Theta DNA Activation

    September '07

     Whoa! A few more weeks and it will be the Fall Equinox. I'm not sure just where the summer went. If you feel that time is getting away from you, know that muscles hold the concept of time.  Yes, it's just a concept as in reality, there is no time. Life is only what we believe.  You can change one reality to another by choice. When we live fully in life, we can learn to walk on air as air is really thick. But our muscles hold this reality as separate.  And manifestations get tied up through our muscles.  So take "time" to give to yourself, your body, relax, release tension and stress so your muscles will work more effectively with you.

    There has definitely been some shifting this summer with the 7/7,  7/17 and 8/8 Stargate shift along with Piscean Virgo Lunar Eclipse on the 28th. (I got a glimpse of it at 2 AM). 

    If you have feelings as if you have lost some sort of emotional support, more teary-eyed or floods of emotions, this can be an effect of this eclipse.  This is a time for us to assess where we are, where we have been and where we are going.  This is an opportunity to be aware of what we are creating through our words, thoughts, actions and choices that we make, most of which have come from our beliefs and programs.  Can we separate what ideals and beliefs are our own or ones that we have taken on from others?  Can we create from the free-flow of Creator's consciousness without being hindered by our fears, regrets, resentments, prejudices and grudges?

    Have you worked on resentments but sense that there is something residual

leftover? Check regrets.  They can also hold up manifestations.



    August's practicum surprised many of the more seasoned practitioners with new information on how quickly belief changes and Creator's teachings can be done. This new information will be taught at the Advanced Workshop on November 9th-11th along with over 400 Creator's downloads, more exercises, and a deeper and richer understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence.  

    The next Basic Workshop will be October 5th to 7th in Santa Rosa. If you have friend, family or associates that you feel would benefit, let them know. There is a reduced price for review students.

    Part of the understanding of ThetaHealing is through practice, both with instruction and on your own. Taking the Basic, alone, will not give you all the tools necessary to be a competent practitioner or feel completely comfortable working on yourself.  Digging on beliefs is a skill and Art form.  You can learn to really dig deeply to find that bottom belief and feel the difference.

    ThetaHealing is a community who supports each other. That's why I hold the Paradigm Shifter's gatherings once a month. You will hear new information as well as review coursework to make it more easily absorbed and integrated. The Basic workshop has so much information that there are questions that arise which can be addressed in the group.  You will have time to work in diads, receive healings and meet new people from different classes and levels.

   The next Paradigm Shifter's gathering is Saturday, September 29th. The Basic is from 11 AM to 1 PM and the Advanced is from 2 to 4 PM. There is a veg potluck from 1-2 PM. The fees are $20 for each section or $35 for both if you're an Advanced practitioner.  All fees go towards the scholarship/grant fund. Please RSVP by September 26th.    

   Below are articles and a video to support the growing changes on the planet. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Many Blessings,




The world is really changing in a positive way! Check out this short, inspirational video, "Blessed Unrest" by Paul Hawkins, renowned environmentalist, who speaks about a movement that has risen in every city, country, tribe, ethnic group spontaneously world-wide-- over 130,000 organizations that work for social and environmental change.



The demand for raw, unpasteurized milk is booming. According to Sally Fallon, president for the Weston A. Price Foundation, the number of raw milk drinkers is now at about half a million people across the United States. Find out the benefits of raw milk and how to make sure that it's healthy for you. [My children were raised on raw goat and cow's milk from which I made raw milk yogurt, butter, and ice cream.  Do bless your food in Theta from it's source to ensure it's viability, nutrients and health. ]

Expert Report and Recommendation on Raw Milk

A new study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine indicates that the annual $10 billion the food and beverage industry is spending on advertising foods to kids is working alarmingly well. The study found that four out of five kids preferred the flavor of foods served in McDonalds packaging as compared to the exact same foods served in packaging without the McDonalds brand. By the time they are two years old, children may already have beliefs about certain brands, and by the age of six they can recognize brands and specific brand products. Not surprisingly, the study found that kids with more televisions in the home had stronger preferences for brands. The authors suggested this study strengthened the justification for tighter regulation or banning of advertising and marketing of high calorie, low nutrient food and drink, and perhaps a ban on all marketing that is aimed at young children.
Learn more and take action in OCA's "Appetite for a Change" campaign:

[It would be interesting to change the beliefs of children around discerning TV advertising from the Truth and how to separate others opinions from their opinions.]



        PepsiCo Inc. has agreed to add the words “public water source” to their Aquafina water labels.   Pepsi’s Aquafina, and Coca-Cola Co.’s Dasani bottled waters, are both made of purified water from public reservoirs. Coca-Cola will post online consumer information about the quality control testing that goes into their bottled water, sometime near the end of summer, or early fall 2007.              

        Critics against the bottled water industry point out that they add plastic to landfills, use enormous amounts of energy and gas by producing and shipping bottles across the globe, and undermine public confidence in the safety of public water supplies.                                                                   

        Some cities have already taken proactive steps in trying to curb bottled water consumption. The mayor of San Francisco has banned city employees from using city funds to buy bottled water if tap water is available, and Ann Arbor, Michigan has passed a resolution banning commercially bottled water at city events


FDA-Approved Drugs Causes Hypersexuality and Compulsive Gambling

Hundreds of people have reportedly contacted lawyers about joining class-action lawsuits that allege Mirapex (used to treat Parkinson’s disease), and Requip (for restless legs syndrome-RLS) caused unusual side effects such as "pathological gambling”“increased libido including hypersexuality”, compulsive eating, and shopping. [ [Have Creator balance their brain chemistry particularly their dopamine]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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