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This workbook is a compilation of almost twenty-five years of working professionally with people who have been physically and sexually abused as children. They have taught me about the courage and the resiliency of the human body and spirit through the darkest of the dark. Our souls learn and/or bring forth healing to ourselves and to others in some dramatic ways. Healing from trauma is not only completely possible, but a true reality through Creator-of-All. You might not find this statement in conventional psychological textbooks, but I know it to be true. It is my own personal experience and in witnessing with others.

For several years now, friends in the ThetaHealing® community have asked me to write down how I work with my clients who have been abused. I kept saying that it's too much to empty my brain with all that I've experienced in this field. I didn't have time because I was writing two other books, teaching workshops, working privately with clients, and dancing on a salsa team. I wanted to make sure there was a time to sleep.

After teaching an Advance workshop in June '09, as so much abuse memories had surfaced for the participants, I decided to give the class some quick ways to be present and work with other students. When the class was over, those who were interested could stay and take notes. It was only a half of a page.

Afterwards, I decided to type what I had jotted down and out came this flowing stream of information. For most part of July, I stayed up to 3 AM writing to my heart's content. It was so peaceful and relaxing to just let this information and inspiration finally take form. My shoulders didn't even get tight from being at the computer for hours. I just felt so blessed that my fingers can type fast and that I have a Capricornian organizational mind because the end result truly surprised me. Writing, for me, is like digging on don't know where it's all going to go, but you somehow trust you're guided, and there is a completion that will make a shift in consciousness whether it be mine or someone else's.

I want to thank Creator-of-All for the inspiration and healing IT continues to make available to me. To Vianna for giving me a most precious gift, in taking me "up" to remember my connection to Creator-of-All and teaching me ThetaHealing®. To Sidnee Cox and Beth Rachel for their loving support and listening ears. And to all my clients whose courage and amazing strength to heal continue to inspire me--my deepest gratitude for sharing the depth of your lives with me.

NOTE: This workbook is best utilized if both the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing workshops have been taken as there are specific techniques appropriate for those levels.

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This is a 55 minute radio program from November 2013 where I presented information on abuse, the statistics, the healing, and about the book, 'Moving Beyond'. Enjoy!

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Thank you, Judy, for your deep contribution. I am now a Theta practitioner after receiving months and months of Theta work, and I am still receiving Theta work... we are now working through your book. My boundaries have become much clearer and deep healing has occurred and pain and confusion released. Working through this book as allowed me to stop many unhealthy behavior patterns since my mind had confusion around sex, love boundaries and deep trust issues. I have stopped my clingy behavior and jealousy and have much more freedom in my connections and relationships as well as many other amazing shifts. I highly recommend anyone to work with this book who wants deep healing; and work with a Theta practitioner to hold loving support and do deep digging with you to bring lifelong transformation in your life.

With love and gratitude,

Lottie Grant Cooper, ThetaHealing practitioner


  "I am so grateful for your book. I was teaching the Basic ThetaHealing course, and every student had been abused. They were clearing, clearing, clearing. The night after the first day of the class, I was reading the last few chapters of your book. Of course, Creator was in charge of this timing for class!  The next morning as we were doing extensive rejection work, I read to them the section on 'Clearing the Ancestral Lineage that Holds the Abuse Patterning.'  This chapter was perfect in explaining how rejection beliefs on the genetic level relate to abuse and keep re-creating unless thorough work is complete.  I really think your work should be part of the requisite ThetaHealing training, perhaps a separate course."

Janet Wahl, PhD, CHT, ThetaHealing® Master; Albuquerque, NM


      "Judy's book is invaluable in both insight and digging on oneself and for working through beliefs with clients. It's a tough subject that she covers beautifully in the Theta context. Thanks, Judy, for your dedication to your own healing and to the healing of others."    

Kathrine Williams, ThetaHealing® Master, COS, Canada


     "I am a Teacher Assistant of Intuitive Anatomy here in the Philippines, and it's my first time to assist a class of 15 people. I took Intuitive Anatomy last October 2012, and after less than 6 months, I decided to take it again as I really learned a lot. Your book MOVING BEYOND assisted me a great deal during my first time of IA with myself as a student of IA, and once again today as a Teacher Assistant. We were dealing with the Digestive System which had to do with storing abuse. It was and is a very valuable resource, and God bless you for making our Digging and Belief Work so much easier. I particularly like the Inner Child Meditation which some felt brought lots of triggers for some students who went through some kind of abuse in their lives but at the same time nurtures and strengthens our relationship with our Inner Child once all the hurt and un-forgiveness has been cleared. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you for being a Light to all of us and to more people who you will touch with your books and other writings. Blessings of Love and Light,"

Maria Teresa Garcia, ThetaHealing® practitioner


    "I plan on reading this book again to really get a good understanding of what Judy has explained, and to be a better healer for having read it more thoroughly. Judy's insight and experience with abuse is far more in depth than anything else I have ever is quite incredible! Also, the fact that Judy knows how to help with these kinds of issues makes me feel confident that she is able to handle anything. Trust in your healer is a very important factor when you are looking for help! Thank you, Judy. You are a TRUE inspiration!"   

Dr. Eve Mignone Payan, D.M.Q, Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner, California


    "This wonderful piece of work that Judy Dragon has compiled and written to understand the depth of child abuse trauma and how to assist in the healing is a great source of information and valuable to all of us in the ThetaHealing community as well as for other professionals. Everyone needs to be informed of the extent of these issues so we can take responsibility in our lives and prevent repeating the patterns of abuse and trauma to ourselves and others. I am grateful to Judy for sharing her valuable knowledge with all of us which is greatly beneficial to all humanity."

Eliana Eleftheriou, ThetaHealing® Instructor, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Cyprus


     "I wanted to let you know what a blessing your book is. I had used it many times before when working on the issues of abuse in my digging sessions with clients, and it has always provided so much clarity and guidance. During a recent digging session with a client, we came to a roadblock, and I was guided to a get your book and open it to a certain page. It hit the root cause with the first three beliefs I tested!! After that, it was easy for us to resolve to remainder of the issue. Keep up the great work. I know you're changing many people's lives with it. Much love and many blessings!"

Kristie Reeves, ThetaHealing® Instructor; Los Angeles, CA.


      "Amazing book...very thorough. I saved my client several sessions with just the downloads. Thank you, Judy!"

Anna Kitney, ThetaHealing® Advanced Instructor, UK


    "I took nine ThetaHealing® courses in two years working intensely doing deep belief digging work several times per week with other ThetaHealers. Even though feelings of joy, purpose and hope increased significantly, I was still experiencing the swings of extreme highs and lows. I wondered what was wrong with me. When I found Judy Dragon’s book “Moving Beyond”, I recognized the patterns immediately. Could it be I had lived through more severe abuse than I realized or even remembered? Many ThetaHealers worked on me, and I could not feel the shifts. Was it not my time to heal? What was I learning from this? What was missing? I wanted to advance in ThetaHealing but the ‘lows’ became unbearable, and I decided to go to the source and started sessions with Judy. 

       I quickly understood that I had dissociative episodes that would hit me as if I had no control over them. I realized I had been very good at subconsciously hiding them. With Judy, I finally felt I was getting somewhere… more and more started making sense, memories were retrieved and many inner children got rescued. 

     Since then, I have been able to better hold space for myself…I work with the ‘dissociated parts’, give them space to be, the right to exist, love and honor them, negotiate with them, parent them, be an advocate to them. I understand now what it means to build a support system customized to my own needs and to practice self care. I continue to learn ways that work for me to physically release the difficult emotions that I buried. I use the Heart toning in a more profound way than I had been taught in the Advanced class. I finally feel I have more control over my life and behavior. What’s equally wonderful is that some of my clients are hugely benefiting from these teachings. They feel the shifts and heal!

      I encourage every ThetaHealer to get this book... it’s amazing. Thank you, Judy."

ThetaHealer® from Europe


     "This book is an insightful, amazing resource, and it's been so helpful to my clients and to myself personally. Some of the things around the abuse issues that you talk about from the book, I have already gotten from my own work with Creator although you have filled in some blanks beautifully... clued me into where else to look at myself. I know sexual and physical abuse is prevalent and in using the book, my clients who have these issues, feel so much more release than my previous sessions. There is no single modality out there that is more effective than ThetaHealing® . Therapy alone would take years to undo what your book can do in one or three sessions. I encourage everyone to get this book.  Thank you for putting the time and energy into this subject. I feel so blessed to have access to it." 

Suzy Donahue, ThetaHealing® Master; CA


      "I love your new ebook and appreciate it as a wonderful and deeply needed expression of ThetaHealing®, one that is exquisitely shaped by your experience, wisdom and gifts.  Back in the early 1990s, I was on staff at Pocket Ranch in Geyserville, CA.  This therapy center seemed to be a magnet for folks with abuse issues. While reading your book, I was filled with a longing and wish that your approach had been available to us back then.  What healings this work will bring, I can only begin to imagine! I would love to have a printed copy when these become available, so please add my name to your notification list.  Several of my students are therapists, and I am sure that they will want to get their own copies.  Thank you so much for bringing this to light."

Rose D'Agostino, ThetaHealing® Advanced Instructor; Georgia USA

“Got your is totally awesome!!!! I am just so impressed and thankful that you took the time to compile this useful information. I would say that easliy, at least half of my clientele are adult survivors of child abuse. It is rampant and so important that as healers we be unafraid, equipped, and able to hold a safe and sacred space to facilitate their healing process.
Thank you thank you thank you for writing this book! I look forward to the next ones!”
Morgan S. Taylor, Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor, Austin, Texas


"I want to thank you from the my bottom of my heart for your book on how to heal from physical and sexual abuse. I've worked with the book, and it has helped me a great deal. It is written in a very coherent, easy and useful way. All the beliefs and downloads are simple to understand and direct to get to the core of the problems. The book also broadened my awareness on the  levels of abuse, such as government mind control as well as how to clear issues on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Again, thank you for this wonderful book and the guidance of the Creator through you."
Yanir Levinsky, Israel


"I love this workbook, and I feel it’s going to make a real difference in the world.  The subject of trauma and abuse is immense, so I am happy to see this information in an easy to follow, concise format with a great deal of downloads and information.  Thank you for writing about this  important subject that for eons has been hidden, denied and perpetuated, and bringing light, knowledge and truth to it.  Lastly and most importantly, this truth creates the reality of “Moving Beyond.”

Susan O; ThetaHealing® Advanced Practitioner; AZ.


"I found this book a practical and helpful resource for my work with drug and alcohol addicts. I feel that I received clarity on my role as facilitator and the type of solid guidance that comes from deep experience and compassion. I could easily recognize the patterns you laid out in the experiences of my clients (and some dead end/overwhelmed moments in sessions...). Thanks so much for your lucid classifications, techniques and insights. These skills and understandings are like navigation lights in dark and complex seas of pain. Bless you for sharing knowledge and healings.
Tamar Perry, ThetaHealing® Advanced Practitioner; Israel