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October 2016


                                                                          ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


The next ONLINE Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday, October 15th at 10:30 to 11:45 AM PDT.  This month’s topic is the Inner Child Concept and how it can be used for digging. This topic is in my book, “Moving Beyond” so for those who have read it, feel free to bring your questions. The practicum is recorded if you can’t make it live, and a link will be sent to view it on your own time.

Please reserve your space by sending me an email no later than Thursday, the 13th, along with your Paypal payment (to so you have easy access ability to use the program download and its set-up instructions.  I’m unable to send the instructions the day of the practicum.


The 75 minute online gathering or the video recording is $30, or receive both for $40.

              *Receive a 10% discount for a 3-month Regular Subscription ($81). This includes either participation in the online gathering or video recording. Personal attendance can be interchanged with the video recording from month-to-month. If I don't present in any given month, the subscription extends to the next month.

              *Receive a 10% discount for a 3-month Inclusive Subscription ($108). This includes participation  in the online gathering and video recording. If you don't personally attend one month, you will still receive the video and can attend online the following month. (No video will be included then). If I don't present in any given month, the subscription extends to the next month.


I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. This practicum is geared for any level. Besides having time to work on our self, remember that being educated in different fields of spiritual understandings,  makes our training more applicable and supports us to be more skillful practitioners. Being with like-minded people helps to create safety and camaraderie.


                                                                               ACCREDITED THETAHEALING WORKSHOPS


All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science programs. If you have not taken the Basic or Advanced in 5 years, you are due for renewal in order to keep the name ThetaHealing in use through your website or practice. Reduced pricing is available if it's been 5 years or less. More information is at

                                                                                Advanced-October 21-23rd , Friday-Sunday


                                                      Manifestation and Abundance-December 10-11th, Saturday-Sunday


                                                                                 Basic-January 20-22 2017, Friday-Sunday


                                                                                                     BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Quote of the month: If a classroom or a family full of caring children makes for a more peaceful and cooperative learning environment, just imagine what we could accomplish in a world populated by such children.”~ Jessica Lahey, Motherload, Living the Family Dynamic


Virtues is the key word in ThetaHealing Technique nowadays…discover them, acknowledge them, develop them, download them (which I witness on students during the Advanced workshop), take action with them, live and breathe them into our lives. Some of us are born with certain ones well-established and others are brought to us to embody.

My precious 6 year old granddaughter has a very established sense of empathy, and most of the time, is very kind. She can also track a concept in staying focused as well as connecting the dots in a story or conversation. (Oh, do I love this ability…a girl after my own heart.)


In order to be truly empathetic, a child not only needs to see another’s point of view, but  needs to know how to understand,  respect,  value and be considerate of another person’s perspective even when they don’t agree with them. They can then learn to agree to disagree, which helps them to stand in their truth but also supporting others to do the same.  There are so many virtues connected to just these dynamics besides the ones stated like: acceptance, assertiveness, authenticity, caring, communication, compassion, openness, and consideration to name a few.

So my family are actors and often perform at the Renaissance or Dickens’ Christmas fairs in Northern California. They are fully costumed for the period with matching accents. My children have been doing this since they were little as it was their father’s activity with them. I’d occasionally show up to participate on the side-lines. And now two of my grandchildren have been brought into the plays since birth.


Last weekend was a small, local Renaissance fair in 85 to 100? F weather. I dressed up for 3 hours and felt that was all that I wanted partake in being hot. Everyone came back to my house after where I had prepared dinner. My granddaughter, ‘M’, came to the table, where I was placing refried beans on her taco shell. She started screaming to stop. It startled me. I asked what was wrong.

She burst into tears sobbing loudly, “You can’t do this!” I didn’t know what I had done. I stood there with spoon in hand thinking that maybe there was somehow more than refried beans on the shell, but at second glance, that was all that appeared.


Her mother walked over explaining that ‘M’ and her father have a ritual when they eat tacos. They like to layer it together with all the different condiments, like salsa, avocados, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce, and have a discussion as they do it. Of course, I didn’t know this and told ‘M’.

She continued to literally have a meltdown, not wanting to hear me or her mother explain possible options. We wanted her to know that the tacos could be switched out with someone else’s tacos (untainted by refried beans), so she could put them in the order she wants.  In her not being able to be present to any explanation, her mother asked her to leave the room until she could talk about what was going on for herself and how this could be otherwise resolved.


‘M’ finally arrived back at the table 10 minutes later still upset. Her mother prompted her to explain herself and what was going on. After a rather difficult time, she could finally communicate her feelings and hear the options. She took her seat at the table and started eating as I watched her father and her proceed into their taco ritual.

After a few bites, ‘M’ says to me, “Why didn’t you ask me first, Grandma, before you put the beans on my taco?”  I told her that I didn’t know there would be any issue as I put the taco shells on the plate as well. I continued, “And I also prepared all this so everyone could come back from a hot day to a nice dinner. When you screamed at me, I felt hurt, like what I prepared meant nothing, didn’t count, and you didn’t notice I had everything ready. I had all of you in mind to have an enjoyable meal together.” I said nothing to imply any blame or projected guilt, but just shared my feelings and intentions.


'M' looked at me as I said nothing more, and continued my meal. She got up from her chair on the other side of the table, walked over to me with a rather serious face, and wrapped her arms around me squeezing me in hugs over and over, putting her face to my cheek. “I’m sorry, Grandma,” as she continued hugging and kissing me.

I was so taken back that I almost cried. I had no idea she would respond nor did I expect it.  Neither did her parents. In her acknowledging what I said with empathy, understanding, care and love, I told her how much her actions meant to me. She felt very seen and appreciated as I spoke to her apology, and she continued to hug me more.


We sleep in the same room when she visits, and at 7 AM the next morning, she hops into bed for cuddle time. She then decided that one part of the curtains needed to be open as she stood under my green, glossy elephant plant umbrella-ed over her head to the backdrop of the green leaves of my lemon tree and green casita in the backyard. I wanted to take a picture of her because it looked so surreal and magical, but instead we started to talk about how important trees are and their functions. She knows I talk to my plants and trees.

She hopped back into my bed to cuddle and talk again. She added to the conversation that the trees and plants make oxygen so we can breathe (Who would have guessed she knew that at 6?). I shared about how there are sprays that try to kill the bugs on plants and trees, which they also absorb to purify the air, but the sprays are poisonous. I then tell her a brief history about the companies that make the sprays, and that they lie to people while making a lot of money off their lies. Even then some people still believe them in thinking they are helping them and the plants and trees.  She listened attentively, and said, “We could call them death companies.”


I laughed so hard putting my hand up in the air, “Give me a high five. Yes, that is totally true!” I just loved how she connected the dots with something so cleaver in identifying the actions.

We finished our conversation just in time for her mom and little brother to let us know it’s time to get ready for the Ren fair again. After they left and I cleaned up the house, I reflected on our time together.


When a child is so loved and their needs are truly addressed in ways that teach them about the world around them, the ability to empathize flourishes and can be expressed with global inclusivity and deep concern. I look forward to watching her grow to have all the opportunities to bring her virtues and abilities to this ever transitional planet and be a peacemaker full of empathy, compassion, care and truth… and for all the children of the world…to have a chance at this as well.

In deep care,


I extracted possible beliefs from the story. Energy test yourself for them through digging if applicable and use Creator’s teachings including the ones below if they fit.


*I have to scream or be upset to get my needs met.

*Caring for others negates my own needs.

*My care towards others gets disqualified unless I read minds.

Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads:

I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it's possible, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

* Be aware of what virtues need to be developed in myself

* Have acceptance towards myself and others

* Be assertive, when necessary, to meet my own needs

* Embody authenticity

* Be caring even if I have to leave the situation to take care of myself

* Use communication in a way to be fully understood and be heard

* Work with compassionate action in any situation

* Allow for openness and consideration even in difficult times

* Be empathetic even if feeling angry or upset.

* Use empathy to create loving connections
* Be present for possible viable choices in order to resolve a situation through All That Is
* Resolve issues with another without blaming or projecting onto another
* To be able to connect the dots of a story or situation to make a clear assessment.
* Have humor in my life on a daily basis


                                                                                              EVOLUTION NEWSFEED



                                                                                       CHILDREN DEVELOPING VIRTUES

Teaching Children Empathy

The project offers these five suggestions for developing empathy in children:

1. Empathize with your child and model how to feel compassion for others. 2. Make caring for others a priority and set high ethical expectations [I’ll add including oneself  in the caring mix as a priority]. 3. Provide opportunities for children to practice. 4. Expand your child’s circle of concern. 5. Help children develop self-control and manage feelings effectively.


Simple act of kindness: 3rd grader pays off school lunch debt for many children in his district

Cayden Taipalus, a student at a Detroit Elementary was appalled since he saw his friend receive a cheese sandwich instead of a hot lunch because his account was short. He went home that day and was clearly upset about the lunch situation asking his mother how he could help his friend so it would never happen again. With the help of his mother, he came up with a web page aimed at fundraising called, “Pay It Forward: No Kids Goes Hungry.” He has raised nearly $7,000 which have purchased hot lunches for more than 300 students. He plans to continue this so that no child would ever be denied a hot lunch again.



Scientists discover dolphins ‘can speak almost like humans’

While it has long been acknowledged dolphins are of high intelligence and can communicate within a larger pack, their ability to converse with each other individually has been less understood. Each pulse produced by a dolphin “is different from another” in its time span and the frequencies it emits. It can be assume that each pulse represents a phoneme or a word of the dolphin’s spoken language.



Human Aura & Intentions -Mind Over Matter…Princeton & Russian Scientist Reveal The Secrets

To help create a bridge between our physical and unseen world, scientific experiments using a technique called bioelectrophotography are being carried out. In these experiments, an assumption must be made that states the human body and consciousness is constantly emitting energy. Following this assumption, Bioelectrophotography aims to capture these energy fields seen as a light around the body. In the metaphysical world this energy emission is known as a person’s aura, while in the scientific field, it is often referred to as our energy field. We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world,” said Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

Harvard MRI study proves meditation literary rebuild the brain’s gray matter in 8 weeks

Researchers found that meditation practitioners not only feel better but are literally undergoing changes in brain structure that create associated sustained boosts in positive and relaxed feelings and a thickening of the cerebral cortex-- the area responsible for attention and emotional integration.


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