Dr. Jack Thrasher, he estimated that as many as 40 percent of American schools and 25 percent of homes have mold infestations, unbeknownst to the people occupying those buildings. It follows that adverse health effects of mold may be reaching pandemic levels. Growing right along with mold are what are called "gram negative" and "gram positive" bacteria. Just like mold, they require moisture and organic material to thrive and are often found growing in the same places as mold, and the synergistic action between mold and bacteria further worsen inflammatory health conditions. Oftentimes, bacterial infections occur alongside fungal infections and make treatment more complicated.

Drug Companies Provide 60% of FDA’s Drug Review Costs

This is according to the FDA itself…which means that the FDA’s review and regulation of pharmaceutical drugs is largely funded by the very drug companies under review!              


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