Theta DNA Activation



The Twelve-Strand Theta DNA Activation creates the connection between the human genetic coding and access to all knowledge through the Seven Planes of Existence. Twelve has the ancient meaning of "Thy will be done," and this seems significant in releasing our perceptions of who we think we are into the awareness of who we truly are--remembering our histories and purpose for being here at this amazing time, in service to Creator-All-That-IS, the energy that runs through all of creation.

Our original genetic blueprint was designed by the Creator-All-That-IS to have much more than just one double helix, and we've operated in this diminished capacity until recently. The full complement of chromosomal strands was disconnected thousands of years ago by way of genetic modification. Scientists are very much aware of the extra, or "latent" strands which they call "junk" DNA. Within the fully activated 12-stranded individual, there are 100's of strands each running 200,000 functions.

In 1996, the Theta DNA Activation process was originally channeled from Creator-All-That-IS to Vianna Stibal, a naturopath and medical intuitive. The Creator-All-That-IS information to Vianna was that the Activation would support the release of toxins, strengthen our ability to survive environmental poisons, and aid humankind in preventing and resisting the many predicted diseases --to make us impervious to such biological 'attacks'.  The activation of the mitochondria would bring up our issues to the surface much faster and provide vast expansion of our psychic abilities as it is the power source of every cell. This would support us to work with more available energy.

Initially, the Activation was witnessed as a two-level process. But times have changed. The activation is but one very quick process due to the amount of people who have been activated in the last twelve years, the spread of the activation through cellular communication from human to human, the acceleration of the Light frequencies coming into our planet, and the energy of the earth to now activate our DNA.  I, myself, have activated over 600 people since 1998 as well as taught many students from all over the world to activate those they know. And I am only one of Vianna's many students who have been spreading the work. Let's also not forget the Indigo and other children of the rainbow who are being born with more than a double helix configuration. We are truly in transformational times!

After the Activation:

         1. Cleansing may occur due to the frequency changes--releasing what is no longer useful physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. [NOTE: It is a good idea for smokers to have their Activations checked or repeated every few months since the telomere can be destroyed]

         2. Your words will become your reality much quicker. Be aware of your thoughts and how you express them.

         3. You’re at a higher vibrational level and will make new choices in who to associate with. Your relationships may change, sometimes drastically.

         4. Your spouse or partner may spontaneously activate as cells talk to cells.

         5. There may be flu like symptoms. Clients have reported that the use of Calcium and chelated Zinc have been helpful.

I have found that every person's experience of the Activation is unique. For me, it started an immense release of heavy metals as well as noticing an increase in my psychic abilities. Under this article, look at 'Benefits of the DNA Activation' as I have gathered testimonials from some of my past clients on their experience of the activation.

The DNA activation is a loving gift from the Creator, given unconditionally, to bring added awareness to our evolution along with many other modalities to support our healing. It is with much humility and great respect to Creator-All-That-IS that I offer this gift to you free with your first one hour appointment.

Below is a more detailed understanding of spiritual, anatomical and biological functions of the Activation process.

From theCreator-All-That-IS, comes the spark or impulse for the creation of form. In form, this impulse ignites in the back of the eyes, located at the center of the forehead. It is known as the "headquarters," the "primal eye," "the roots of heaven" or "residence (house) of the Soul." It is where the perfect reflection of the Creator-All-That-IS' One tone, or Sound and Light resonate. The "primal eye" holds the blueprint for all the energy and movement within the body and contains the activating principle of Spirit, which helps connect Spirit and all elemental forms.

Scientifically, it is known as the pineal gland. This is where the activation of the "latent" DNA is witnessed-to complete our full genetic blueprint. The pineal gland is a photosensitive organ and an important timekeeper for the human body as it affects circadian rhythms and sleep patterns (releases or inhibits production of the hormone, melatonin).

image Within the pineal gland is a master cell, which in its nucleus, has twenty-three pairs of chromosomes. Around this cell's nucleus, is the energy source of the cell known as the mitochondria. It also has its own DNA/chromosomes. Every cell in the body has this configuration (except red blood cells). A chromosomal pair is composed of two long, tightly coiled chains of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) resembling a spiral staircase. This double helix structure consists of two side supports made up of deoxyribose, a simple sugar molecule, and a phosphoric acid, phosphate. Within the cell's nucleus, where the DNA resides, are four different ring-shaped nitrogen bases image (adenine, thymine, cystine, guanine) between the two side supports that are paired to sustain the integrity of the genetic code during cell division. By regulating cycles of growth, repair, replication and dissolution, the DNA determines the form and function of a cell.

DNA units, called genes, pass on hereditary information and ancestral coding. Additionally, at the ends of the chromosomes, is a substance called telomere to prevent tangling during cell division. Evidence indicates that these end caps may have a biological clock function that could possibly extend human life.

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"After the Activation and gene replacement, I was in the shower when I suddenly felt my low back changing the way it held itself--the muscles were pulling into a more proper lordosis. It is easier to sit straight now." -G. Feuerstein D.C., Hawaii

"I became consciously aware that negative thoughts were being mirrored immediately." -SS, San Anselmo

"Clearer brighter perception on all levels--open heart!" -JG, Ukiah

"My wrinkles are disappearing." -NN, Occidental

"My experience with the DNA Activation was quite dramatic. I would not say I experienced physical symptoms so much as emotional intensity and explosiveness. My first two days were particularly rough. Then Tuesday I was noticing how much energy I had. I came home from work and cleaned my house! I had lots more energy yesterday and today also." -JA, Garberville

"This morning I have more energy than I've had in a long time. I woke up feeling really good." -AG, Oregon

"Increased intuition and ability to intuit people--I just know things and who people really are; manifesting a money relationship; went though heavy cleanse." -AK, Oregon

"An increase in psychic ability." -SS, Maui

"I experienced DNA activation as the final depth probe into the inner recesses of the soul, releasing its potential for fulfillment." -DS, Sonoma, CA

"I experienced immediate positive changes, spiritually, mentally and physically. My psychic " gifts" that I've had since a child, are more pronounced and enhanced, which allows me to assist others more effectively by doing "intuitive counseling" for and with them. My physical health has improved, more than before the activation. I strongly urge others to be activated." -NG, West DesMoines, Iowa

"I cannot begin to list the benefits of this work. Renewed energy--I work circles around those much younger. Eyesight has improved and my lungs have been renewed in that I am no longer plagued with bronchial infections. I am now helping others." KJB, Oregon

"I found, to my surprise, that within a couple of hours of the session, I was passing fungal toxins. Within a few days, I seemed to be losing my food sensitivities, and could eat just about anything." -GF, Maui

"It has been one week now since I experienced this unique DNA Activation. I have observed that I am more alert. I have more energy, I am sleeping less and waking up feeling very refreshed and ready to go. My intuitiveness has increased, and I feel a clarity in my brain that is truly exhilarating. When the activation was occurring, at first I felt nothing and then I felt an immense expansion in the heart chakra that felt very warm and wonderful. This feeling was like a vortex that kept spreading and filling me with a sensation that I can only describe as like being in a cocoon as all my insides seemed to turn to a warm, gelatinous substance. Then the sensation slowly spread up the back of my neck into my head and my head then seemed to expand out into the Universe! From that, it was like a fourth of July fireworks display went off in my head, and I could feel the bursts of sparkles as they rained down on my being. It was a wonderful, warm, exciting, tingling feeling that is very hard to describe except to say it was very exhilarating!" 6/23/03 Suzy Star, Oregon

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