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May 2007

Hi to all:


Depending if you’re reading this from California or not, the weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining (through the chemtrails—send the planes unconditional love), and it’s time to make sure that our bodies stay well hydrated, protected from the sun’s rays and healthy.              


I’ve been doing some research on both water and sunscreens. Below is a chart on water pH among bottled water and some other beverages. It seems that many of the bottled waters we drink (besides being in plastic containers that leach toxins and only about 10% get recycled) have an acidic pH. Virus, bacteria, yeast, fungus and molds thrive in our bodies under such conditions. Not that we cannot work on the beliefs that help to reduce and harmonize such conditions (remember…viruses have issues of unworthiness; bacteria has issues of guilt; yeast, fungus and molds have issues of parasitical & resentment beliefs), but 70% of our body is water so we need to replenish and hydrate in the highest and best way.


I have actually used ThetaHealing to change my pH to neutral (7.2-7.6) while I was at an Intuitive Anatomy workshop where it was measurable. You certainly can do it this way if your busy days allow you to stay conscious of how you are hydrating yourselves. You can also bless your water through Theta just like Dr. Emoto does in his way. It works!  I’ve gone so far as to bless a piece of paper in Theta that says “This water is blessed” and pasted it on my water filter unit under my sink. I like that ThetaHealing is so user friendly and creative. (Like what isn’t creative about All-That-IS?!)


How many of you drink half your weight in ounces per day? How many of you drink a great deal of water only to find out that when you’re muscle testing to do belief work, you are dehydrated?


Oftentimes, the cells don’t know what it is to be hydrated. Make sure you have Creator teach them. Heavy metals often bind around the cells acting as a barrier and making it hard for water to flow to the cells. Teach the cells how to be safe to accept and receive hydration through water. And remember that regular table salt actually dehydrates the cells whereas Himalayan salt mineralizes and supports the cells.


I was at the New Living Expo last weekend and stopped by a booth that was selling these very cool RA (Rejuvenating Alkaline) sticks from Japan. You place the sticks in a bottle of regular tap water, shake it and let it sit for 15 minutes; then drink ionized, positively charged, antioxidant, micro-clustered water. The stick absorbs chlorine, heavy metals and impurities, raises the water to 8.5 pH or more. It tastes wonderful with lots of oxygen bubbles in the bottle. The company’s website doesn’t have the RA sticks on them when I checked it out yesterday ( ), but you can email or call 561-798-6989. They cost $30 and last for 66 gallons.


There’s been great debates about sunscreens, their use and toxicity.  All sunscreens attempt to combine a chemical block (for UVB protection) and a physical block (for UVA protection) of the sun’s harmful rays. The most common chemical block in most sunscreens is Octyl Methoxycinnamate (OMC). The most common physical block is zinc oxide. There are hidden dangers with each of these ingredients!


The problem with OMC is that it has been found to kill skin cells and to create free radicals and accelerate skin damage, including cancer.   Zinc oxide prolongs the illusion that you are not burning beyond the point where damage has already occurred. It has been banned for use in Europe because it tends to hide the effects of sun-damage, possibly prolonging one’s exposure to harmful UV rays.


In talking with my friend, Melissa Weaver, who has done extensive research in environmental toxicity and health-supporting products, she reported, “According to Randall Neustaedter, OMD: Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is contained in many "natural" sunscreens, but this metal has also been implicated as a potential problem in humans. Titanium dioxide has the ability to cause DNA damage in human cells. Although the Environmental Protection Agency has not identified any carcinogenic effects of TiO2, its ability to alter DNA strands is a cause for concern. Many chemicals in sunscreens have carcinogenic and/or hormone disrupting effects. These include parabens, PABA, OMC's, cinnamates, PABA, oxybenzone, salicylates, benzophenones, and triethenolamine, among others. These ingredients are absorbed through the skin, and can be found in plasma and urine samples after their use in humans. I don't consider them safe for anyone, especially children.”  She suggested the product called UV Natural which contains no harsh chemicals or Titanium. I found this product at my local health store.


If you get sunburn, pull off the radiation in Theta and command a healing of the area. You can also use aloe vera applied with a fresh leave…it’s more potent. More acidic water applied topically helps to soothe the skin so you could use a water system that can switch from alkaline to acidic ( or have Creator turn the water to the proper pH and apply. Take a cool (not cold) bath. Pat cool, sugarless tea over the area -- this works very well for sensitive areas around the eyes. The tannin in tea provides an active soothing ingredient.



I don’t like to get too political as far as this newsletter, but lately, there has been a great deal of energy, put into limiting our rights to choose our food and supplements, in not having a choice to live our lives w/o irradiated foods, GMO’S, growth hormone nutrition. It takes only a few minutes to sign these petitions, fax or call your representatives. Honestly, most of our reps haven’t a clue what is going on.

1) A formal request for an extension for Public Comments was turned down by Codex BUT then the FDA did extend the comment period to May 29th, 2007, so if you haven’t seen the excellent movie on the history of Codex Alimentarius or signed the Citizen’s Petition, please do so as soon as possible.

2) The Food and Drug Administration Revitalization Act (S1082) was planned over the past few years to support the profits of Big Pharma and Big Biotech by turning the FDA into a drug development company that will expose Americans to new and dangerous biological drugs that have little testing to prove safety or effectiveness. It gives broad new regulatory powers to the FDA that can be used to frivolously attack dietary supplements and more. If S1082 becomes law and the FDA is allowed to enter relationships with foreign countries without any Congressional mandate, our fundamental health freedoms will be jeopardized. Please check these websites for further detail.  and

3) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new federal regulations that will allow manufacturers and retailers to sell controversial irradiated foods without labeling them as previously required by law.

4) Disappointingly and under pressure from industrial agriculture lobbyists, the FDA has quietly approved a new regulation that will effectively end distribution of raw almonds while putting many family farmers out of business. The rule requires pasteurization of almonds, including organic, yet allows those same almonds to continue to be labeled as "raw".

5) If you have not yet informed the FDA about your position on cloned animals and food—the proposed federal regulations that would allow meat, eggs, and dairy products derived from cloned animals to be put on the market, without safety-testing or labeling-- please learn more and take action by May 3rd.





The next PRACTICUM will be May 19th at my home in Santa Rosa. The Basic is from 11 AM to 1 PM and the Advanced is from 2 to 4 PM. Each section is $20 or $35 for Advance practitioners who take both. There is a veg potluck from 1 to 2 PM. Please RSVP by May 16th



Workshops in Santa Rosa, CA. (for further info, click )            


BASIC THETAHEALING WORKSHOP is on May 4th to 6th at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. There is still room. Review students are welcome to attend at the discounted price of $245 or $85/day.


ADVANCED THETAHEALING WORKSHOP is June 1st to 3rd at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. The Basic workshop is a prerequisite. For those who have not had the opportunity to experience this workshop, it is completely different from the Basic and shifts people to a new level with over 400 Creator’s teachings and new exercises. Review students are welcome to attend at a discounted rate of $240 if paid in full two weeks prior.

INTUITIVE ANATOMY 3-WEEK WORKSHOP with ERIC BRUMETT.  July 9th -27th (weekends are off) in Santa Rosa, CA from 10 AM to 6 PM. The prerequisite is both the Basic and Advanced workshops taken in the last 3 years by a certified Theta instructor. The early bird special of a $200 deposit is due by May 20th.  Then, up until June 15th, the deposit is $300 and $400 thereafter. There are students that would like to share campgrounds and housing so please contact me of your interest.                

CRYSTAL LAYOUT WORKSHOP with ERIC BRUMETT on Saturday, July 21st in Santa Rosa.  If you love working with crystals and want to experience how to use them to create grids for exploring past and future lives, this dynamic and fun workshop is for you. Though Basic ThetaHealing is optional as a prerequisite, it brings another dimension to the experience of the class. So bring a friend or meet new ones as you travel through Creation.

Enjoy, be healthy and blessings,


                              Water pH Chart


Acidic waters are detrimental to our health if taken internally (pH 3-6.4)

Neutral waters are neutral to our health (pH 6.5-7.5)

Alkaline waters are beneficial to our health (pH 8-10)


Other Beverages Added For Reference

              2.3         Coca Cola & other Colas

              3            Other Sodas

              3.5+/-    Wines

              4+/-       Liquors

               4           Penta Water

              4            Distilled Water

              4            Purified Water

              4            Aquafina (made by Pepsi)

              4            Dasani (made by Coke)

              4            Glaceau Fruit Water

              4            Le Bleu Water

              4            Metro Mint Water

              4            Pellegrino (made by Nestle)

              4            Perrier (made by Nestle)

              4            Smart Water

              4            Vitamin Water

              4.3+/-    Beer

              4.5+/-  Reverse Osmosis Water

              4.5         Ice Age Glacial Water

              5.1+/-  Coffee

              5            Appalachian Springs Water

              5            Poland Springs Water (made by Nestle)

              5.5         Crystal Springs Water

              5.5         Dannon Spring Water

              5.5         Pure American Water

              7            Arrowhead Water

              7            Crystal Geyser Water

              7            Deer Park Water (made by Nestle)

              7            Eldorado Springs Water

              7            Supermarket Spring Water

              7.5         Dicta Water

              7.5         Fiji Water

              7.5         Whole Foods 365 Water

              7.5         Zephyrhills Water (made by Nestle)

              7.9         Eden Springs Water

              8            Deep Rock Water

              8            Evamore Water

              9.6         Trinity Water (out of business)



                Benefits and Characteristics of Ionized Water

           One of the Most Significant Preventative Health Advances

                     of our Generation is Restructured Alkaline Water

Benefits of Alkaline Water - High pH (Hydroxyl ions) Internal Use

•             Balances Body pH - Helps prevent disease and promotes wellness.

•             Powerful Antioxidant - Retards the aging process & provides the body with oxygen.

•             Powerful Detoxifier/Hydrator - Smaller water molecule cluster size penetrates your body tissue more efficiently.

•             Rejuvenated Ionized Water gives you lots of energy and continued mental clarity!

•             Super antioxidant that reduces free radicals in your body.

•             Washes acidic waste, toxins and excess fat from your body. Increases the effectiveness of your digestive enzymes allowing you to naturally eliminate body fats.

•             Hydrates your body 6 times more effectively than conventional water.

•             Foods cooked with Ionized water cook sooner and taste better.

•             Allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently in our body.

•             Ionized Water fills your body with Hydrogen and therefore more Oxygen, which burns negative ions in your body releasing energy to feed your cells, energizing your body.

•             Rejuvenated Ionized Water promotes regularity.

•             Promotes overall health and healing by bringing the body into pH balance.

Benefits of Acidic Water - Low pH (Hydrogen Ions) External Use (Do not Drink)

•             Rejuvenated Ionized Acid Water kills bacteria on contact.

•             Helps heal cuts, blisters, scrapes, or rashes.

•             Provides excellent relief from mosquito bites & bee stings.

•             Provides excellent relief from poison ivy & poison oak.

•             Conditions the hair. Hair feels soft and smooth after rinsing with it.

•             Ionized Acid Water conditions skin.

•             Relieves chapped hands & dry, itchy skin.

•             Effectively removes plaque from teeth. Use it instead of toothpaste.

•             Wash vegetables, fruits, meats and fish with it to kill bacteria.

•             Gargle with it to relieve sore throats or other mouth sores.

•             Works as an astringent to pull skin tighter. Gets rid of wrinkles.

•             Ionized Acid Water is an excellent treatment for acne and eczema.

•             Is an excellent treatment for fungus such as athlete’s foot.

•             Promotes plant growth and general health, herbs and wheat grass.

•             Extends the life of cut flowers.

From a Company found at San Francisco New Living Expo 



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