Theta DNA Activation


In using crystal and gems, which have wonderful healing properties due to their specific frequencies, Source-directed remote viewing capacities are enhanced to witness issues quickly and with minimal emotional attachment. For many clients, utilizing the creations in the First Plane of Existence feels very grounding in exploring their many lifetimes, whether it be 'past' or 'future'. In the highest reality, there is no past or future but simultaneous events that occur as all is One in the Now. We, as inhabitants of the Third Plane of Existence, often experience our lives through the confines of time and space which keeps us in a more limited awareness.

Setting up crystals around a client creates a vibrating, client experiencing crystal layoutenergetic grid that enables the client's consciousness to be quickly guided from out of his/her body to remote view whatever has been intentioned at the beginning of the session. Perhaps the person wants to track a relationship that they are now involved through different 'past' lives to see the dynamics or patterns that are occurring in the present. Maybe, the session is about viewing a link in the future or going to the Akashic Records. The practitioner must be skilled in being able to travel and view with the client. Connecting directly to Creator-of-All first establishes safety, and complete awareness of all situations within the journey can be witnessed in detachment and compassion.

This is a technique that works well with emotional clearing of beliefs, contracts and commitments from "other times" rather than clearing deep, repressed and traumatic emotional issues from this lifetime. The Four Level Belief Work and/or Intuitive Trance/Hypnotherapy would be optimal for the latter.