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Oriental charactersLiterally defined, Jin Shin Jyutsu is the Creator's Art through Compassionate Man, an innate part of human wisdom waiting to become reawakened. As Plato once said, "Learning is remembering." All is within us waiting to be brought to consciousness.

We are always utilizing parts of Jin Shin Jyutsu naturally--folding our hands, leaning on our cheeks, placing our hands on our hips. With increasing awareness, we understand what these holds mean, how the energy moves to unblock the stagnations, when to utilize the flows and mudras (finger positions known in Japan as injos), where the energy flows and the why of life, the philosophy. All the answers to our life and form are contained right within us.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu, according to the ancient records, dates from before Moses and Gautama Buddha but was dormant for 1200 years. The Knowledge was transmitted by oral tradition until it was written down in the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Things, 712 A.D.). The Kojiki appears to be the mythological story of Creation, yet it is actually the story of ourselves--the Gods and Goddesses, their lives, loves, and battles, are the representation of the different flows within each of us. With the Kojiki's deeper meaning symbolically "hidden," the true concepts of this Art became lost and only the written records remained.

Around the turn of the 20th century in Japan, Jiro Murai, a young philosopher from a prominent medical family, became terminally ill. He asked his family to leave him at their mountain retreat alone for seven days and return on the eighth. Jiro Murai had read about great sages in the past who had experienced "miracles" and enlightenment. In the isolation of the wilderness, he utilized the techniques of ancient teachings and experienced the profound Art of what he later called Jin Shin Jyutsu.

As each day passed, with severe loss of heat shifting from periods of consciousness to unconsciousness, he experienced a feeling of being lifted out of a deep freeze and into a furnace of fire on the seventh day. When the tremendous heat passed, there was no more pain, and peace encompassed his entire body. He fell to his knees in gratitude to the Creator and vowed to dedicate his life to studying this lost Art.

Jiro Murai's name became widely known in his travels as he shared this ancient philosophy. In the 1930's, he was summoned to the Royal Palace by the Emperor of Japan. Upon treating the Emperor, he was granted permission to study the sacred information in the Imperial Archives. This enabled him to research this lost Art and rediscover it in its totality for all mankind.

Working as a translator in Japan after WWII, Mary Burmeister was sought out by Master Murai. He asked if she would like to study with him and to take a gift back to America. She attended his gathering and knew that her life's purpose had been realized. However, it was seventeen years before she began sharing Jin Shin Jyutsu with others. During her over sixty years of study, research and love of this Art, Mary translated the teachings, wrote books, gave treatments, and lectured all over the world.  She retired from teaching in 1989 and released her physical form in February, 2008.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu is the KNOWING of the three Main Energy Flow Patterns that descend and ascend within the body. They harmonize and balance the entire system. These flow patterns are our source for all functions of the body system which can be kept in harmony, recharged and rejuvenated.

The hands are used like jumpercables contacting 26 "Safety Energy Keys" located within the Three Main Energy Flow Patterns in the body. This helps redirect, unblock, and recharge the flow of energy along the pathways.

Flowing and spiraling in and out of these Main Energy Flow Patterns are Twelve Individualized Organ Function Flows. When we are not in harmony with the Three Main Flow Patterns, the 26 Safety Energy Keys, located within the flow routes of both the main flow patterns and organ function flows, will lock or shut down. Symptoms of the disharmony will appear, brought about by our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, diet, work habits, heredity, accidents, and/or environment. This is a "friendly" warning to get in touch within ourselves and change our patterns.

The 26 "Safety Energy Keys" are Universal Numbers connected directly to the frequencies of the Creator/Source. The placement of the numbers on (and within) the body is of great significance and deep awareness. It is the awareness of how the Pathways/Flow Routes were connected. Individuals have synthesized their personal practice of the Art with other healing modalities which have resulted in the rearrangement of the number positions on the body. The numbers then become just 2-dimensional "stick" figures without the richness and depth that they originally possessed. This shifts the true awareness of Jin Shin Jyutsu to a personalized level, misinterpreting the natural order of the Universe in its full expression.

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Application on Self and Others

kids getting treatments In a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, the client remains fully clothed lying on the back, while the practitioner listens to the energy pulses located within the wrists of the client. The wrist pulses connect with the Twelve Organ Function Flows and are used as indicators of the body's state of harmony rather than for diagnosing. The practitioner proceeds to use the Safety Energy Keys to harmonize, redirect, unblock and recharge the flow along the pathways.

Practitioners are not the "do-ers"; it is not their personal energy used. They are simply "being the jumpercables" to assist the flow within the body of the infinite supply of Universal Energy. Practitioners are also able to share self-help awareness with their clients so that the energy continues to circulate and rebalance. The self-help aspect of Jin Shin Jyutsu makes this Art available to everyone, at anytime.

It should be emphasized that Jin Shin Jyutsu is an Art rather than a technique. An Art is a skillful, limitless creation, whereas a technique is a mechanical application. Each practitioner works with the knowledge of this Art at their personal level of awareness. Treatments are different from practitioner to practitioner depending on the dedication of studies through memorization and integration of the knowledge, daily practical application on oneself, and receiving sessions from more advanced practitioners. Unlike acupuncture, there is no formal in-depth school to train students, but there are many auxilary courses that are taught all over the world.  Advancements in Jin Shin Jyutsu awareness can also be made more quickly when practitioners work within small study groups or in private tutorials with advanced practitioners.

The experience of receiving a treatment will most likely be different at each session as the energy balances through the levels of the six depths of body circulation. Sometimes, one may feel relaxed and peaceful. Other times, repressed emotions can arise and feel distressing. It is important to acknowledge what surfaces, breathe, release, and watch as it changes. It is equally important to relax after a session so the energy can proceed, unencumbered to circulate, balance and harmonize.

"Dis-ease" is rooted in the attitude in FEAR-False Evidences Appearing Real. As we treat ourselves and/or receive private sessions, Jin Shin Jyutsu will continue to heal and expand our consciousness, and change our physical state of being. Disease labels become growth projects in the awareness of ourselves.

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