Theta DNA Activation

June ‘07

The soon summer  month of June heats up with a mercury retrograde on the 15th (I can hear it now… “another one?!”…3 times per year so keep working on your beliefs because astrology is of the 6thPlane, and you don’t have to be detrimentally affected by it) and the Summer Solstice on June 21st.  I found a very fun astrology site for those of us who aren’t professionals.  It gives a great deal of solid information.  I’d be interested in what two of our astrologer ThetaHealers think.


              After attempting to find the person who had purchased a discount ticket for me at a salsa dance in San Francisco, I’m embarrassed to say that I accidentally missed a darkened step (not a new dance step…a stair step) thinking that the next movement was the ground and instead went flying. Now does that say something to you about the habits of a Dragon.  I landed in an off position, and at the time, only thought I twisted my ankle.   People were running around getting me ice, asking me how I was, and all I wanted was silence to connect with Creator-All-That-IS.  I shushed them all so I could pray, and witnessed a healing.  The pain dissipated, the shock quieted, and my breath kicked in.  I sat on the floor a bit longer deliberating if I should stay or leave. I had traveled over an hour to dance, hurt my ankle attempting just to pay for a ticket, and thought that if I rested awhile, I could continue my plans. 

              I was able to walk down the rest of the stairs with minimal discomfort and sat another 20 minutes doing some acupressure. I decided to go for it.  Dancing is such a joy to me.  I felt only slight discomfort, but knowing that I could be overdoing things, I decided it would be best to stop after two hours.  (Yea, I can normally dance for 3 straight hours with only a few breaks… oops, I mean stops) 

              Walking to my car, I felt some soreness and swelling occurring.  I made it home fine, did an ice pack, Traumell and went to sleep. It was definitely swollen in the morning though the pain level was just experienced as soreness and stiffness.  After a full day of clients, I decided to get an Ion foot bath to release the inflammation. It really released a great deal of the stiffness, and I felt no discomfort.

              But the next morning I saw some blue spreading along the top and side of my foot and the swelling was still there.  I deepened my Theta waves and took another look.  Lo-and-behold, I saw a hairline fracture.  No need to just stare at it.  I commanded Creator to change it to wholeness and health.  I witnessed a surge of energy around my ankle as a calcium wrap was put in place.  Pulsations went through the lymph of my foot and capillaries came together.  It went so fast, I asked for a replay just because I wanted to know exactly what I saw.  I’ve told many of you that I tend to analyze things.  I have to remember that this isn’t the first time that I’ve “hairlined” one of my bones and watched it heal instantly.

              The next day, the swelling was down much more and there was no bruising.  It was easier walking up and down my home stairs.  But I knew I wouldn’t be dancing for awhile (dance for 2 hours and out for 2 weeks), and I wanted to know why this happened in the first place. 

              In working with my Theta practitioner (I have  a deep commitment to my personal growth…not the negative commitments…in clearing my beliefs and programs), he said that the break that ‘was’, had been completely dis-created, and all that was left was some bone bruising  and inflammation.  I appreciated the validation.

              He reminded me that bones are our spiritual tuning fork.  Falling had grounded me, bringing me back to the moment.  Why in the heck did I need pain to do this? The response was that it was fast.  So I tested if I needed pain to be grounded.  No (whoo, I’m glad I’m past that one).  But I needed pain to remind me of the moment I’m in.  Darn!  I think I’m done with pain and another obscure belief is rooted out. Well, here today and gone the next moment…without pain.

              When my practitioner works with my beliefs, he takes my physical explanation of what is going on and then looks for it’s pattern, as a analogy, to identify. He, then, finds the archetype within the analogy to formulate the beliefs to test.  If you’d like to know more about working with the physical body and beliefs on a deeper level, I will be hosting my practitioner, Eric Brumett, to teach the Intuitive Anatomy in Santa Rosa from July 9th to the 27th.  The prerequisite is both Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing. If you haven’t taken the Advanced, there are still spaces available for June 1st.


              The next Theta Practicum is Saturday, June 23rd.  The Basic is from 11 to 1 and the Advanced is from 2 to 4. To socialize, there is a veg potluck from 1-2. The cost is $20 each section or $35 for both if you are an Advanced student.  All funds go to the scholarship program. Please RSVP by June 20th if you’ll be coming. Your attendance supports a deepening of your Theta skills, assists others and yourself in healing, changes beliefs and programs, expands your Theta education and gives you supervised practice.

              There will be no practicum in July as I will be attending the Intuitive Anatomy. The next date will be Saturday, August 25th.


Below are fun and interesting sites, news and videos.

Enjoy the weather, have fun, and celebrate the coming of the longest day.

Many blessings,






              This is the 3rd part, an update of a series, from this year. The other two can be viewed by clicking the right side images on youtube




 (I guess ‘real time’ can be interpreted as 3rd plane time, which is basically an illusion.  This is a fun site none-the-less!)

World Population - Government & Economics - Education - Environment - Food - Water - Energy – Health.  Did you know, for instance that our planet is being struck by lightning over a 100 times/sec?... Or that the topsoil erosion from farmlands this year totals over 8.6 billion metric tons so far? Check




A Lean Gene for Low-Cal Longevity

Worm study fingers gene that links dietary restriction to increased lifespan


May 2, 2007

              It has been known for 72 years—and demonstrated in a range of organisms, including yeast, fruit flies, mice and dogs—that a restricted diet, typically amounting to less than half of the usual number of daily calories, can increase life span. The biological mechanism underlying this effect, however, has continually eluded longevity researchers.   A new study involving roundworms appears to have isolated one gene—a transcriptional factor (or gene that controls the regulation of other genes in the genome)—that appears to be an essential member of the pathway that translates reduced caloric intake into a longer life span. The report, appearing online today, is published by the journal Nature, and could lead to therapies that lead to longer lives without requiring a starvation diet.                                                                                                                     

            "This may be the primordial gene that regulates nutrient sensing and helps an animal overcome stressful conditions—and helps an animal live a long time through dietary-restriction conditions," says the study's senior author, Andrew Dillin, an associate professor of molecular and cell biology at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, Calif.


How evolution creates new creatures from old showing that change primarily comes by finding new ways of turning existing genes on and off.

              The current research shows that opossum and human protein-coding genes have changed little since their ancestors parted ways, 180 million years ago. It has been the regulation of their genes - when they turn on and off - that has changed dramatically.  It showed that an important source of genetic innovation comes from bits of DNA, called transposons, that make up roughly half of our genome and that were previously thought to be genetic "junk."  The research shows that this so-called junk DNA [remember this from the DNA activation information] is anything but, and that it instead can help drive evolution by moving between chromosomes, turning genes on and off in new ways.



Service from the heart . Take 90 seconds to feel touched.  .




The art of vegetable design:

The art of egg shell  and watermelon design  (you may need to register to enter this site. This info is usually good but as always, use your discernment)




              One of my local e-group members set up a site to help everyone with rising gas prices. The site has great tips that could save you money, time, and efficiency on your car. Check




Cell Phone Facts and Safety Suggestions                                                                                

Cell phones emit frequencies in the 2 Hz and 8.34 Hz bands that correspond exactly to the frequencies of electrical oscillations found in the human brain (delta and alpha brain waves). 

              The EMF from a cell phone placed right next to your ear is 160 times stronger than the maximum allowable EMF from a computer video monitor. 
Cell phones transmit at maximum power when: 
-         you switch them on and off 
-         you dial out 
-         it connects or disconnects 
-         it’s ringing 
*     Hold the phone AWAY from your body when you dial out and WAIT until the person answers before you put the phone near your ear.   Hold the phone AWAY from you when you finish the call and switch it off.   When you are texting, hold the phone AWAY from your body to send or receive a message. 
 *     When your cell phone is on standby, put it in a bag or somewhere away from you and others.  Whenever possible, switch the phone off and keep it off between calls. 
 *     Males should not hold a cell phone on their lap when making calls, or when sending or receiving a text message.   The testicles are particularly vulnerable to microwave radiation. 
 *    Do not carry a cell phone on standby next to your body, especially not clipped to your belt, or in a blouse or shirt pocket (anywhere near the heart), shirt collar (near the thyroid), tucked into a bra, etc. All of these will irradiate your body tissues and vital organs or glands with high doses of microwaves each time your phone 'talks' to the nearest cell tower, which it does at full power when on standby.  The parts of the body most vulnerable to microwave damage are eyes, breasts, and testicles, although all soft body parts are at risk. 
*   Do not carry your phone (on standby) in a bag, purse, fanny-pack, etc., or hanging on a baby stroller anywhere near the baby's head or body.   They will be receiving a high dose of microwave radiation every time the phone logs on to the nearest cell tower.       

 *   Always keep cell phones (while turned on or in standby mode) well away from children or babies.   A truly safe distance would be around 100 feet. 
*    Never use a cell phone (or carry it on standby) in a car, train, bus, etc.   Metal surfaces reflect microwave radiation, bouncing it all around inside, exposing both you and any other passengers to high levels of radiation which are absorbed into the tissues and organs. 
*    Don't let a passenger in your car use a cell phone.   Find a safe place to pull over to allow them to step out and use their phone well away from the car.   Ensure anyone riding in your car has their cell phone turned OFF.   As you travel, any cell phone in standby mode will be in almost continuous communication with cell towers.   The towers detect when a cell phone signal is getting weaker and will "hand off" the connection to another cell tower that is closer. 
* When making call, if you know the direction of the nearest cell tower, change your position so that the cell phone is BETWEEN you and the cell tower (signal source).   If inside a building, position the phone between you and the nearest window. 
* Only use your cell phone when it shows it is receiving the maximum signal strength.  The farther you are away from a cell tower, the weaker the signal and the more your cell phone has to "power up", which causes more EMF- and EMR-induced cellular damage. 



Remember that you can pull off radiation from you body daily by commanding “Creator-of-ALL to remove all radiation from my being and body in the highest and best way for now.  Thank you. It is done 3X.” Witness.

Aulterra neutralizer
a Kirlian Photograph illustrates the effectiveness of this product. They also have a powder and pillows to sleep on that protect the body and more info.  They're all over Europe which is far more aware of the potential brain damage than people in the US.   3 units for 24.95 .

Taychion discs will change incoherent radiation to coherent radiation which will not harm the body.  If you drive a hydrid car (like I do), there is a great deal of EMF emitted from the batteries. They have discs to neutralize the battery as well as for cell phone, hair dryers, computers, etc. For more information, check
or call Tachyon independent distributor, Jane Pritchard at 707-523-3303





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