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October 2013


                                                           ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


The next Paradigm Shifters gathering will be on Saturday, October 26th   from 11 to 1:30 with an organic potluck after.  I had mentioned I was going to do an Inner child workshop, but I’m postponing it until the November 16th practicum…just need more time to organize it after returning from the ThetaHealing Institute. So the topic will be, ‘How to dig on yourself: A dialogue with Creator’.  I decided to extend the time as some people travel a distance to practice. The cost is $30.  Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, October 23rd.  I welcome all students of ThetaHealing®. Besides having time to work on yourself, remember that the more you practice, the better practitioner you will become, and the more that ThetaHealing® can be incorporated into your life to change it. Having facilitation is important to make your practice more skillful and having a supportive group of like-minded people helps to make it safe to delve into issues.

And mark your calendars for December 21st Annual Winter Solstice Party…from 11 AM to 4 PM…it’s actually on winter solstice this year. This is a very fun gathering with many activities.  More details in December's newsletter.

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The following courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master program. More information at

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to say you are using ThetaHealing®  on your website or business cards, it is a requirement by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®  that you recertify every five years. Discounts are given for this recertification if before 5 years.

[Partial scholarships available if payment is complete at least two weeks prior to any of these three classes.]




                                                                             Advanced - October 11-13th,  2013

                                                            Manifestation & Abundance- November 23rd -24th,  2013

                                                                             Basic - January 17th -19th, 2014



                                                                              WHOLE BODY THERMOGRAPHY

On Saturday, November 2nd at my home, I will be hosting Dr. Lisa Cooney, a psychologist, ThetaHealing ®Master, COS and Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process Facilitator who will be facilitating Whole Body Infrared Regulation Thermography, which is a gentle, painless, non-toxic, and non-invasive. This holistic diagnostic machine uses an infrared sensor to measure skin temperatures at over 100 points on the body gathering information about the functioning health and integrity of various tissues and organs. This is not just regular thermography. It is a very reliable and accurate tool that provides a mathematical representation of a body’s physiology in precise and objective reports. It shows patterns of disease and conditions throughout the body. This information can be used as an adjunct for successful diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.  It assists in giving patients and healthcare providers adjunct information to initiate appropriate tests, saving time and money by providing an orientation and context for visits to healthcare providers.

While Dr. Lisa’s assistants oversee the Whole Body Thermography sessions (which is about 30 minutes), Dr. Lisa herself will be giving Access Consciousness Bars and Access Energetic Facelift samplers for free to share this amazing work so come early or stay after your session. Access Consciousness is a set of tools and techniques to change whatever isn’t working in an individual’s life, opening the individual to a different possibility and a different reality.  The Bars are 32 points on the head that when lightly touched release accumulated energies no longer serving the individual. Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more.

We did this with a group of people in March and had so much fun. The cost for the Thermogram session is $350 prepaid through paypal or contact Dr. Lisa at for further info or questions.  You will receive an eight page report with your results that day, as well as have the opportunity to go over some of your results with Dr. Lisa. Recommendations are given on supplements, homeopathy, and herbs that might be most suited for the client.  Sessions generally last 30 minutes.



                                                                                     BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Hi to all:

I really like astrology as a way to sense patterns from the cosmos, how it affects us and how we can respond. It’s part of the Sixth Plane awareness and a fun tool to discern from. Having just taken the new Planes of Existence class, which was my favorite course, I'm grateful that the Advanced workshop (coming up in the next two weeks) gives such a great introduction to this level of work.

On October 18th will be a Penumbral  Lunar Eclipse (last of the three for this year). It will be visible from the Americas and Africa affecting people born with personal planets and points most significantly at about 20 to 30 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. (guess that’s me).  

This includes the axis of Aries/Libra which is basically about relationships: Self vs Others. It could rock relationships and is meant to free our minds forcing strong feelings to the surface. Make clear choices, take a stand on principles that may likely displease someone else – yet be true to ourselves as the higher calling. Be able to work with others cooperatively, gather information and mull over things rather than race ahead impulsively. It also emphasizes alternative ways to make life work instead of acting as if there’s only one road to fulfillment.

There is a little more instability in our environment with psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts, and emotional connectedness being aroused… a change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us mentally and neurologically. There will be some stress as blockages will begin to crumble and then there will be a feeling of freedom. The good news is that creative and artistic qualities will be discovered as you let go of beliefs that don’t correspond with your current reality!!  This equinox is kicking off a six month period of very intense astrological activity spurring many of us into action in some area of our lives.

And with this electromagnetic energy change,  the Sun is about to go into a complete reversal of its magnetic field in the next two months…literally a big event. Solar physicist Phil Scherrer, at Stanford University, describes what happens: “The sun’s polar magnetic fields weaken, go to zero, and then emerge again with the opposite polarity. This is a regular part of the solar cycle….The last time it happened was 11 years ago. The sun’s north pole has already changed sign, while the south pole is racing to catch up… however, both poles will be reversed, and the second half of Solar Max will be underway.”

We also have another Mercury Retrograde cycle October 21-November 10th. It is THE time to re-think, re-do, re-define, re-organize, re-assess, re-orient, and/or re-plan without taking action on the “new plan” until after the Retrograde ends.  It is the time for completions; i.e., cleaning up paperwork, paying old debts, doing what we’ve promised that hasn’t been completed OR otherwise handling those matters responsibly. Keep away from signing contracts. During ANY Mercury Retrograde cycle, most folks are inclined to think/process information slower — just “BE” with that, and USE it for deeper thinking about any subject, issue, or idea.  Be patient with each other.

September was a full month of taking six new courses at the ThetaHealing Institute in Idaho. (Interesting that my astrology chart said I’d be traveling and taking educational courses…I planned this months ago w/o consulting anyone about best timing…I just let it be in my divine order.) I always love being with my many friends from all over the world…meeting new faces and their country origins and catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a year or more. It’s so wonderful to watch people from Israel dig on people from Lebanon or Eastern Indians who are Hindu working with people from Dubai who are Muslim…every religious belief can work with ThetaHealing if they believe that there is one connecting, creative energy that runs through everything.

One of the courses, beside Plants, Animals and Seven Planes of Existence I attended at THinK was the Game of Life, which is a fairly new course developed by Hiro from Japan. Normally the instructors’ course is taught by him and Vianna, but this summer he couldn’t get into the US with Visa issues so I only took the practitioners course. I felt it encompassed a great deal of  the Manifestation and Abundance course without the 100 genetic and history beliefs to clear, the new Family Ties course about family relationships and some other structures in ThetaHealing. I took the course from a local Idaho ThetaHealing Instructor along with three other people, one a friend.  

One of the participants that I was exchanging a digging sessionwith had taken many courses at the Institute during the summer and some of his Foundational courses in another country.  He was a professional in the field of mental health and very sensitive being. It was the third time we did a diad together as there was a great deal of digging involved, and I stayed right with him in his past clearings. He, though, needed help in getting me down the rabbit hole because of the way he had been taught to dig…not the way Vianna teaches us though.  In fact, this was the second time while I was at the Institute that I was with someone who didn’t know the proper way to dig. I had already talked to the THinK staff and Vianna about the first time, and they were clear that instructions had been given many times, and Vianna repeated it again.

I was working on an issue around one of my ancestors. I experienced what I term "psychic counter-transference." I was being told what was going on for my ancestor without being allowed to feel into it fully; and when I was given the space to feel into it, he didn’t know how to extract the beliefs from my story.  I had to ask him to do it as he didn’t know it was part of the digging. I was basically doing my own session.

But there was more, and this is not to make this person wrong. This is a great example of how not to usurp the power of your client and to allow for the unfolding of digging to occur.  Our position as a practitioner is to stay non-judgmental and empower our client to feel into their process so we can glean the beliefs.  I was told that he saw things resolve psychically for me though this hadn’t changed on my inner world when I looked.  This proceeded into a defensive mode for him and a frustrating position for myself…and it escalated into me attempting to say how a digging works.

A practitioner doesn’t argue with their client. They learn to defuse the energy by going back into the beliefs.

The practitioner is to be able to see into a client’s paradigm through their connection to the 7th Plane and by use of questioning to get the client down the rabbit hole so the client can perceive the happening and feelings by sharing their story.  Then the practitioner can glean the beliefs from this. It’s up to the practitioner to retain the beliefs for the client to repeat back to the client for energy testing.  The client isn’t supposed to retain their own beliefs as they are in an emotional, altered state (I admit that I’ve lost a belief occasionally and sometimes need a moment to remember, but it’s my responsibility to support the client in this way) Beliefs are cleared not just through testing to see the difference, but through the feelings and perception that have changed.

I had to track myself though. I was told that my belief was cleared because he could see it though I felt no perceptional changes nor tested that it had. In fact, several times I asked him to repeat my beliefs so that I could say and test them, but instead he stated my belief and tested it on my fingers without me saying anything. I was then told it was cleared.  I had to remind him that I hadn’t even said the belief.

The Instructor was listening and watching the dynamics. She was not sure  if she should  get involved. I’m grateful that she decided to jump in and attempted to help him see that his digging wasn’t working for me. And with the Instructor agreeing with how I was explaining the digging as the proper protocol for ThetaHealers, he kept saying it was our perception of how to dig. The Instructor demonstrated by completing the digging while the practitioner watched me go deep.

When the instructor finished the digging, the man said that he had never seen two people work like we did, that they didn’t work like this in his country (which I know they do because I’ve worked with people from his neck of the woods). I wondered what happened this summer at the institute for him too.

What I appreciate about all this is that I stayed with my own truth and had support immediately. I saw again that there is such a difference between asking if something might feel true for someone and telling them what it is true (even if it is the truth). It allows a trusting for the client of their own reality. I felt blessed that the Instructor was a fabulous digger, and the man got to see the effects of the way digging works the best. I suspect that he will not change his ways (just because he doesn't have the skills and support), but I'm so glad this happened to see how I've changed and can hold space on either end. In previous years, I would have had a frustrated meltdown. I felt there was a great deal of healing in the whole dynamics because we could all talk about it.

This happens to many people in ThetaHealing as I’m not an isolated case. The Instructor had similar happen to her the year before, and it made her work on herself and really trust what she heard from Creator. It also recently happened to a client/former student working with another Theta Instructor as well. It’s important that we use proper protocol allowing for the client to understand their own process and beliefs and to create a space that allows for safety, emotional vulnerability and trust. How else can we allow for the deeper revelations our clients will share?

Wishing you peace in your process of growth,



                                                                          EVOLUTION NEWSFEED



Gravity-defying, gorgeous and amazing floral sculptures from the Dutch Bloemencorso Parade

A tiny town in the Netherlands has a striking seasonal celebration called the Bloemencorso. The spectacular march features giant floats made from thousands of flowers, and it could easily rival the world’s most beautiful celebrations.                                              



Mind Over Matter: Princeton & Russian Scientist Reveal The Secrets of Human Aura & Intentions

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University, states that when we think positive and negative thoughts, each have a different impact on our surrounding environment. We cannot see energy very easily with the human eye and thus the world of unseen energy can be difficult for the mind to grasp without scientific measurements to verify what is taking place.  Perhaps this is why the study of consciousness affecting our reality has been virtually untouched for so long. To help create a bridge between our physical and unseen world, scientific experiments using a technique called bioelectrophotography are being carried out. In these experiments, an assumption must be made that states the human body and consciousness is constantly emitting energy. Following this assumption, Bioelectrophotography aims to capture these energy fields seen as a light around the body. In the metaphysical world this energy emission is known as a person’s aura, while in the scientific field, it is often refereed to as our energy field.

Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at death

The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually. According to Korotkov, navel and head are the parties who first lose their life force (which would be the soul) and the groin and the heart are the last areas where the spirit before surfing the phantasmagoria of the infinite.



Found! 3 Super-Earth planets that could support alien life

An international team of scientists found a record-breaking three potentially habitable planets around the star Gliese 667C, a star 22 light-years from Earth that is orbited by at least six planets, and possibly as many as seven, researchers said. The three planet contenders for alien life are in the star's "habitable zone" -- the temperature region around the star where liquid water could exist. Gliese 667C is part of a three-star system, so the planets could see three suns in their daytime skies. This is the first time three low-mass planets have been spotted in the habitable zone of the same star system, and it's unlikely that astronomers will find any more around Gliese 667C. The star's habitable zone is packed full, making it impossible for another planet to orbit stably within the zone, the researchers said.                                                                 <><><><><><><><><><><><><><>  


Rich people’s bodies are filled with mercury, poor people’s with lead and plastics. New research from the University of Exeter looks at the association of 18 different chemicals in the body and socioeconomic status. Long story short, everybody’s bodies are full of poison. Rich people poison just comes from fancier sources.



Plastic to Oil conversion

A Japanese man has invented a machine that can be used anywhere in the world to convert plastic...any kind of plastic...into diesel or gasoline. Think how it could stop pollution of the ocean and earth.                                          



"Black boxes" are being secretly installed in newer vehicles. These boxes are recording driver behavior, seat belt usage, and more. A newly proposed law could make these recording devices mandatory for most new vehicles, as the auto industry and big government work hand in hand to provide "driver safety". Most people are unaware that newer vehicles already contain these event data recorders, which are a continuous feed of information, recorded by sensors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 96 percent of 2013 model cars already house these black boxes.

Researchers at Harvard University have created the first noninvasive brain-to-brain interface (BBI) between a human… and a rat. Simply by thinking the appropriate thought, the BBI allows the human to control the rat’s tail. This is one of the most important steps towards BBIs that allow for telepathic links between two or more humans —[NOTE:  Though the possibilities sound expansive, this technology is already being used in the government in much more invasive ways.] 

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