Theta DNA Activation


It is interesting how many Intuitives/Psychics become trained hypnotherapists. The ability to see our clients' unconscious, repressed issues and memories leads us to find a way to empower them in knowing their own truths. In having such support and guidance, clients can finally bear witness to their difficult histories and underlying beliefs. For me, as both an intuitive and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I truly want my clients to know that they are no longer alone in their inner process of self-discovery and healing. To forget takes more energy than remembering. It is time to release the past wounds, and open the energy in a direction that is filled with excitement and passion for new possibilities.

I am aware, and have experienced through my many years of practice, that the body doesn't lie, as it holds its pain in cellular memory. The cells can identify the situation but their interpretation can often vary depending how the client perceived and felt the experience.  The cells and body will release this pain when the timing is creatively synchronized through reclaiming the journey of the unconscious. When there is release and clearing of inner repressed memories, pain or conditions have been observed to physically and emotionally dissipate or disappear. Thus, there is an outward beneficial shift which occurs due to the connection between acknowledging the repressed material and the releasing of old beliefs and patterns. Even the most critical, cynical, or judgmental mind comes to eventually accept the reality of the body's experience, and the client fully knows his/her truth.

Intuitive Trance Work gently guides each client, through visualization and relaxation techniques, to an alpha/theta state. This process helps clients connect to Source/Creator at the 7th Plane of Existence, to communicate and negotiate with sub-personalities (aspects of ourselves), reclaim soul fragments or soul retrievals; remove parasitical energies (waywards, entities and/or demonic elements-- Fourth Plane of Existence); access hidden/unconscious or traumatic life issues,  journey to "past/
simultaneous lifetimes", and heal through changing of beliefs (Four Level Belief Work), inner child empowerment and inner rescue missions if necessary (ways to release feelings and protect the wounded aspect/part). I, oftentimes, use my ability to journey to the Inner World with my clients, to view what is happening so that more anchoring of safety is available. I receive much joy in assisting my clients with this work as the levels of self-empowerment and discovery are somatically profound.