Theta DNA Activation



Much has been written about the Indigo children, with their vast awareness, intuition, and ability to manifest easily. It's amazing to realize, contrary to what has been printed in many popular New Age publications, that they have actually been born for the last forty-five or fifty years with the oldest Indigo that Vianna (ThetaHealing® founder) has ever met being 83.  Before the Indigo children appeared to usher in the "New Age", the Crystal Children were born who also had intuitive and psychic abilities. In ancient times, Indigos and Crystal children were often found in religious groups or organizations so that they had a place to practice their connection with the Creator. 

judy's auraIndigo personalities are deeply sensitive individuals connected to their inner self with a life long search for higher truth and consciousness.  They experience life through their inner feelings, inner knowledge and intuition like the other color personalities.  Indigos want everyone to be in harmony as they are very sensitive to psychic and emotional energy of others.  Unlike the Rainbow children, they will interpret another's energy as their own until

they learn discernment.  Thus, they can be negatively influenced by how they 'read/sense'

others. If you have heard of Indigos being able to shift their polarities, this happens
unconsciously to match another's polarity and pardigm so they feel safe. 

Indigos often feel out of place, as if they came to the wrong planet. 

They are also very attuned to their parents' and teachers' emotions and can become easily upset if they feel they have somehow disappointed them, been misunderstood, judged, or criticized.  If disciplined unfairly by authority figures, they will be assertive in getting their position heard, which seems true for other injustices that appear in their lives.  This can be interpreted as defiance and confrontive behavior rather than the ability to see things from a more aware perspective. If truely listened to, Indigos can make exemplary students to their teachers and great teachers to their parents and their world around them.


Many children in today's world have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.  Some authorities believe that these children are all Indigo's.  These children can be psychic but not all are necessarily Indigo or Rainbow children. Learning disabilities and their accompanying symptoms can come from many different sources.  It's important to know that Indigos are not necessarily disruptive, but if their emotional make-up becomes this way and also abusive (hurtful, violent and unbelievably defiant), they could really be chemically imbalanced.  These children's tendencies lean more towards manic-depression. They should be assisted in bringing them to a normal balanced state without putting them on anti-depressants. It is suggested to start by checking all factors such as family environment, possible abuse issues, allergies to certain foods, heavy metals (particularly lead, mercury and aluminum), immunizations and possible hormonal or system imbalances. Eliminating processed white sugars and flours, preservatives like BHT and BHA, diet products like splenda, aspartame and saccharine, and red/yellow dyes will help stop the build up of toxins in their body that affect their brain chemistry.


It's also important for parents to learn about the developmental stages of children and effective disciplinary modalities that are respectful to the child and situation, related to their children's actions, and create responsibility and accountability in their behavior rather then using punishment to serve short-term behavioral goals.   Parents will find it important to model effective expressions of desired behavior, handle their own emotions appropriately, work on changing their own beliefs, and improve their parenting and communication skills to empower their children. Resources

The greatest challenge for Indigo personalities is for them to understand that the insensitive ways humanity tends to relate to each other and Mother Earth are not personally directed at them, and so they must work on compassion rather than sympathy or empathy to balance their own confusion, sadness and anger. Many people born of Indigo frequency have actually worked on their personal issues to evolve into being Rainbow frequency.


Rainbow children, who have been born throughout the last 15 years, are different than Indigo children. They have been born with the ability to change the world around them with infinite wisdom.  They radiate love, patience, are extemely adaptable and recall memories of other times, places and abilities.  These children can convert emotional energy easily and are not overwhelmed by the energy of others or of negativity.  They simply change it as they have the ability to shift energy to the way they want it to meet the highest needs of humanity.  Rainbow children can also change the colors of their aura depending on their thoughts.  The frontal lobe of these children are more extended and process at a much quicker rate.  The differences in their DNA make them more immune to disesases as they grow older. 

Bronze children exhibit traits of love and compassion as well, but their joy is to create and dissemble things, being focused and determined to find answers to the workings of creation, to ask "Why?" They then apply this knowledge to help the advancement of humanity as they see how it can be used scientifically. These are the scientists of the future--the botanists, microbiologist, quantum physicists.


The Gold Children are born healers being adept at creating manifestations, "seeing" the issues and changing them. They excel in the healing emotions both physically and genetically and have no doubt of Creator's healing power.  Though they can be artistic, they focus primarily on healing.  At a young age, they are able to choose what they want to do in their life.  Many become doctors, surgeons, medical researchers or healing practitioners.  Gold Children are susceptible to environmental substances like the Indigo and Bronze frequencies, but can train their bodies to live anywhere in the world, being able to adapt without negative reactions.


As the awakening of humanity into a new Consciousness is occuring,  these Indigo and Rainbow children have come to support us in uplifting our awareness and bring the blessings to teach us about true Unconditional love.


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