Theta DNA Activation

Judy Dragon, ThetaHealing® Master, Certificate of Science, C.H.T., Minister

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My life purpose has been in the field of healing. With a traditional medical background, working as a dental hygienist for twenty-six years, I retired in 1997 to spread my wings and do the work that completely aligned me with the Creator-of-ALL and my creative process/purpose.

Judy DragonMetaphysically, I studied Tarot and Kabbalah at the Aum Esoteric School in Baltimore (the first accredited metaphysical school in the country) in the early 70's. My alternative, holistic approach in healing started in 1975 by taking courses in the identification of herbs and their medicinal uses at the local Junior College. I was also part of the home birth movement giving birth to four children at home as well as coaching others during their  labor.     

In the late '70's, with two little children not quite out of diapers, I took courses in Death and Dying at the local Jr. College, volunteered at a convalescent home, and became a Hospice caregiver for a brief period. The yearning to be of service has always been strong.

I left Hospice to become a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner (ancient hands-on healing art of harmony and balance) in 1979. I spent twenty years studying privately with one of Mary Burmeister's students and teachers who had worked with Mary since 1965. I taught self-help classes for ten years and worked with a small group of newer students for two years to help them integrate and make practical the vast amount of information, technical aspects and energy awareness of this wonderful healing Art.

In 1991, I graduated from hypnotherapy school as a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. In using my gifts from my own inner journeys, I gently guide and support my clients to explore their shadow or unconscious issues using a ThetaHealing®  connection to Creator-of-All to guide them into a quick trance induction. I blend many healing modalities to assist my clients in creating a safe, inner reality, using the Four Level Belief Work connected to Creator/Source-of-ALL, using inner dialogue and negotiations, and a great deal of trust in the divine ingenuity and synchronicity of each clients' process.

I have specialized in the healing of trauma and abuse for almost 30 years.  This field has given me opportunities to be public in presenting information before therapists and those how have survived such childhood adversity. I was a keynote speaker at several Northern California symposiums on the healing of abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder (once known as Multiple Personality Disorder), as well as having been on radio and TV. In 1999, I co-edited and co-wrote my first book, Multiple Journeys to One: Spiritual Stories of Integrating from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Though this book has been sold out, (check Amazon or other online book stores for used copies), it was encoded to awaken the masses, to show the strength in healing from severe victimization and bring the awareness of compassion and possibilities of change to the planet. 

Though I'm very versed in the healing of trauma, I have also studied and incorporated many other areas of transformational awareness such as relationships issues, self-esteem, co-dependency, physical health, prosperity and manifestation among other life issues to support my clients.

In June of 1998, Vianna Stibal, a naturopath and medical intuitive, ( brought her first workshop to my area in Northern California teaching the Theta/DNA activation and other spiritual healing techniques.  Though confused after the class, as I really didn't have formal psychic/intuitive training but have been intuitive all my life, she told me to go out and teach the work. I thought the suggestion a bit premature, but being the organizer that I am and having support from clients to share the information, I compiled my notes with another student, practiced the techniques and began to share the information in monthly classes. I continued taking bi-monthly phone tutorials with Vianna to verify all information as it is a work-in-progress.

In October of 1998, Vianna came back to Northern California as she had been receiving amazing nocturnal lessons on how to replace damaged or defective genes. Since only eight of the sixteen lessons were completed, we brought her back the following Spring for a seminar of all sixteen. Even at this point, I could sense that the information was not complete.

Vianna soon shared that Creator/Source-of-ALL had shown her the gene replacement first, to better understand the next level of information--the Four Level Belief Work.

Through implementing the taped transcriptions of Vianna's seminar, personal tutorials and as a contributor to Vianna's first edition Level One book, Go Up and Seek God, I have continued to keep my studies and teaching up-to-date.

      I am a ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science graduate having completed all the courses required for this advanced level of certification. Below is the summary of my journey through ThetaHealing education.

* In June 1998, I was in Vianna's first class outside of Idaho in Sebastopol, Ca.

* In July 1998, I was asked by Vianna to start teaching the Basic Theta/DNA 1 course.

* In October '98 and May '99, I attended and then hosted Vianna to teach the start of her Theta/DNA 2 course centered around the Gene Replacement

* In January 2000, I was invited to assist Vianna in Los Angeles and receive the new information on the emerging Four Level Belief Work.

* In June 2000, I received my official Basic Theta/DNA 1 Teacher's Certification from Vianna.

* In January 2001, I assisted Vianna in a Basic Theta/DNA 1 in Union City, CA.

* In June of 2001, I assisted Vianna in the second Basic Teachers' training in Idaho.

* In June of 2002, I spent three weeks in Idaho participating in Vianna's Intuitive Anatomy Training to further attune and advance my intuitive abilities within the body.

* In September of 2003, I hosted Vianna in Santa Rosa, CA. so she could present her new DNA Advanced Seminar.

* In February of 2005, I attended Vianna's first Advanced Teachers' Seminar in Los Angeles.

* In July of 2005, I completed another 3-week Intuitive Anatomy Training so that I could move through my own personal initiations and process with grace and ease to better assist my clients.

* In November 2005, I received my 3rd Basic Teachers' certification. 

* In July 2007, I completed another 3-week Intuitive Anatomy intensive. 

* In September 2007, I became a Certified Abundance and Manifestation Instructor. 

* In November 2007, I received another Basic and Advanced Teachers' Recertification.

* In November 2008, I completed the two-week Disease and Disorder workshop along with the World Relationship course and Rainbow Children's Teacher certification (working with psychic children and adults).

* In August 2009, I completed my three-week Intuitive Anatomy Teacher's training from which I graduated with my ThetaHealing® Masters.

* In October 2009, I received my World Relations Teachers' Certification.

* In November 2009, I completed my DNA3 certification.

* In May 2010, I completed re-certification for Basic and Advance Teachers course as well as assisting Vianna in the Bahamas.

* In November 2010, assisted in DNA3.

* In August 2011, I received practitioner status for the new Weight Liberation & Soul Mate courses and became an Instructor for Disease and Disorder.

* In September 2011, I completed three Instructor's workshops to receive the highest level of acknowledgement in ThetaHealing-- Certificate of Science (COS)--Weight Liberation, Soul Mate, and DNA3.

* In September 2012, I recertified in the World Relations Teachers' course.

* In September 2013, I completed training and certification for Animal and Plant practitioner and Instructor, Game of Life practitioner and the Planes of Existence practitioner course.

* In June 2105, I completed training and certification for Digging Deeper practitioner and Instructor.

* In September 2015, I became certifed as a Planes of Existence Instructor.

* In June 2016, I re-certified in World Relations Instructors.

* In January 2018, I recertified in Manifestation and Abundance Instructors.

* In February 2018, I became certified both as a practitioner and Instructor in 'Relationship 1: You and Your significant Partner' and 'Relationship 2: You and God'.

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9/9/11 Certificate of Science graduation Vianna & I -Certificate of Science Certificate of Science graduates



11/08 IA teachers and Masters graduation 8/09 IA teachers w/orbs

My ebook and also soft copy book, "Moving Beyond: Healing the Trauma of Physical and Sexual Abuse Through ThetaHealing®", are available, approved and recommended by Vianna for teachers and practitioners of ThetaHealing® who have taken the Advanced course and beyond. I do private consulting sessions for ThetaHealing® Instructors and Practitioners interested in understanding more how to work with this book and on how to work with their clients on trauma & abuse issues.

Using my creative resources and intuitive abilities, my intention is to offer you caring, unique and individualized sessions that fit your personal journey into health and wholeness.

I am also using my creativity to manifest teaching ThetaHealing® workshops wherever possible as it is my joy and passion. Consider having a workshop in your area to learn this life-changing healing work, and enjoy the benefits of receiving the workshop free for you and perhaps another person. In hosting a workshop, you will also be able to manifest extra income for yourself through your organizational skills.  Check ' workshops' to view the curriculums and testimonies or contact me for further details.

In February 2008, I was interviewed by Elaine Holtz for her 1/2 hour Santa Rosa, CA. TV Program, "Women's Spaces." Below is Part 3 of a six part YouTube presentation. In realizing that there is only so much time that can be spent surfing and reading on the Web, I feel that Parts 3-5 are the best to be viewed in learning more about what I do and the awareness of ThetaHealing Medical Intuition. There are links for all parts below.



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Testimonies about workshops available at

      Judy's sessions are very powerful! I have been feeling big changes in very beneficial ways physically, emotionally and in my real life. I had some health issues in February 2018. Doctors couldn't find out why I had chest pain, and I was feeling very uncomfortable. Within 10 minutes into my session, the chest pain was gone. It was amazing!

     With Judy's specialty in working with childhood trauma, I've been doing a lot of inner child work. I can definitely feel the inner being is stronger, my boundaries are better, and I speak up when appropriate feeling more confident.
      Through Judy's help, my healing business has gone to higher levels. China is now being opened for ThetaHealing.
      Being a regular client of Judy's, I look forward to her sessions every week, and highly recommend her sessions and classes.
Ann Young, ThetaHealing Master, Certificate of Science, New York

I have been working with Judy for many years, and I am amazed by her skill and care. We have worked on many issues, and I have found Judy to be a skilled healer and gifted listener. I have suffered grief, revisited childhood trauma, focused on getting healthy and balanced, and created the life I envision. Judy has demonstrated such care and safety for me to walk through very difficult moments. I have felt supported to look at aspects of myself that felt overwhelming. Judy’s voice leads me through the toughest moments in a way where I am willing to do the hard work because I have someone by my side who is loving, knowledgeable, and gentle. I place the highest trust in Judy and recommend working with her.  
M.B., CA.

Judy is amazing!  As an intuitive energy healer myself, and with a background as a psychotherapist and a university professor, I can attest to Judy’s excellence as a ThetaHealing Intuitive. I originally referred my wife to Judy to deal with some unresolved childhood trauma.  My wife has made exceptional progress.  I then referred myself to Judy to deal with some chronic low back pain and have made excellent progress myself.  Judy’s care, gentleness, and skillful guidance are extraordinary in my experience.  Her ability to be present for a client, her astute grasp of the nature of human dilemmas, and her remarkable ability to use her intuition on a client’s behalf, could only exist in someone with decades of experience in artfully guiding people into new, happier, and more meaningful lives.

R.S. CA.

In my ThetaHealing session, Judy helped me dig deeply but gently into some ancient, debilitating programming activated by family of origin patterns. Afterwards, I felt spacious inside my chest, like heavy gunk had been cleared. I just needed to rest and reintegrate. The next day I woke up feeling much lighter and more confident. I tackled things I had been too anxious to do before, and feel that the clearing she did was real and substantial. I could tell that she is used to dealing with the territory in which old and sometimes totally unconscious traumas trip us up in sneaky, indirect fashion. I will certainly refer people to Judy.

Ann Cowles PhD., Quantum Astrology, California


The session you gave me allowed to me to go deeper into self love, into valuing myself and others which I was not doing much before. As a result, I am more at peace and more myself and real with everyone, including my clients. There is less self judgement and more acceptance....It's like I woke up from a trick I was playing on myself that, at the time, was creating the illusion of disconnection from myself and others. I am grateful for having woken up from this one! Just awesome overall!

Ugo Tsalapatanis, CHt, Washington


      I have been addressing Lyme disease for many years and have done so much healing around it specifically and other conditions due to variety of its symptoms--heart problems, digestive problems, weight gain, pain, and fatigue. I have made huge leaps with my health, feeling better and better everyday. Then I recently took a 'small' backslide...well, it didn't feel small at the time. I was plagued with the type of fatigue which I had felt when I first was diagnosed with Lyme eight years ago.  I called Judy for help. Within the session hour, she took me on a journey through my beliefs, powerfully assisted me in changing them, and I immediately felt 90% better.  By the next day, I was back to myself.
      Also, I have had another miraculous shift in my health since the appointment.  For years, my blood pressure has been 160/100 or higher, and I have also had years of insomnia.  Well, since that appointment, my blood pressure has consistently remained at 130/80 without medication, and my husband has noticed that I have been sleeping sound night after night.  This has been a pleasant, unexpected benefit of our session. 

      I have worked with healers all over the world, and Judy is the real deal!  She is truly a gifted practitioner. 

Janice Noehulani, NM


    I have had four ThetaHealing sessions with Judy, which have been the most effective after having worked with other practitioners.  Judy has been fantastic in assisting me with clearing/releasing old beliefs, fears, rejection and separation feelings. They were all holding me back in the way I treated and saw myself, and consequently those beliefs were affecting my physical health. I had had migraines for more than thirty years and nothing in the world seemed to help me get rid of it. But Judy wisely assisted me in healing that. She guided me through a physical detox, but most spectacular was her guided meditation (not a simple meditation but rather a deep dive through which I encountered my true self), which helped me tremendously in the process of emotional detox - the big culprit of all dis-eases. 
      Right from the first session with Judy, I felt so tuned-in to the healing process with her that I had no doubts I wanted to continue in that path to reach more light and healing. Judy helped me to understand behaviors and feelings that had been fuzzy to me up to that point. I noticed right way improvements in my overall well-being. My thoughts became clearer, my objectives more defined, my self-love much stronger, and my body got rid of old, chronic pains. 
      I recommend ThetaHealing - especially with Judy- to everyone who is truly in search of physical healing and spiritual enlightenment.
Rosangela Taylor; Writer; Rockford, IL.


     A year ago, I was facing a health crisis that had me confused, bewildered and frustrated to say the least. I am very resourceful, independent and willing to explore a multitude of avenues in my goal of living from a loving and healthy, heart-centered place.  My body was communicating with me, and I thought I was listening and doing everything within my power to address what was occurring, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. My health crisis continued to worsen.  I realized that I was being asked by my body and soul to take things to a deeper level than I ever had before or on my own. Even as sensitive and intuitive as I am, I needed the assistance and guidance of someone that was honest, gentle, kind, and incredibly gifted in healing. 
      ThetaHealing is my preferred modality among all others for the depth and clarity that working with Creator-of-All-That-Is can uniquely provide.  Judy’s background, experience, and energy were precisely what I was looking for.  As we have worked together through deep levels of trauma and abuse, I have been and continue to be amazed and grateful for her ability to facilitate such incredibly profound healing for me.  When she did a Body Scan, she saw every single thing and MORE that had showed up on a Full Body Thermography that I had done. She has helped me to acknowledge lifelong patterns so that I was able to transition out of them along with doing my own inner work.      

     Working with her has been an incredibly sacred journey for me, and has allowed me to heal in ways I could have never done alone, or with someone else, or through other modalities.  I credit much of this success to Judy being so impeccable in doing her own work and walking her talk in the most consistent of ways.  She teaches and guides through her connection to All-That-Is in the most authentic of ways.  I have re-taken classes with her, participated in practicums, worked one-on-one with her, laughed, cried, and ultimately felt sacredly and lovingly supported in my journey through All-That-Is and Judy’s alignment with Creator.  I am beyond grateful for Judy and recommend her gifts, services, and classes unequivocally! 
DtEt; CA.; May 1, 2014

I have suffered from migraines for more than forty years. This meant being disabled for up to four days in a darkened room, with a pounding  headache, visual disturbance and nausea/vomiting. Despite many consultations with doctors and natural therapists, I experienced no relief. Since 1993, scarcely a month passed without a migraine or two. In recent years, I have been admitted to hospital emergency when the attack was severe. In October 2013, I had a session via Skype with Judy and have not had a migraine since. I now have more days for living! Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Judy.

Joy, Australia


Being a Natural Therapeutics practitioner for well over 20 years, I have had various treatments in many modalities to assist me in coming to greater health and to better myself including talk therapy and self-awareness workshops.  All of these were effective, but, as of late, I have felt that I have merely cleared away the brush and had uncovered some very deep,  imbedded roots that were beyond my knowledge in dissolving. In having my first Theta Healing session with Judy,  we addressed a repeating pattern of depression that spiraled into anger and never went beyond that. Though tapping, tuning forks, prayer and visualization helped somewhat, nothing actually got rid of the source of the anger.  After our hour phone consultation, I felt as though "something" was missing.  It's like the feeling you have when you've worn a ring for a long time and then take it off...there is an awareness that something feels different about your hand, notice the ring is missing, and then go about your day.  You sense the "missing-ness" less and less often, till you forget altogether that you used to wear something there. Since the session, I have had life occurrences and situations that would have formerly sent me into an anger cycle.  Instead, I simply got irritated or frustrated (much more appropriate emotional responses for the circumstances) for a short time and was able to then move on to more productive, uplifting thoughts. This may seem like a small thing to someone else, but it's MAJOR to me as I prefer to put my energy toward positive thought and action.
S.P. California


Before working with Judy, I was struggling with extreme procrastination in my work that was really getting in the way of my success.  We did one session, and I was completely surprised by some of the beliefs that she dug up!  But as soon as she said them, I felt a huge wave of relief just in having it named. It was just under the surface in my unconscious wanting to be acknowledged.  Since our session, the internal struggle of 'trying' to get back to my work has just disappeared.  If I do find myself sometimes 'futzing around', I notice and effortlessly switch back to my productive work.  It's been a game changer for me.  Thank you, Judy.

Karen Clothier, Berkeley, CA.


About 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and chronic viruses.  It has been very difficult to function, and carry out normal, everyday tasks for much of that time.  In the last few years, I've sprained my left ankle twice, and since then, I've had constant pain in my ankle and leg.  Recently, I met Judy and had my first session of ThetaHealing.  For years, I've been aware of most of my issues, and the childhood beliefs that bore them. And, for years, I have tried to "let go" of the beliefs that didn't serve my higher self.  In a single one-hour session with Judy, she was able to get to the bottom of the beliefs - and help me release them.  Instantly, the pain in my left ankle vanished - and 24 hours later, it's still gone.  Although, there was much progress in my first session, I am looking forward to working with Judy until I can  regain my healthy body, and have a productive, active and fulfilling life again!
Vicki Stromlund, CA


I had one session with Judy. The biggest change is in my attitude.  For the most part, the levels of intense feelings has changed, nothing to the degree that I use to have.  Things and people just don't bother me.  This has allowed me to be a better listener, communicator and more available in my relationship. My husband and I are able to spend more time together by me being able to share my needs. My hips and back are better (30-40%), and without so much pain I am able to see and dream more.  I am generally happier and so is my inner little girl...more trusting. Thank you!

C. Newton, Marin, CA.


    I walk the earth very differently today, distinctly different.  So interesting!  And so much appreciated.  It feels very good, very grounded, very secure, positive, and calm. I feel much more free.  Amazing! Thank you SO much, Judy, for what you shared with me.

KB, Sonoma County, CA.


      I have done the ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced workshops in India as well as receiving 10 ThetaHealing sessions from another ThetaHealer but was not completely satisfied. Then I took three sessions from Judy with issues that had troubled me for many years.  I came to know her as an expert in and having a lot of experience with clearing deeper childhood issues. My relationship with my father improved after 40 years of resentments. The reoccurring issues with constipation was healed, and the shoulder pain I had for over 10 years was healed. I received resources on communication skills and supplements to support my healing. More importantly, I could completely trust Judy as a friend and guide. I have sincere gratitude and respect for Judy in being a great help in my life.

Deepak Kumar, India


      I was dealing with grief issues around a dear friend who transitioned. I took the Basic Theta workshop a few months ago, in May 2012, which supported me in knowing how to communicate with my deceased friend, but I was feeling unable to do this and bridge the deep sadness of loss. After working with Judy, in doing belief work and bringing back a soul fragment, I was able to communicate with my friend, having a much deeper understanding of death; and the fears about my own health shifted. The work done has stayed with me and made a dramatic change in my feelings, perceptions and energy level.  I was also able to start to think about creating something new and exciting for myself to help others. Thank you!  

Benett Kessler, Independence, CA. [This beautiful soul made her transition to be with her friend in January 2015]


     I feel deep gratitude for our session. Many puzzle pieces fell into place for me, and I have a deeper understanding of myself and my life. Very synchronistic! I know much will continue to be revealed so I am not pushing. I am planning to see you again, am thinking in a month maybe. I want to look at my health issues and beliefs. Interesting to me that what I thought to be my biggest issue right now, my son, isn't even pressing on me at all. I feel you so helped me access core beliefs, which is the real issues, not whatever it seemed to be superficially. Thank you! Peace and blessings.

Laurie; RN, Santa Rosa, CA.


     The session I had with Judy in March ‘12 was extremely helpful to me. I became fascinated by how powerful ThetaHealing is in regards to personal transformation.  I am still using the beautiful visualization of connecting to the Energy-of-All-That-IS, seeing myself with my little ‘me’ in my sacred, safe place. These visualizations have sparked a new love and appreciation for me. I feel happier in my own skin from moment to moment and notice that I am feeling joy on a much more consistent basis than before. It is the difference of before having difficult days with happy blips to now having joyful, sometimes blissful days with little negative blips of which I soon hope to wipe out with the proper attitude and belief systems.

      Also, speaking my truth in a compassionate way no matter how people will react, has given me a great deal of freedom to finally be authentic with myself and others. The fear of speaking my truth has been removed with this ThetaHealing technique! It was interesting for me to see that my subconscious mind, which is “running the show,” was not in agreement with where I wanted to “believe I was.” The proof is in the energy testing.

      Judy’s bedside manner was perfect for me. I really appreciated her clear communication, organization, thoughtfulness, compassion and professionalism. She made me feel comfortable through my tears and talked me through the tough parts. I respect her and am very excited to take the Basic ThetaHealing workshop with her in April to learn how to do some of this at home with my partner and eventually for others, thus furthering the healing of the planet.

      I really believe that ThetaHealing is the key to unlocking all of those hidden mysteries in our subconscious mind which are responsible for our spiritual, physical and energetic health.

      Thank you, Judy!

Dr. Eve Mignone Payan, D.M.Q. (Doctor of Medical QiGong, China) Monterey CA.


    "The one session I had with Judy was amazing and eye opening.  Judy created a safe space so we could explore issues around relationship, and she was able to guide me, using a Source-connected meditation, to my childhood where I faced myself-- a very hurt and alone little boy-- remembering the emotional pain he lived through in his family, my family.  It was very emotional for me yet freeing. This connection helped me realize that I could let go and forgive him, forgive myself, for the anger that I directed towards myself and to others that hurt me. A very transformational journey!  Thank you, Judy."

R. Karagocev, CA.


     "I've been summing up the last years results and feel the urge to thank you again for appearing in my life in such a surprising way. Your book and your digging sessions have made a huge difference to me both for my day by day awareness and for the way I do the digging now. I am looking forward to have our mitochondria meet again in a new session."

 Angela, ThetaHealing® practitioner, Europe


     "I took nine ThetaHealing® courses in two years working intensely doing deep belief digging work several times per week with other ThetaHealers. Even though feelings of joy, purpose and hope increased significantly, I was still experiencing the swings of extreme highs and lows. I wondered what was wrong with me.  When I found Judy Dragon’s book “Moving Beyond”, I recognized the patterns immediately. Could it be I had lived through more severe abuse than I realized or even remembered? Many ThetaHealers worked on me, and I could not feel the shifts. Was it not my time to heal? What was I learning from this? What was missing? I wanted to advance in ThetaHealing but the ‘lows’ became unbearable, and I decided to go to the source and started sessions with Judy.          
      I quickly understood that I had dissociative episodes that would hit me as if I had no control over them. I realized I had been very good at subconsciously hiding them. With Judy, I finally felt I was getting somewhere… more and more started making sense, memories were retrieved and many inner children got rescued.                               
      Since then, I have been able to better hold space for myself … I work with the ‘dissociated parts’, give them space to be, the right to exist, love and honor them, negotiate with them, parent them, be an advocate to them. I understand now what it means to build a support system customized to my own needs and to practice self care. I continue to learn ways that work for me to physically release the difficult emotions that I buried. I use the Heart toning in a more profound way than I had been taught in the Advanced class. I finally feel I have more control over my life and behavior.  What’s equally wonderful is that some of my clients are hugely benefiting from these teachings. They feel the shifts and heal!
     I encourage every ThetaHealer to get this book... it’s amazing. Thank you, Judy."

ThetaHealer® from Europe


     "I received a quick healing from Judy over the phone as I had three cold sores on my lip from being overexposed to the sun. I experienced the swelling leaving and the cold sores going down immediately. Usually it takes 15 days for me to go through this cycle. Within 5 days, it was all clear from my lip. Thank you, Judy!"   

Elk Zion, Sonoma County, CA.    


     "I am writing to thank you for the profound healing you facilitated in my life during a very challenging time.  I had been experiencing depression symptoms for about 6-9 months.  After getting checked out by medical doctors and working with several modalities of alternative practitioners, I had not found complete remission from my symptoms.  Unwilling to accept anything less, I kept searching for answers.  A friend, who is a therapist, asked if I would consider seeing a medical intuitive.  Having never really heard of that, I was a bit skeptical but open to the idea.  I was amazed that in a single session, my symptoms were eliminated.  Before I experienced it for myself, I don’t think I truly believed that instant healings were possible, but now I “own” that understanding because it happened to me--the depression is completely gone! 

        In the months before our session, my friends told me how worried they were because my face was so drawn and sad, and my usual spark was gone.  Those same friends noticed the difference in me immediately after the session, and several of them booked appointments right away. 

       I am so grateful that you have shared your gifts and this technique through “All That Is.”  My symptoms have never returned in almost 3 years—I don’t take or need any medications or supplements for mood issues.  I am SO grateful!"

Love and Light, L. E. Cozad, Sonoma County, CA.


      "As a result of the session that I had with Judy in March '11, I am amazed that a persistent leaky bladder issue has now completely cleared up...I just no longer have that problem.  As far as my lack of confidence and being self conscious about my weight, for the first time in my life this has changed.  It just isn't an issue any longer. I looked in the mirror, and it was as if I was seeing myself, my real self, for the first time.  I'm feeling as if a weight I've been carrying for a very long time has been lifted off my shoulders.    
     Thank you so much, and I'm looking forward to my next session, feeling very optimistic about the continued changes."

Susan, California


     "I highly recommend your ThetaHealing sessions AND your class to one and all! Judy, your kindness in working with me one-on-one in a healing session after class (January '11) restored the part of me that needed to be returned to being my more joyful self. The healing physically healed my ribs which were injured years ago. I am now able to do all the range of motion I used to do. This includes being able lift up my arms up without being in pain. I am grateful and in awe of what you do! Thank you so much!"
Mariel, Counselor & Healing Intuitive, Portland, Oregon 


        "I recently had my first one hour session with Judy.   Among other things, she discovered, and released, many emotional blocks...issues that I thought I had dealt with on my own. I was amazed, many times, by the way my body responded to her healing.  About an hour after the session, I suddenly had sharp pain in my right shoulder.  I sent Judy an email and asked if she could help.  She explained to me why I had the pain (an emotional hook) and immediately did a healing with my permission.  Almost immediately the pain was gone. To say I was surprised is an understatement.  I was elated.  Judy is incredibly skilled, and I feel blessed to have found her.  Thank you, Judy!"

KB, Chicago , IL


     "I was gifted a ½ hour ThetaHealing® session with Judy. In those 30 minutes, I presented her with several physical challenges that I had been experiencing for many years including Graves disease, a prolapse uterus and bladder, a hernia, and abdominal problems. With some quick belief work, though rather intense, and Creator’s healing, my uterus now has AMAZING strength--very firmly anchored where it belongs; my abdominal problems are about 90% healed, just an occasional flare up but not bad at all; once in a while the hernia aches, but just very mild in comparison to what it had been. I still have some challenges with the thyroid, but it's not bouncing all over the board like it used to.  I was so inspired by the session that I took the Basic ThetaHealing® in my area so I could continue my own work and help others.

      Thank you, Judy. What a fabulous job you did with me! I am finally regaining my quality of life again after 5 years of pain and discomfort!"

Liz Ellsworth, Idaho


     "Judy did such a wonderful job as the minister for our wedding on October 30th! We had no idea how we wanted to structure the ceremony, and she helped us plan it just right! She even predicted the weather!!!  The wedding turned out beautifully, and everyone in attendance loved the ceremony. We couldn't have asked for a better person to conduct our wedding and give us guidance and support to start our new lives together. Thank you Judy!"
Brad Thompson and Laurel Blair, Santa Rosa, CA.

     "I’ve had three ear surgeries in the past 35 years to clean up infections in my middle ear due to improper drainage. After my last surgery 15 years ago, the drainage problem returned 6 weeks ago. I decided to contact Judy for a ThetaHealing® session as I have used her in the past for digging sessions to clear up emotional issues that were connected to prostate-bladder issues. I had good success with it taking several sessions to clear the physical level.

      This time it took only one ThetaHealing® session. There was some very minor drainage for a few days after this session, and then I made an appointment with an ENT specialist to verify the results from the ThetaHealing and determine if surgery was still needed. I was prescribed to take ear drops for 4 weeks to soften the 8 to 10 years of dried accumulations in my middle ear which had initially plugged the entry to the tube from my inner ear to my mouth. Once this was cleared, the doctor was particularly surprised that the tube from my ear to mouth was itself clean and without infection.

      It is 7 weeks now and there is no drainage. I believe that ThetaHealing® stopped any progression and cleared the ear and infection. Whether the problem is minor or major, Judy is patient, compassionate and tenacious…she did not stop “digging’ until I was able to get to the core of the issue, and then she had Creator heal the problem. I highly recommend Judy as a ThetaHealing® practitioner."

Gan Lem, Orange County, CA.


     "I was a bit nervous going to see Judy because I had never done anything like ThetaHealing® before, and I didn't know what to expect.  I was somewhat skeptical that I would see any results, but the testimonials on her website were so heartfelt that I was willing to give it a shot.  I had been experiencing sciatic pains in my leg for about a year, and the condition had been gradually worsening with time.  By the time I had my appointment with Judy, it was painful to sit at my computer or drive my car. Additionally, my ability to handle stress was rapidly deteriorating, and I felt that I had unresolved emotional issues from my childhood that were seriously holding me back.  It's been over a week since my first ThetaHealing® session, and my sciatica has diminished dramatically.  In fact, I hardly notice it anymore!  I also feel an increased ability to observe my negative ego patterns without acting them out, and I've gained a deep sense of gratitude for the good things in my life.  Thanks Judy!"      

Laurel Blair, Santa Rosa, CA.


    "I accomplished in one session with Judy what may have taken many months in traditional therapies, in addition to the time and money I saved. I actually received tangible and permanent healing from trauma, something I never received from years of therapy, counseling, and psychiatry. Judy's technique in how she uses ThetaHealing® is so gentle and so effective that it was exactly what my fragile state needed in order to heal. Thank you with all of my heart! "

Veronica, USA


    "I have had two ThetaHealing® sessions with Judy in the past 2 years. Before each session, I have spent considerable time preparing my questions, dreaming about insights, and visualizing the clearing of things in my life that have held me back so that I could receive all that would support a fuller, more divine life. At each session, I am always brought to tears by the gentleness and simplicity that Theta brings to my transformation. Judy's way with me is quiet, nurturing, honest and affirmative. I trust her with the truths of my soul and untruths of my ego.
     After each session, my life changed dramatically within days. Things fell into place professionally in ways that I never thought would happen. People showed up in my life prepared and ready to take my work to the next level. It happened at a rate that sometimes still astonishes me. On personal level, I met the love of my life within days after working with Judy.
    I am honored and moved by the healing she brings into my life. I highly recommend Judy as a ThetaHealing® practitioner."
Rona, East Bay, CA, Educator

   "I have suffered with cat allergies all my life. This has been difficult because I love cats. Right before Judy came to stay at my home in Idaho Falls to participate in the World Relations Teachers' seminar (September 2009), my children, Alex and Lexie, found four abandoned kittens due to a car accident killing their mother. Of course we couldn’t turn them away. When Judy arrived, she saw my obvious allergies with the kittens as I was bathing them often to keep the dander down. After one twenty minute session with Judy, I can now enjoy my kittens at a whole new level, without fear of what my allergies once had in store for me. Thank you, Judy! You truly are an amazing woman and ThetaHealer. We all love and appreciate you."

Lorie Q. Messick, Alex and Lexie 


    "Judy has helped guide me through the treacherous and painful terrain of repressed childhood sexual abuse memories with compassion, grace, and a wisdom that only comes with years of personal and professional experience in the matter. She created a trusting and safe environment which allowed me to face and continue to heal the wounds that have kept me from experiencing and enjoying the full potential of my life. Judy is gifted counselor and intuitive healer, and for that I am deeply grateful."

Martin Neufeld; Award-winning author of "Hugging Life", ThetaHealing® Master,  spiritual healer


    "I was at the Intuitive Anatomy Teachers’ Seminar (August 2009) with 48 other participants. During a class break, I slipped on the slick tile floor that had water on it. As I went down, I thought to myself, “No, No, No, not now”, as my knee cap broke for the third time in my life. Even though I was in shock and pain, I managed to connect to All-That-Is and command a healing on my knee.  As I started to witness the healing, I realized that somebody else had been witnessing it prior to me. I heard Judy say that she already did a healing at that moment. I moved my consciousness out of my knee as I felt the bones and the muscular system inside my knee shift and move.  Within a few moments, Vianna arrived saying that whoever had witnessed the healing had done a great job and that it healed completely.

     Vianna worked generally on the trauma both from hitting the floor and from the first time I broke my knee years ago through a class demonstration digging session.

     Later in the evening, I asked All-That-Is to show me, as a replay, what I had seen that morning inside my knee.  I was shown two bones coming together and become one bone again seamlessly. The muscular system had also moved to the proper alignment.

     The next day,  Judy saw my wife and I ride our bikes to class.  She approached me in amazement that I had totally healed and could ride a bike without a problem.  We compared both the replay and what she initially witnessed as they matched completely.  It was a profound experience for both of us.   For the first time in my life, I experienced an instant healing.  I knew that it was possible as so many healers have talked about it; but to see it, and to see it inside my own body, is something miraculous.

      Judy, thank you again!"

Sjuul van Kampen; ThetaHealing® teacher; Arnhem, Holland


     "Judy and I were participants in the July '09 ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Teacher's seminar with Vianna in Idaho Falls, ID.  Judy did a belief digging session on me where I discovered deeply repressed sexual abuse memories. I knew it was true as I could feel it in my body. In one session, we were able to clear the trauma, feelings and beliefs that were held. It was such a big relief having Judy as a facilitator as she kept a very safe space for me. This is helping me move on in my life as I clear these deeper issues."

Lena; ThetaHealing® instructor; Europe


     "Late in 2008, I had gone to the doctor’s for a small pea-sized lump on the side of my right neck. The doctor said that it was probably due to a virus, which I did have a couple weeks prior, and that it would go away. Months later, I noticed that the small lump had grown to the size of a large marble, and I could noticeably see it when I turned my head.

      I came to Judy for a session around some belief changes and near the end of our time together, told her about the lump. She said she was shown through Creator that I had mercury in my lymph and that there was calcification.  She proceeded to witness a healing. Within a few days, the lump was completely gone. Thank you, Judy!"

Irene Silva, Santa Rosa Salsa


      "It was a pleasure and a honor to work with you.  I could never have done this healing on being sexually abused without you. It was so overwhelming for me to get real with the sensation of being penetrated as it came up in my mind.  I just wanted to black out or not exist at that moment.  I feel like you removed my whole pelvic area (which had been previously painful), took a giant tumor off it, then replaced the parts gently back into my body. I honestly feel like I am recovering from some sort of major surgery. I am still working on coming back into my body.  

      A week prior to my call to you, Vianna's Basic ThetaHealing® book arrived from Amazon. I was so flustered trying to do the exercise, "Go up and Meet with God Meditation" to activate Theta because I could hear myself screaming in my mind, "You are not allowed to go up there, and you are definitely not allowed to talk with God." So thank you so much for all the work you did on my beliefs about being whole, talking and connecting with God, and retrieving my soul fragments. I will be testing out some of the work we did on my belief that "God does not hear me when I am requesting assistance."   

     All I know is our work together opened a door in my soul that otherwise had not been previously open. I am so excited to see where it takes me and what I can manifest/heal now. And I am taking it very easy, staying hydrated and getting rest." 

A.S., East Bay, CA. 


      "Thank you for the session today (June 2009). It is  the first time I have worked with  someone who really knew what I was talking about. I didn't have to go into a story to help you understand. You knew! I can't tell you how much it meant for me to work with someone who is sincere and coming from a place of love, kindness and your heart.  Thank you! You made dealing with childhood abuse issues possible for me to move through it. I'm in the grief of it all, but I'll be ok. I'm just grieving what could have been, a childhood that seemed I lost, and yet somehow...I now will write the book that I have envisioned over and over.  I will teach to corporations and do what I came here to do. I know we will work together quite a bit. Love and gratitude."

T.S.; East Coast, USA; ThetaHealing® Instructor     


     "I cannot put into words exactly what it is that Judy did for me.  What I can say is that I went in riddled with worry and fear over my work as I am transitioning my focus again.  I came out feeling solid and without fear and worry.  My core is quiet and steady, and while I still do not know exactly where I am going, I know that I am on the right track. This feeling is invaluable when birthing a new creative concept and life direction.  Thank you Judy. I'll be back to make this transition process as smooth and empowered as possible."  

Irene Turner, Sonoma County, CA., International Interior Designer (


     "I have had ThetaHealing® successes with Judy over the last few years...this is just the latest one.   Last week, in showing up for my scheduled session,  I told Judy about a specific deep and piercing pain in my upper back (off the wing area).  I had been experiencing it, to a lesser degree, for about two to three months, but hadn't told Judy about it. It was now difficult to lift my arm. After releasing some old beliefs held in this spot, and along with another Theta exercise connected to Creator---the pain was completely gone after 45 minutes!!  It has not returned.   How grateful I am for my willingness and courage to be open to this healing and for Judy's skill, experience, knowledge, compassion and wisdom. I am blessed to have her in my life."    

EC, Sonoma County, CA.


    "About a month ago (Nov. 2008), I had quite a scare with my health. After coming off an intense work schedule, I started experiencing numbness in my left hand, arm, shoulder, and face. I rushed to the doctor where a stroke or heart attack were ruled out, but they set up an appointment for an MRI to test for neurological disorders such as MS. I was thrown into a complete tailspin. I emailed Judy to see if she could do a quick scan on me. She witnessed, through Creator, that what I had was a pinched nerve in my T-1 area and that I had underlying fears of MS that needed to be cleared. She also suggested that I seek the care of a chiropractor. I started chiropractic treatment which helped me greatly, but I also scheduled a session with Judy. She witnessed a twisting of the nerves along my spinal column created by certain beliefs. We cleared them as well as some other childhood traumas that surfaced. At my next appointment to the chiropractor, she remarked at how well everything looked and the adjustments were minimal. I feel that without Judy's insight on treatment, or support in healing and clearing beliefs, I would have spent thousands of dollars in medical tests along with months of pain and fear. Using Theta, accompanied by her suggestions on alternative therapies, got my body back to wellness in a month. Amazing!"

Mollie Jensen, Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Intuitive, San Rafael, CA



    "Before being able to speak with Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing®, doctors started to suspect that I had a brain tumor instead of a trans-neuro degenerative disease. Even with all the newest, latest treatments, my symptoms were getting worse. From time to time at night, I would tremble with excurciating pain along with severe discomfort in my face. Vianna immediately saw my symptoms had been caused by the genetic disorder, myotonic dystrophy, and witnessed the change of that gene.  This was such a major shift for me as this set the stage for my recovery. Thanks to her healing, the excruciating pains stopped, and I started to sleep better, regaining  a greater vitality each day.  

     But practicing yoga and running kundalini, this still put me into a reaction afterwards as my muscles fought back into a contracted hold. When I did healings on myself, in witnessing the movement of my bones and muscles, this change would not last as my cranium went into painful resistance during my sleep.  

      I had Judy work on me once. When she witnessed Creator's healing, a big energy entered from my crown chakra and went down through the central channel in the spinal column giving me jolts.  That night, I then commanded Creator to do another healing. Kundalini kept pushing my bones back, but this time, the muscles in my mouth and jaws moved to relaxation in a much greater way than ever before. They did not fight back last night. This is a Major improvement!   Thank you, Judy!  You did such a great job in working with your intuitive abilities to shift my beliefs and help heal my body. I feel so blessed."

Mayu, CA.; yoga instructor, Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner


     "When I first started working with you a few years ago, you were scanning my body and remarked about some cloudiness in the back of my left eye and wanted to know if I wanted it cleared....I said yes. I never told you what happened because it was like life just goes on, but Judy, my vision in that eye has improved!  When it was time to renew my driver's license, I had my eyes checked about the need for wearing glasses while driving, and the doctor verified how much they had improved.  Thank you!"

Dian Jones, San Diego, CA


      "I’ve been wanting to shift my life work into being a ThetaHealer® as I’m certified as an Advanced practitioner, but I’ve felt resistance in moving in this direction.  In the way that things seem to be so synchronistic in how conditions and beliefs work to support us, even if it’s very uncomfortable, I had been experiencing severe symptoms of continuous bloating,  gas and low energy for over a month.                                                                                                           

    During just one session with Judy, she was able to see that I had a parasite in my intestine who felt it was part of my “support team.”  In looking at the beliefs that held me back from creating this transition, I realized that I didn't know how to be powerful in connection with humanity.   I feared that if I were to be powerful, humanity would suck  me dry.   This was exactly what the parasite was doing in being present in “supporting” me.   And interestingly, I had a dual perspective  that if I were too powerful, people wouldn't need me any longer  so I’ve continued to play it small.                                                            

    To make things further involved, I was carrying an obligation to humanity to be needed.  When I learned Creator's definition of being powerful and being in connection with humanity, the obligation was removed, and a tremendous shift was felt.  The bloating receded immediately, and my body felt lighter and sharper.  My increased energy level was apparent and immediate as well. 

    Thank you, Judy, for all that you are willing to be present for and witness."

Tana Davis; Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Aspen, CO.



     "My experience with Judy was a very pleasant one as I found her very sweet and caring.  She helped me to accomplish clearing many negative layers of beliefs in one session.  I felt a high level of energy vibration running through my body afterwards.  This led to an elimination of toxins the following day. The session prompted me to learn more about ThetaHealing® by registering for a Basic workshop in my area."

Evelyn Sinclair, New Hampshire, EFT practitioner


    "For several months, I'd been plagued with almost continuously watering eyes, which began during an attempt at a serious detox/cleansing protocol. At the least, it was irritating and uncomfortable; at worst, it was dangerous (i.e. when I was driving). I went through a series of prescription eyedrops, homeopathic remedies, and several forms of energy healing all to no avail. In my increasingly desperate search to find an answer, I came across Judy Dragon's website. Two (intense) sessions later, I am symptom-free and profoundly grateful to Judy for her work."

Saralee Cox, OH


    "I have had lower back pain for the past 9 years and have been going to a chiropractor anywhere from 2 to 6 times a month to correct it. I had one session with Judy about old beliefs on financial abundance never mentioning my chronic back pain. During the session, she asked if I had lower back pain, which I said, "Yes... for years."

    In that session, she cleared all my old misconceptions about money, and when the session was over, she asked me how my lower back felt. It felt great! She informed me that my old beliefs about money were the cause of my lower back pain. I have had no more pain since and have not been to the chiropractor.  I would have never known that my back pain was directly related to the energy around my beliefs on money.

    I highly recommend to anyone havng a healing session with Judy. Her intuition and healing insight were miraculous for me."

 G. B., Tracy, CA


    "Judy is an extraordinary healing practitioner! She has helped the expansion of my awareness by having Creator teach me so much about love, joy, and healing in my life! One of the most significant changes I noticed is that I no longer allow other people's opinions and energy to affect me.  I used to take on their problems as my own but that has changed 180 degrees.  Also, with the many belief changes, I noticed I have felt much more confident each day, that every day is a miracle filled with blessings! I'm so grateful for my experience and for all Judy has supported me with. Thank you, thank you!"

Emo,  Los Angeles, CA - Music artist/writer/producer


     "My four year old daughter began experiencing severe tooth decay around her first birthday.  Her diet was  extremely healthy, including many whole grains, vegetables, and no sugar. Despite meticulous care including multiple brushings throughout the day and regular dental visits, her teeth continued to become brown, rotted, and full of  holes.   

    At three, after she had a very stressful series of dental visits in which she had to have 10 cavities filled and 8 crowns inserted, Judy was recommended to us by a friend. Through hearing me speak of my issues during my daughter's pregnancy and detecting that my daughter had been overwhelmed by Candida in utero, Judy used me to test my daughter's beliefs, accessed her Higher Self to get permission in witnessing the belief changes and then performed a healing.   

    My daughter recently went for her first dental exam since the healing six months prior.  For the first time in her life, she had no tooth decay!  We are so grateful to Judy for her deep, insightful  healing."   

Patricia Yardley, Psychotherapist, Georgia


     "I have done ‘past life’ regressions before, leaving the sessions wondering what to do with the information I had gotten. By using a Crystal Layout, a grid forming from the placement of specific crystals all around and on my body, my experience was totally different. With this technique, I was clear in knowing what present issues could be traced to ‘past life’ experiences-- 'past lives’ meaning simultaneous experiences outside time and space.

      Judy gently guided me to see several lifetimes with the ability to easily shift scenes in each specific lifetime and to get the essence of each life while feeling detached. The extraordinary part of the experience was the healings that occurred in viewing those lifetimes, and the lessons that I was able to access – now I know why certain things happened in those lifetimes and can see patterns repeating in this lifetime. And with belief changes that Judy witnessed Creator teaching me, I no longer have to repeat those patterns or situations again.  

      But this wasn’t the only exciting part. It got even better when I visited a future life. As I looked at what was happening, I realized that something wasn’t “right.” We were able to examine the specific situation and then heal a previous life experience that impacted that future lifetime, and then go back to the future life and see the change. It has changed my life now!

      This experience has supported me in reexamining the situations I encounter in this lifetime to get the lesson, learning to stop the resistance of the lesson. This experience has opened the way to lessen my need to get caught up in the dramas of my life and stop questioning why things are happening to me. I can now get the lesson and move on!"

Linda Creel, ThetaHealing® instructor; Santa Rosa, CA



    "I had been dealing with a sore throat and sore glands for 4 days, and on the 5th day, I woke up so dizzy that the room was spinning.  Besides the sore throat and glands, I was coughing up dark yellow mucous signifying infection.  Due to a phone call that had brought up painful memories, I was also experiencing deep sadness.  Judy worked on me over the phone for 20 minutes.  She saw a virus that was being held in place by disempowering beliefs and had Creator change them and the virus, which she saw disappear. An Engram bank (free-floating thought forms) was also removed. In minutes, my sadness lifted, my sore throat, glands and dizziness completely disappeared, and the chest discomfort improved by about 80%.  Having known Judy for years, I was well aquainted with her success in Theta work, but still I felt stunned by not only the degree of improvement, but also by the speed.  She is truly gifted."

J. P., CA


   "I fractured my right fibula and left metatarsal falling off my front steps at the end of February '06. I received the medical attention I needed. In mid-March, I had an appointment with Judy. As there really are no accidents, we worked on beliefs and corresponding feelings and memories that had set the energy for my mishap. This was my 'breaks to awaken." There was an immediate difference in my feet after the healing work.
   Before the healing, my feet were so tender, bruised and sensitive, I could barely touch them. Afterwards, I could massage them and had the feeling I lived in them again.
   My recovery has progressed very rapidly and only after 4 weeks I was walking on my own and steady on my feet. I thank Judy, and Creator so much."
Kaylynne Throne, accountant, Sebastopol, CA


     "One Saturday morning in March '06, I was in my office and experienced excruciating pains in my lower, mid-back from what I believed were  kidney stones.  I was unable to urinate and became light-headed.  I felt my only choice was to head for a hospital.  My wife said to come home and seek help from Judy.  Through the terrible pain, I was able to drive home and lay down on my bed.  I was handed the phone with Judy on the other end of the line.  The pain had subsided slightly, and Judy said that she had been working on me while I was driving home.  In a few minutes, the pain level was in half, and Judy asked me if it had gone away.  I replied that it was not completly gone.  She said she would "go back in again" and in a few minutes, the pain started to drop down lower into my hip area.  In a very short time, the  pain stopped abruptly and at that exact moment, Judy said "There, that did it"  I was in a  state of total awe!  She also "put in" what she called "Creator's teachings" to change some of my beliefs that were causing the pain and the stones.  She talked about my intake of junky-type foods and the resulting mineral deficiencies which I have now changed.  My overall energy level has increased.  I believe in alternative healing but I was skeptical about "remote" methods.  Not any more!  After this experience, I am now convinced that the belief systems I hold on to need extensive refinement. The ThetaHealing® truly worked for me!   Thanks Judy!"  
S. Harald, Mill Valley, CA. [In memory of my friend, Steve, who made his transition to another realm in May '11]


     "After discovering breast cancer, I had to find out what "I" was doing to create this monstrous disease. Soon after surgery, I was referred to Judy, and by phone, we worked together on my many beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, that no longer served me. At that time, I chose to take the radiation treatments which left me physically and mentally drained for months though I did so much better than many women with cancer. Judy suggested that supplements might greatly helped reduce the effects of radiation as well as healing my left arm, which I couldn't lift from a mistake in the surgery, and that did help. Finding out I had cancer was the "wake up call" I needed to change my life around; and with Judy's help, I continue to stay on the path of good health and well being. In October of '03, cancer reappeared in my left breast. We, again, discovered another level of beliefs that was affecting the growth. The beliefs were cleared and so did all cancer--my biopsy came back clean. There are not words that can fully express my gratitude for all that Judy has done for me over the past six years."
Carolyn Coffeen, Florida


     "I appreciate Judy's integrity, her clear boundaries and her respect for my process. Through Jin Shin Jyutsu and Medical Intuition, she helps me with my work in developing my full potential.

     My dog was getting black secretions building up in her left ear. I took her to the vet who said that her ear was infected. In following the vet’s instructions, the condition got better after a few days and then the secretion returned soon after. I consulted with Judy who looked at the condition remotely and witnessed a misalignment of my dog’s jaw.

      I didn’t ask for a healing for my dog but instead took her to my chiropractor. I asked him to specifically look at the jaw, and he asked me how I knew the jaw was out of alignment. I told him that my medical intuitive told me. He adjusted my dog’s jaw and the secretion cleared."

Nyla Blair, Santa Rosa, CA


     "I had a neck problem that was giving me severe headaches for about a week that would only go away with advil.   At about midnight, after a week of dealing with this, I got an acute and extreme pain in the back of my head.  Flipped out and convinced that it was a brain aneurysm or something worse, I spoke to Judy and had a session with her. Within minutes, she found the root of the most severe of the pain and explored some stresses and beliefs I was experiencing that was keeping the pain trapped.
      I was completely skeptical and ready to go to the ER for a catscan and emergency brain surgery before I called. Minutes into our session, I was convinced of an incredible power that I had been allowed to be a part of.  It was eye-opening and incredible, and it made me feel so much better."
N. Harald, film director/producer, Santa Monica, CA


    "Judy approaches each session with sensitivity, wisdom, knowledge and intuition. There is no judgment on her part, just working with "what is".         

     The Four Level Belief Work is truly one of God's greatest gifts to humanity; to have the ability to change that which creates our reality....instantaneously....very powerful! The work that Judy does is pure alchemy, transmuting dark thoughts and beliefs that are hidden and unconscious, bringing them forth into the conscious mind, then sending to God's Light. The internal and external changes in myself have been nothing short of astounding. I cannot think of a grander journey to be on, nor a finer person to assist with this process than Judy."
Susan O, Arizona

      "I only had one session that included the Theta DNA activation, gene replacements, teachings and an unconditional love healing with Judy, and I don't know how to rationalize all that happened after. Judy told me I was dehydrated during the session and that I would detoxify. I woke up sweating and thirsty, drinking 3 glasses of water. The headache that I had, disappeared. The active acne that was on my face, neck, ear....all scabbed over. It just healed. We weren't even working on this consciously. I have/had a dark brown mole on the side of my face, the kind that stands out from the surface, and the top just dried and peeled off today (it was there for years). There is still something that was beneath it, but it appears to be "deflating." All of this has gotten me excited to experience my next session."
Melissa Shields, Colorado

     "I was attending a dance workshop with Judy when she accidentally elbowed me in the left eye. It was not a subtle nudge, but a fairly good blow--I saw stars. Judy asked if she could perform a healing on my eye, and that she could prevent a black eye and any associated swelling. I agreed. We sat down. Judy requested permission to enter my body. I could feel movement underneath my left eye. It took only a few minutes, and then she was done. I was fine for the rest of the day. I did not get a black eye or any swelling. It was great!"
Amando Cablas, Ph.D., CA.

      "My mother, Judy, has used Jin Shin Jyutsu on me for as long as I can remember. I am not a person who works with faith or believes in things that I can't see, but I can see and feel the effects of Jin Shin. I remember as a teenager having horrible cramping. Within an hour of treatment, the pain was gone, and I was able to sleep. When I'd run fevers, an hour of Jin Shin would lower or dissipate it, even during the times of day that temperatures usually rise (4 PM). When I am ill or worn out, my first thoughts are to get the help of my mother's hands.

      When I gave birth to my first child in June '10, my mother did Jin Shin Jyutsu and coached me through the entire labor. It helped so much, and the whole process was an amazing experience for all of us. The midwives were even interested in what she did seeing how it helped."
Malaya Goris, teacher, Union City, CA.

    "I'm Judy's younger daughter, and my mom has used Jin Shin Jyutsu on me since before I was born. Mom never gave my siblings or me antibiotics. Jin Shin has been my main source of "medicine," being raised on Jin Shin, herbs and homeopathy. It is what I think of to stay healthy. I live in Italy now, and I often think how nice it would be to have a treatment when I get sick. I would much rather have my mother work on me than go to a doctor who prescribes "chemicals." Mom has shown me self-help care over the years, and I have used it on friends also. When I'm home and get sick, I can count on receiving treatments, which helps me slow down from my busy schedule and help to pass my illness very quickly. Jin Shin will continue to be held as my preferential alternative health care. 

     Also, one night when I lived in England working as a waitress, I was up almost the entire night with excruciating neck and shoulder pain from carrying trays. I wasn't sure I could go to work later in the morning. I called my mom, and she worked on me with ThetaHealing. In about 15 minutes, the pain was gone. I fell asleep and worked that day with no problem. It was a new experience to receive ThetaHealing instead of Jin Shin, but it worked!"

Tiffany Kraus, Genova, Italy

      "What impresses me most about Judy's healings is how she enters my crown chakra and goes straight to the disorder.   Two years ago, I was planning on leaving for Italy when I got sick with cold/flu-like symptoms about 5 days before the flight. Judy witnessed the clearing of my sinuses and the virus and uncovered a morose, dark feeling in my lungs--a past life situation from having been betrayed and stabbed to death by an associate in Italy. By using the Four Level Belief Work, everything changed, and I went off to Italy feeling completely recovered. Her Source-directed healings are strong and powerful."
M. Loris, Certified Theta Instructor; Chicago


    "My husband started having Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions with Judy 1997. An eye doctor had given him the wrong medicine. He reacted with swollen eyes and face. After the treatment, his condition improved drastically. Interestingly, very toxic odors came out of his pores. We could all smell it. He was an artist and had worked with oil paints.

   I have used Judy over the years to check conditions in my body as well as appropriate supplements through her medical intuitive work. I've also received Jin Shin to help with my circulation. Judy has been blessed and gives much support and care."
Yvonne Doerr, artist, Windsor, CA.


     "I have been receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments from Judy for over twenty years. I was told by the medical profession that some of the conditions I had were both chronic and untreatable without surgery, particularly my knee. I no longer suffer from these conditions thanks, in part, to Jin Shin and other modes of healing that Judy has made available to me. With Judy's intuitive abilities and compassion, I highly recommend using her for all the healing work she does"
Debbie Harald; Dental Hygienist, Mill Valley, CA.

      "Judy is one of those rare beings who has devoted her life to facilitating the healing of others. Having studied with the founders of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Alchemical Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing®, Judy's integrity with her Art is impressive. Above all, her client centered approach and extremely grounded presence allows a container of safety, trust, compassion and love. As a client for over 30 years, I would recommend Judy to anyone seeking a powerful ally for their mental, emotional or physical well-being and health."
H.P., R.N. California.

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